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Chapter 2461: Zhaoruo Long urge the

feast ended.

When Yash Nics’s family returned home, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

Song Qingqing is a child who is used to going to bed early and getting up early, and goes back to the room early to sleep.

Everyone else went back to the room to rest one after another.

Yash Nics was also about to go back to the room to take a bath and rest, but at this time, Dian Chu hurried in and said excitedly: “Master, who do you guess is here?”

Yash Nics and Song Pingting were both astonished.

Yash Nics said: “Who’s here?”

Dian Chu said excitedly: “Western Commander, Zhao Ruolong, General Zhao is here.”


Yash Nics stood up abruptly and walked quickly outside: “Why are Brother Zhao here? Hurry up and go out to greet you.”

Yash Nics and Song Pingting came out of the house with Dianchu and Qin Que. In front of the villa, there were indeed several military vehicles parked.

Zhao Ruolong, a burly figure, got out of the car when he saw Yash Nics come out with a few of his subordinates.

“Participate in the chief governor!”

Zhao Ruolong smiled and saluted Yash Nics.

Yash Nics grabbed the other party’s hand and smiled: “This is not a military camp, so you don’t need to be courteous, and we brothers have a meeting. Where can there be so many red tapes when meeting in private?”

Zhao Ruolong laughed and said, “Okay!”

Song Ping Ting smiled and said: ”

Hello General Zhao.” Zhao Ruolong said quickly: ” My sister-in-law!”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “Old Zhao, why are you free to come to Mannity?”

Zhaoruo Long said: “I recently Jiangnan Gong something to do, that you are in the sea, I heard today is the birthday sister in law, they came in a hurry and want to participate in the sister-in-law’s birthday party.”

“I did not expect to get halfway through the western border telegraph, said the state-owned wolf border transaction. ” ”

I quickly followed Xijing military command at various levels who opened the video conference, the deployment of a lot to prevent wolf country to chaos. ” ”

On this video conference, a lot of delay Time.”

“So when I rushed to Mannity, it was already so late at night.”

“I even missed my sister-in-law’s birthday party.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “You worked so hard to come here. My wife and I took this heart to heart. ”

Go, come into the house and sit down and say, missed the banquet, I will accompany you to drink a few drinks.”

Zhao Ruolong laughed haha: “Good, good, I like to drink with Yash Nics you, it’s fun.”

Soon, everyone Enter the house.

Song Pingting personally cooks and makes a few side dishes.

Dian Chu and Qin Que brought two boxes of special wine for the army.

Yash Nics and Zhao Ruolong sat down and drank.

Both of them are massive, pushing cups and changing cups, drinking happily.

After drinking for three rounds, Yash Nics remembered that Dong Tianbao was going to the west, so he casually mentioned it to Zhao Ruolong.

Zhao Ruolong said straightforwardly: “Dong Tianbao, yes, okay, I remember. Since he is Yash Nics, your former soldier, he must be exceptional. I must make good use of him.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Thank you. ”

Zhao Ruolong said: ” My brother, why do you say this.”

“By the way, I also want to ask Yash Nics to agree with you.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Say!”

Zhao Ruolong’s face suddenly became serious, and said: “The wolf country is about to move recently, and their soldiers have invaded our western border from time to time.”

“Even their newly appointed general, Li Longjia, known as the new generation of wolfdog war gods, is even more rants. Said that where there is kapok in the Western Territory, it belongs to your wolfdog’s homeland.”

“They will enter the Western Territory and regain the homeland sooner or later.”

Yash Nics nodded: “The wolf dog, the new generation of war god Li Longjia, I know, is a militant. I have survived a lot of wolfdog politicians’ support recently.”

“You are under pressure from the Western Territory Army, I understand.”

“Brother Zhao, do you have any requirements, even if it is people, money, or equipment, I will try my best to satisfy them.” Satisfied.”

Zhao Ruolong shook his head: “No, now that many veterans return to the team, I am not short of manpower.”

“There is no shortage of money and equipment.”

“I need to supervise you to allow me to fight against the wolf country at any time.”

Yash Nicspu

Raised his eyebrows: “What?” Zhao Ruolong said loudly, “Wolf Kingdom has been wolves with ambitions recently, with constant small movements. I can’t bear it. I want to take the initiative to attack and give them a head and a stick.”

“I want to defeat their troops, I want to kill. kill them Ares Lee armor. ” ”

everyone knows that wolves country provoke fate Xijing military, just as the fate of the Shura country provoke Northern territory army, like a dead end. ” ”

urge viceroy allowed! ”

scene everyone was shocked .

Zhao Ruolong turned out to be not simply to celebrate Song Pingting’s birthday tonight, but to ask the governor to agree to the privilege of using force.

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