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Chapter 2455: send them a hell

hospital ward.

Liu Hongyu, who had just dealt with his injuries, was lying on the hospital bed, vividly telling his guess, and finally gritted his teeth and concluded: “It must be Yash Nics who reported the teacher to the governor of the country and the head of the country. He is the culprit who killed the teacher.”

Both Yueya and Dadong frowned.

The two of them rushed back from abroad, just to help Mr. Qiao make a comeback.

Unexpectedly, when the two of them came back, they didn’t even see Mr. Qiao, and Mr. Qiao was dead.

Both Yueya and Dadong are not believing men and women. Qiao Keting is the eldest brother in their hearts. Whoever killed Qiao Keting must pay for it.

Crescent looked at Liu Hongyu: “Do you want to avenge Mr. Qiao?”

Liu Hongyu said loudly: “Of course, this hatred will not avenge non-gentlemen.”

Dadong squinted his eyes and said, “What are your thoughts?”

Liu Hongyu grinned and said: ” Originally, with my strength, I couldn’t deal with Yash Nics.”

“But Uncle Crescent and Uncle Dadong, you two are back . With the strength of your Shuangtian Supreme, I have a hundred ways to avenge the teacher.”

“Let’s do it. , I accidentally learned that the day after tomorrow is Song Pingting’s birthday, and Yash Nics came back to Mannity to celebrate his wife’s birthday this time.”

“We started on Song Pingting’s birthday to remove the roots of Yash Nics’s family and send them to the family. Go to hell intact.”

Crescent looked at Dadong.

Dadong calmly said: “I think it’s OK to kill Mr. Qiao. Yash Nics must use the lives of the whole family to pay for it. Just do what Liu Hongyu said.”


Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli, Song Qingqing, and Tong Ke knew that after Yash Nics came back, the family was extremely happy.

Song Qingqing asked Yash Nics not to come down, and kept calling his father affectionately.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli personally bought and cooked food, and made Yash Nics’s favorite food.

When Tong Ke saw Yash Nics, he was happy and a little bit shy.

After all, the last time she was in Beijing, she was rescued by Yash Nics in a coma in the bathroom. When she faced Yash Nics, she was somewhat ashamed.

After dinner, there was an endless stream of guests who came to visit the house.

The local leaders, the head of the military region, and relatives from the Song family’s old house all came.

Dong Tianbao dared not come to see Yash Nics, but he also sent someone to give gifts in a low-key manner.

Yash Nics looked at Dong Tianbao’s gift and asked about Dong Tianbao’s current situation?

Someone at the scene told Yash Nics that Dong Tianbao had quit gambling, and was honestly making a living, very low-key.

Yash Nics said indifferently: “It’s fine if you can correct your mistakes. Let’s watch it first, and see if it is a time of convergence or completely reformed.”

At this time, Song Qingsong, the old man of the Song family, spoke, and said to Yash Nics with a smile: “My son-in-law, if I remember correctly, the day after tomorrow will be Xiao Ting’s birthday. You came back this time to celebrate Xiao Ting’s birthday?”

Yash Nics laughed: “I have been busy with work lately and I didn’t spend much time with my family. This time, Xiaoting’s birthday happened to be my holiday, so I came back.”

Song Qingsong laughed and said, “The feelings are good.”

“Well, let’s not go to the hotel outside to have a birthday banquet. It’s just in our old house. How about calling friends and relatives and having a meal happily?”

Yash Nics looked at Song Pingting.

Song Pingting smiled and said, “Okay, let’s listen to Grandpa’s arrangement and eat in the old house.”

“But grandpa, you know, Yash Nics works in the military. He is a sensitive person and is not suitable for inviting too many guests. So I don’t want to invite any guests on my birthday. It will be fine for my family to sit down and have a meal. ”

Song Qingsong said repeatedly: “I know, you and Yash Nics like to be low-key, I must not be too big, just sit down and eat a meal as a family.”

Everyone laughed.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli sat next to each other and laughed together. When the two of them felt the happiness of a family, they couldn’t help feeling that their family was the most unwelcome in the family before.

Now that grandpa and others are able to care so much, in addition to the daughter’s enthusiasm, it is more because of Yash Nics, a good son-in-law!

The two looked at Yash Nics, the more they watched, the more they liked it, and they were proud of their son-in-law.

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