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Chapter 2457: Jesus will not save you

at noon.

Yash Nics, Song Pingting and others drove back to Song’s old house.

When they got out of the car at the door, they looked at the closed gate and the quiet courtyard, all a little surprised.

Yash Nics said, “Isn’t it about celebrating Xiaoting’s birthday in the old house today? Why is it so quiet, people?”

Song Pingting and others were also confused.

On the contrary, Tong Ke guessed: “Could it be that it was already prepared, and now everyone is hiding in it, waiting for the cousin, the birthday star, to come back, and then come out together to surprise the cousin?”

Song Pingting and others heard this. Everyone laughed, everyone thought Tong Ke said it was quite possible.

Yash Nics stepped forward, and the door opened as soon as he pushed.

He and Song Pingting led everyone in.

But after walking in, something was wrong.

The Song family, as well as the cooks and guys who helped tinker with the banquet, were all gathered together. Everyone was tied up with five flowers, and many people’s mouths were stuffed with towels.

Around, there are a group of strange men who are fierce and vicious, who are responsible for guarding the Song family.

Yash Nics frowned when he saw this scene.

Song Pingting even exclaimed, “Grandpa, uncle, and third uncle, what’s the matter with you?”

At this moment, there was a bang behind her. It turned out to be the door behind her, which was closed to death by a few strange men. .

“Hehe, Yash Nics, you can count, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Yash Nics and others looked in the direction of the sound, and then saw a man with a plaster on his right arm with a sneer on his face. Sitting on a chair with a wine glass in his left hand, Song Feifei, trembling, stood beside him pouring wine.

Yash Nics frowned when he saw this man, “Liu Hongyu, it’s you again.”

“Last time I read it because of your military background. For the sake of your impulse, I gave you a chance, but you actually paid it back. Dare to make trouble.”

Liu Hongyu gritted his teeth and said: “Yash Nics, the last time I did not succeed in attacking you, it was your fate.”

“Today I brought two masters to take the lives of your family, and Jesus can’t save you this time. ”

Yash Nics heard the words and noticed the two extraordinary middle-aged men behind Liu Hongyu.

Qin bird blurted out: “! Is a two-day Extreme”

Liu Hongyu sneered: “Oh, Ning you this little eye female bodyguards, actually still read the two-day supreme, since we know that powerful, that’s not nice hoping to kill?”

The Unbeatables I !

Yash Nics was a little surprised. He had long heard that Qiao Keting had two killers under his command, called Shuangtian Supreme.

And it is rumored that Shuangtian Supreme teamed up to be better than Qiao Keting.

Only when Qiao Keting’s status in the military became higher and higher, Shuangtian Supreme didn’t like military rules, so he chose to leave.

Unexpectedly, after the news of Qiao Keting’s death, Shuangtian Supreme came back. Seeing this, he wanted to avenge Qiao Keting!

Yash Nics looked at Shuangtian Supreme, and said calmly: “Qiao Keting abandoned the country and abandoned his home, and dared to be a runaway dog ​​of a foreign enemy. I hope you don’t think that he makes mistakes again and again.”

Liu Hongyu said angrily: “Fart, my teacher was killed by you. Dead, he is a hero, he is not guilty.”

Yash Nics said coldly: “He is not guilty, you can go to the military department to ask, you can go to the cabinet, you can go to the mansion to ask the truth.”

Liu Hongyu was speechless for a while . .

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Why, don’t you dare? Do you also know that Qiao Keting colluded with foreign nations and harmed the motherland, so he didn’t dare to go?”

With one hand in his trouser pocket and a cigarette in the other, Crescent said calmly: “No matter if Mr. Qiao is right or wrong, good or bad, he is our brother. If you kill our brother, you must pay the price. .”

Dadong helped his sunglasses and said coldly: “Yes, Mr. Joe is dead, Yash Nics and your family will be buried.”

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