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Chapter 2453: assassination

under cold moonlight, Qiaoke pavilion grave.

A figure knelt in front of Qiao Keting’s grave. He was Liu Hongyu, the proud protégé that Qiao Keting regarded as his son.

After Qiao Keting’s death, the Qiao family and Qiao Keting’s old ministry were successively investigated, and many people were secretly arrested.

During this time, Liu Hongyu was busy looking for a medical research institute for Qiao Keting, trying to crack the antidote of the Americans and help the teacher free from the control of the Americans.

It is precisely because Liu Hongyu was not with Qiao Keting during this period, and Qiao Keting deliberately did not let Liu Hongyu do something that violated national laws and regulations, because Liu Hongyu did not attract the attention of the investigation team and escaped by chance.

He knelt in Qiaoke Pavilion grave moment, fighting back anger, bitterly said:. “Teacher, I know your death is not the public that the heart attack and died that simple.” “It

must be someone reported you, hurt you “Killed.”

“And I can still guess that the person who reported you and killed you must be Yash Nics.”

“It must be Yash Nics who reported you to the chief governor that caused this result.”

“Students are incompetent and dare not dare. Go to the general supervisor to settle the accounts.”

“But Yash Nics, this bastard, I can’t spare him. I must slaughter his family and give revenge to the teacher.”


next day, Yash Nics took Dianchu and dressed in casual clothes. Take an ordinary plane and return to Mannity from Beijing.

This time, Qiao Keting’s affair has ended, and Song Pingting’s birthday will be two days later.

Yash Nics happened to be almost busy with the work at hand, so he took a period of vacation and went home to be with his family.

In the afternoon, Yash Nics had already arrived at Mannity.

He took Dian Chu out of the airport, and suddenly a BMW 7 series screamed.

The car stopped, and then we saw Song Pingting and Qin Que getting out of the car.

It turned out that Song Pingting was about to get off work just now when she suddenly received a call from Yash Nics and learned that Yash Nics was back.

She was overjoyed, and hurriedly followed Qin Que to pick up Yash Nics.

“Husband!” When

she saw Yash Nics, she couldn’t hide her excitement. She no longer looked like the cold female chairman of the day. She rushed over and threw herself into Yash Nics’s arms.

Yash Nics smiled, stroking his wife’s hair, smiling and said: “Remembering that the day after tomorrow is your birthday, I just finished my work, so I took an annual leave for myself and came back to celebrate your birthday.”

Song Pingting Angrily said: “So are you, just say hello to me in advance when you come back!”

“Suddenly come back, I didn’t have time to tell my family, I took Qin Que to pick you up.”

Yash Nics said with a smile : “It’s okay, it’s not a big deal for me to come back, I still need everyone to welcome it!”

Song Pingting said: ” My parents are still clear, I don’t know what you want to be happy when you know you are back.”

Yash Nics He smiled and said, “I miss them too. Let’s go, let’s get in the car and go home.” After

speaking, Yash Nics and Song Pingting wanted to get in the car and go home.

But at this moment, Yash Nics suddenly caught a glimpse of the pedestrian in front of him. Someone was hiding one hand in his suit while walking quickly towards him.

Gunner? !

The moment Yash Nics realized something was wrong, the man in the suit had already pulled out a pistol and was about to shoot at Yash Nics.

“Be careful!”

Yash Nics squatted down under Song Pingting’s head, using the BMW as a cover to hide his figure.

The gunman is Liu Hongyu.

Liu Hongyu knew that Yash Nics was skilled, so he bought a gun and wanted to shoot Yash Nics by surprise.

But what he didn’t expect was that Yash Nics actually reacted so quickly, he had noticed it when he just drew his gun, and hid behind the car.

At the moment he was stunned, Dian Chu and Qin Que also reacted.

Qin Que threw a three-row army thorn like lightning.

With a whistling sound, the Triangular Army struck Liu Hongyu’s right hand holding the gun.


Liu Hongyu showed pain on his face, and the gun in his hand became unstable and fell to the ground.

At this time, Dian Chu had already fallen down like a tiger.


Dian Chu knocked Liu Hongyu over with one punch.

When the surrounding pedestrians saw this scene, they screamed and ran away.

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