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Chapter 2456: crashers

Next, Song Song are preparing Painting birthday party in advance.

On Song Pingting’s birthday, Song Qingsong ordered everyone to clean up the Song’s old house.

And set up the big pot, invite the chef and buddies to prepare the dishes in advance.

All kinds of fine food materials are being sent in continuously.

Song Qingsong personally directed his family to set up a table for the banquet in the compound. The huge courtyard was full of fifty squares.

The family is busy!

Suddenly, a group of uninvited guests appeared.

The head was a man in a black suit, followed by two tall men with indifferent faces, and then dozens of fierce men.

No one else came, but Liu Hongyu and Shuangtian Supreme, as well as a large number of thugs hired by Liu Hongyu.

As soon as Liu Hongyu came in, he opened a suitcase and activated the signal jammer in the suitcase, so that all signals around the Song’s compound were shielded, and mobile phones and other communication tools were all disabled.

Dozens of his subordinates also closed the door without saying a word, and separated their hands to block the back door, not allowing anyone to leave the Song family old house.

Song Qingsong and others looked at Liu Hongyu and the others in shock, and only after a long time came back to their senses.

Song Qingsong said angrily: “Who are you guys?”

Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping both stepped forward angrily to argue with Liu Hongyu and others.

But when the two approached, Liu Hongyu fisted and banged fiercely, hitting Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping in the faces, respectively, and hitting both Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping with blood on their faces.

When the surrounding family members saw this, they all screamed.


Song Feifei rushed over when her father was beaten.

But he was grabbed by Liu Hongyu. Liu Hongyu sneered: “It looks pretty similar to Song Pingting. It should be Song Pingting’s sister, right?”

“Just you, stand by and give it to me. Pour tea and wine, serve well, maybe you can spare your life alone.”

At this moment, the two Song family nurses rushed over angrily.

“Dare to injure our uncle and

third master , and dare to be rude to Miss Feifei and look for death!” The two nursing homes wanted to teach Liu Hongyu a lesson.

However, before they got close to Liu Hongyu, they were already stopped by Shuangtian Supreme by Liu Hongyu’s side.

With a wicked smile at the corner of Yueya’s mouth, she raised her hand and flicked her finger, which hit the forehead of a nursing home.


The forehead of that guardian, like a watermelon hit by a bullet, shattered instantly, splashed with red and white things on the ground, and died instantly.

Almost at the same time, Dadong stretched out his left hand and pinched the neck of another nursing home, as if carrying a chicken, easily lifting the nursing home off the ground.

In the horrified eyes of everyone, his five fingers gathered.

With a click, the nurse’s neck was crushed.


Dadong threw the corpse in his hands in front of Song Qingsong and the others like a dead dog.

Song Feifei was so scared that her whole body shuddered, and the injured Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping also backed back again and again, retracting to their father’s side.

Song Qingsong’s expression was also ugly, but he was an old gang after all, and he was able to maintain his composure at this time.

He took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: “Who are you guys dare to be wild in our Song family? Do you know that my grandson-in-law is Yash Nics? This is not your presumptuous place.”

Liu Hongyu looked at the banquet table in the yard, pulled out a chair casually and sat down, looked at the flask and cup on the table, and then coldly looked at Song Feifei, who was shivering next to him.

Song Feifei was taken aback by the look in Liu Hongyu’s eyes, but she also understood what the other party meant, and hurriedly poured wine on Liu Hongyu.

Liu Hongyu took the wine glass with his uninjured left hand, and said with a smile: “Although you have some eyesight, I will leave it to you to pour me today.” After

he finished speaking, he took a sip of the wine and said good wine. Then he looked at Song Qingsong with a sneer, and said coldly: “Don’t move out your grandson-in-law to frighten us. We are here today to kill Yash Nics and avenge my teacher.”

“You better cooperate, otherwise. , I will send you all on the road today. ”


These people came here prepared, specifically to kill Yash Nics!

Song Qingsong and the others, their expressions changed again.

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