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Chapter 2464: unreasonable

Sycamore Avenue.

Two cars collided.

A Porsche 911, another BMW 5 Series.

There are more than ten luxury cars such as Ferrari and Maserati parked on the side of the road.

At this time, Tong Ke was protecting Song Qingqing and was arguing with a group of men.

It turned out that Tong Ke took Song Qingqing from school and drove a BMW 5 Series home.

Encountered this luxury motorcade halfway through.

She went straight and the luxury motorcade turned.

She could have passed first, but she didn’t expect the Porsche 911 that was turning to accelerate suddenly, and the turning did not let go straight, so the two cars collided.

The Porsche owner and his friends are all going crazy.

A group of people got out of the car, surrounded Tong Ke and Song Qingqing, demanding compensation.

The Porsche owner also angrily broke Tong Ke’s mobile phone.

He pointed to Tong Ke’s nose and cursed fiercely: “Bitch, you dare to hit my car, believe it or not I will kill you?”

Tong Ke didn’t expect the other party to be so savage and not allowed to go straight when turning. This accident was originally an accident. It is the responsibility of the other party, and now the wicked person sued first.

Although Porsche owners are fierce, although Porsche owners have a group of friends behind them.

But she was not in a panic. While protecting the frightened Song Qingqing, she argued for reasons: “A louder voice doesn’t mean it makes sense.”

“You didn’t make me go straight when you turned, and you suddenly accelerated. If you have a little idea about these two points, This traffic accident will never happen.”

“I think the responsibility for this traffic accident lies with you. If you are not convinced, you can call the police now and let the traffic police handle it.”

Porsche angrily: “I deal with your mother, you hit my car so dare to talk to me.”

“You ask around, I Jiangzai Hao who it is, believe it or not I kill you, do not fart”?

Original Since Dong Tianbao lost his gambling last time and decided to change his mind and reform, he has stopped asking questions.

Recently, Dong Tianbao even sold his industry, withdrew from the arena, and went to the Western Border Army.

Therefore, now the underground circle of Mannity City, it can be said that there is no Yama, and the ghosts are in a state of dancing.

Jiang Zihao’s group is a force that has emerged recently.

Tong Ke didn’t expect to encounter such a rude and unreasonable person, and she trembles with anger for a while.

Song Qingqing was also frightened. She hid behind Tong Ke and said timidly: “Uncle, don’t be angry. If you crashed your car, I will let my mother pay you.”

Jiang Zihao mistakenly thought Song Qingqing was Tong Ke’s daughter. Sneered: “Pay, how to pay?”

“Sold your mother this BMW, it is estimated that it is not enough to compensate for my loss.”

He said, looking up and down the pure and moving Tong Ke, and suddenly grinned: “This way. Well, if your mother helped me fix the car, and then slept with uncle for one night, how about it as compensation for the depreciation of the vehicle?” The

friends around Jiang Zihao looked at Tong Ke smirkly. .

How could Tong Ke feel this kind of anger, and when he was angry, he raised his hand and slapped Jiang Zihao’s face with a slap.


Jiang Zihao was caught off guard and slapped Tong Ke. He was taken ashamed.

He touched his face, and there was a fiery pain in his face, telling him that this was not a dream, but that he was really pumped.

And in front of a group of brothers, a woman gave him a big mouth.



The anger rose from his heart.

“Bitch, you dare to hit me, I have to kill you today.”

He said, raising his hand and pulling it towards Tong Ke.

Tong Ke was a woman, she was also panicked at this time, and her face was pale in fright, standing in place, forgetting to dodge.

Song Qingqing also screamed: “No!”

Jiang Zihao’s slap was about to fall.

However, a powerful man’s voice suddenly came from the side: “You dare to touch them, don’t want your hand.”

Jiang Zihao heard the words and paused abruptly, then slowed down. Turned around, and looked at the direction where the voice came from with everyone on the scene.

I saw a tall man with a burly man coming over.



Tong Ke and Song Qingqing couldn’t help getting excited when they saw Yash Nics appear.

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