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Chapter 2466: the reputation of the storm

at this time!

The traffic police, the insurer, and Song Pingting arrived almost indiscriminately.

Yash Nics handed over the matter to the traffic police and the insurer, and then they got into Song Pingting’s Rolls Royce and drove away first.

The traffic police said to Jiang Zihao: “Do you want to hold them accountable for beating you? If you want, I will call my colleagues at the police station to deal with it.”

Jiang Zihao looked at the gradually disappearing Rolls Royce and silently remembered Song Pingting’s license plate number. Gritting his teeth: “No, if I want to take revenge, I like to do it myself.” After

he finished speaking, he walked aside, took out his cell phone and made a call to his sister Jiang Yuling.

Jiang Yuling was lying naked in the arms of a white man.

The white man named Xiao En, who appeared to be a U.S. businessman, was actually a senior U.S. military intelligence officer. His mission was to lurch in China for a long time, develop spies, and collect all kinds of intelligence.

Jiang Yuling was one of the spies he developed in China, and he was also the one who collected the most information for him.

Moreover, the two are now lovers.

Jiang Yuling has no family, and has depended on each other with her brother since she was a child.

She loves her brother more than herself.

Hear his own brother was bullied, she was excited and nervous and angry, blame and said:. “I told you not Xiahun with your friends pig dogs, rent a few sports cars, the streets all day.”

“Well now, hit by a car, people I was beaten up too, are you happy?”

Jiang Zihao cried and said: “Sister, let me get involved in the underground circle and develop power. It is not the idea of ​​my brother-in-law, Sean.”

“I also wanted to mix up in the underground circle, and then It is convenient to collect more information for you and brother-in-law!”

Jiang Yuling lowered her voice: “Okay, don’t mention your brother-in-law casually in the future. Don’t mention anything related to it. You can’t say it on the phone. Be careful that there are ears on the wall.”

“I know about you. I will give you this matter. Deal with it.”

Jiang Zihao said happily: “Sister, that guy forced me to kneel and confess my mistake. I want their whole family to kneel and apologize for my mistake. This is the end of the matter.”

Jiang Yuling said: “Okay, I promise you. .”

Jiang Yuling hung up. Xiao En

asked in fluent Chinese: “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Yuling twiddled her hair: “What else, my unbelievable brother was bullied, let me seek justice.”

She said. After getting dressed, according to the license plate number provided by the younger brother, it was quickly found out that the owner of this car was Song Pingting.

She snorted coldly: “It turned out to be Song Pingting, the boss of a famous pharmaceutical group!”

“No wonder I dared to bully my brother.”

“But is it great to have money? I will soon let your family cry and kneel down to my brother. Apologize and apologize.” In the

next few days, Jiang Yuling used her contacts and strength in the media to pour dirty water on Song Pingting.

In the past few days, she fabricated a lot of Song Pingting’s “dark material” and bombarded Song Pingting through major media, causing serious reputational impact on Song Pingting.

Fake news about Song Pingting’s power and sex trade with the leader, and the chaos of Song Pingting’s private life, quickly spread under her impetus.

On this day, as soon as Yash Nics got home, he saw his wife Song Pingting crying.

Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli, Tong Ke, Song Qingqing and others were beside them to give comfort.

Yash Nics quickly asked what happened?

Song Zhongbin handed a newspaper to Yash Nics and said, “There are always false reports, fabricated facts, and slander Xiaoting during this period. Please read it yourself.”

Yash Nics took a look at the newspaper . The length of the report shows that Song Pingting’s private life is chaotic, and she started off by trading power and sex.

It also claims that Song Pingting’s private life was chaotic when she was a girl, and she gave birth to children out of wedlock, and she didn’t know who her father was for a few years after her daughter was born?

Finally found a cheap husband to be the pick-up man!

Yash Nics was furious when she saw it, and she sternly said: “Dian Chu!”

Dian Chu: “The subordinate is here!”

Yash Nics snapped the newspaper on the coffee table: “Check out what’s going on right away, who is slandering my wife.” , I pour dirty water on my wife, and investigate fiercely. The relevant personnel cannot be missed.”

Dian Chu has never seen the young marshal so angry, he hastily said: “Yes, the subordinates will do it immediately.”

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