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Chapter 2463: the calm before the storm

soon, Dong Tianbao came to see the Ning.

Yash Nics instructed Dong Tianbao to pay attention to the recent movement between Zhao Ruolong and the Western Border Army, especially if there is any major action, be sure to report to him in time.

Hearing this, Dong Tianbao’s face changed slightly, and he asked cautiously: “Master, did something happen?”

Yash Nics said: “Zhao Ruolong recently wanted to teach the wolf country and fight a local war with the wolf country.”

“But the overall situation is now considered. , It’s not appropriate, and there is no need to start a war with the wolf kingdom.”

I’m afraid that Zhao Ruolong will make decisions without authorization.” “So you are in the West. During this time, let me take a good look and report anything to me in time.”

Dong Tianbao hurriedly said: “Yes!”

Yash Nics waved his hand: “Go.” After

Dong Tianbao retreated, Yash Nics looked at the night sky outside the window, and said slowly: “Zhao Ruolong, I hope you don’t get angry for a while, don’t let me Embarrassed.”

In fact, if someone else dared to confront Yash Nics, there is even the danger of going it alone.

Yash Nics had already dismissed the other party directly.

But Zhao Ruolong has a good relationship with Yash Nics, and he is usually considered a brother.

In addition, Zhao Ruolong has guarded the Western Realm for many years and is the uncrowned king of the Western Realm. He has both credit and hard work, and Zhao Ruolong has a very good relationship with Huang Gan, the lord of the country.

Moreover, Zhao Ruolong wanted to teach the wolf country this time for a reason, so Yash Nics can only hope that Zhao Ruolong will take the overall situation seriously and not make mistakes impulsively.

What Yash Nics didn’t know was when he and Zhao Ruolong had different opinions about whether to go to war.

In the wolf country, internal disputes are also endless.

The content of the Wolves’ dispute is whether the Wolves should join the Eight-Nation Alliance against China and form a new Nine-Nation Alliance.

Today, the five-star general Max of the United States visited in person to meet with Li Longjia, a new generation of war god of the wolf kingdom, for a new round of consultations.

This guy Li Longjia is very cunning. He neither agreed to join nor said not to join, but only said that he would consider it.

Max knew that the wolf nation wanted to use the power of the Eight-Nation Alliance to frighten China, but did not want to really join, so as not to arouse China’s anger and lead to fire.

Max’s inner evaluation of Li Longjia is: he wants to be a bitch and he wants to set up an archway.

However, Li Longjia has seen this kind of two-faced faction a lot, and he didn’t say anything. He just said that Li Longjia should think about it. As long as he joins, there will be a lot of benefits.

After Max and his entourage left the wolf country.

On the one hand, Li Longjia promoted Max’s visit to the wolf country this time, and on the other hand, the wolf country troops continued to provoke the Chinese West Border Army on the border.

He also personally stated on the news that soon the reception will lead the army of the wolf kingdom into the west, and only the places with kapok will be recovered.

the following few days!

The West Territory Army was very quiet, and Yash Nics, who was a little worried, was a little relieved.

Yash Nics didn’t know that this was just the calm before the storm.

Yash Nics finished her work and was about to come out of the study.

Suddenly the phone rang, and it was Tong Ke’s call.

Tong Ke, didn’t you go to help Qingqing pick up from school?

Yash Nics got on the phone by mistake and was about to ask if something was going on.

But when the phone is turned on, just anxious to hear the child Ke brother shouted a voice, and then I heard a man curse: “Who allowed you to call a ……”

followed, came popping There seemed to be someone dropped the phone.

Communication is also interrupted.

Ning face slightly changed, immediately called Dian Chu: “Ke Tong Qingqing pick up from school, seems to be in trouble, you find out immediately Tong Ke their present position.”

Dian Chu: “! Yes, sir”

very Quickly, Dian Chu locked Tong Ke’s current location with the help of colleagues from the military information department.

Then, Yash Nics and Dian Chu drove there quickly.

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