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Chapter 2452: blackout

left the scene of the military people.

Yash Nics ordered Lu Shaocong to arrest both Qiao Keting’s entourage and the former Ministry, and then ordered the military to bury Qiao Keting. He claimed that when Qiao Keting was the deputy governor, he was too excited because of his old age, which caused a heart attack and died of ineffective treatment.

“Yes, the general governor!”

Soon, Qiao Keting took over as the deputy governor, and the news of heart attack and death spread.

Everyone was surprised to hear this news.

But no one doubts the truth of this incident. After all, when Qiao Keting took office, there were the head of the country, the governor, the cabinet elders, ministers, and the heads of the army. Since this news was officially issued, it is of course not. There may be false.

The next day, Qiao Keting’s funeral was over.

Yash Nics was sitting in the office of the Dudu’s Mansion, staring at the globe on the desktop in a daze.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Yash Nics said lightly: “Come in!”

Lu Shaocong came in from the outside, and said respectfully: “The general governor.”

Yash Nics: “Have you finished the matter?”

Lu Shaocong said: “It’s all done according to the general governor’s orders. The outside reaction was mediocre. I only regret that Qiao Keting died suddenly.”

Yash Nics said: “In order not to cause a bad influence, I concealed the truth, and also preserved Qiao Keting’s reputation in disguise.”

Lu Shaocong said: “It’s a cheap bastard, and most of you keep working hard. Give him a decent way to die, but he will use burning blood when he is dying. It is shameless

to try to change the limit with you.” Yash Nics said, “He probably wants to try my true strength!”

“Forget it.” For the dead, there is nothing to talk about, it’s meaningless.”

Lu Shaocong said: “Qiao Keting is dead, but his subordinates have found out that there is a shadow of the League of Eight behind him. If he is not wrong, this matter is promoted by the S8 League.”

Yash Nics’s face has turned cold after hearing this.

“Some time ago, the S8 summit was held in the State of Shura. It is estimated that Qiao Keting was one of the actions that these foreign enemies decided to deal with China after consultation.”

Lu Shaocong said bitterly: “The Eight Nations Alliance, they thought we China Is it a sleeping dragon, still wanting to repeat the act of the Eight- Nation Allied Forces insulting China?”

“They are simply

idiotic !” Yash Nics glanced at Lu Shaocong, and said faintly: “Don’t worry, the Eastern Dragon has long been awake, and now it’s standing there again. East.”

“The Western powers are still alive in the past. Sooner or later, I will slap them with a loud slap, slap them awake, let them recognize the reality, let them know who is the king and who is the ant.”

The news of Qiao Keting’s death spread all over the country.

After the five great hermit families learned about it, they were all afraid of it.

Especially the people of the White Tiger family, they remembered that the ancestor Bai Changsheng had said that Qiao Keting was not a man of destiny, and following Qiao Keting would not end well.

Now it seems that what the ancestor said was right, but fortunately the Bai family returned to hermitage and did not follow Qiao Keting.

The news of Qiao Keting’s death also spread to foreign countries, to the five-star U.S. admiral Max.

When Max received the news, he was shocked and said silently: “What, Qiao Keting is dead?”

An intelligence officer honestly replied: “Yes, Qiao Keting was probably exposed and killed on the day of his inauguration. What are the details, China has blocked the news, and our agents can’t find out the least information.”

Max said angrily: “Impossible, it is impossible for Qiao Keting to be exposed.”

Intelligence Official Road: “Maybe, the generals do not forget, you sent to kill Ning Marshall, Marshall mission failed, was beheaded Ning.”

“Chen got Marshall phone, also found Qiaoke booth number.”

“Qiaoke Pavilion I also revealed to you before that Yash Nics probably guessed his identity.”

“So it is very likely that Yash Nics discovered Qiao Keting’s secret and exposed Qiao Keting to the Chinese governor, so it happened that the Chinese governor beheaded Qiao Keting… …”

Max froze for a moment, and immediately said with a cold face: “This is Yash Nics again, bad for me.”

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