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Chapter 2473: Urgent message


“Sean has been exposed, and he has been arrested by China?”

“Impossible, it is absolutely impossible.”

“Sean is the number one Bionicle generation, and his character is very cautious, even if he was exposed, he will promptly bugger. ” ”

and by virtue of his combat effectiveness, in addition to Huaxia Jun batch of top war who, who can keep him? ”

a On the first aircraft carrier, the American five-star general Max heard that his subordinate Sean, whom he had personally supported, had been arrested in China, he was very frightened and he was very unwilling to believe it.

His adjutant Tyronn said with a solemn expression: “General, this is true.”

“And the reason for Sean’s arrest is also ridiculous.” As

Tyron said, he asked how Xiao En’s lover Jiang Yuling had been with Yash Nics had a conflict, which eventually caused Xiao En to be exposed. Yash Nics also personally assisted China Guoan in arresting Xiao En.

After listening to Max, he was even more furious.

“It’s this Yash Nics again, this Yash Nics again, why are you this bastard every time?”

“I will kill him myself sooner or later!”

Tai Lun persuaded: “Yash Nics is said to have been at home, and he is no longer in the army. It’s been reused, and it’s not worth our

efforts to mobilize the crowd to deal with him.” “General, let’s focus our energy on lobbying the neighboring countries to deal with China together, and turn the eight-nation alliance into the nine-nation alliance, or even the ten-nation alliance. Hundred Kingdoms!”

“At that time, everyone will unite, and it will not be easy to grasp Huaxia.”

Max said: “You don’t understand. Although Yash Nics is at home now, he thinks he is bigger than the mysterious and mysterious Huaxia. The governor is even more terrifying.”

“And once there is any war, China will not restart Yash Nics.”

“Yash Nics is still our number one enemy when he returns to the army?”

“This guy will get rid of it sooner or later.”

Max took a cigar. and then he continued: “but you said true, we are now the primary goal is to expand the anti-China alliance, the eight-nation alliance down to nine-nation alliance, even a hundred-nation alliance.”

“Yes, we have recently been added to draw How are they thinking about the wolf kingdom? Did Li

Longjia express his willingness to join?” Tai Lun said : ” Wang Nang is vacillating between joining and rejecting the wolf kingdom. On the one hand, Li Longjia claimed to consider joining the alliance while provoking China’s western border at the border. Very cunning.”

Max said: “He wants to go to the right and left, maximize his interests, and want to use the power of the alliance to scare China, but he does not want to really join.”

“But in no hurry, I will join the other seven. National representative, meet with Li Longjia again and force him to make a decision when that time comes.”

“Wolf country will either join us and become an enemy of China; or he will not join and become an enemy with us.”

Tai Lun laughed and said: “Join us and get A group of allies support and fight China together; refuse to join, the wolf country will not only be an enemy of China, but also offend our seven countries.”

“How to choose, I think Li Longjia will understand if he is not stupid.”

….. .

China, the southern province of mirage.

Yash Nics was talking on the phone with Dong Tianbao who was in the Western Border Army.

“Xiaobao, how are you adapting to the Western Border Army?”

“Reported that the young commander, adapting very well, probably because you greeted Commander Zhao and he directly arranged for me to join his personal squad.”

Yash Nics heard the words. Said: “The feeling is good, you can know more things when you are his personal soldier.”

“What’s the situation with the Western Border Army?”

Dong Tianbao whispered: “The Western Border Army has cancelled all the soldiers’ vacations, as well as the logistics.”

“Recently, the Western Border Army has been waiting for it, and the whole army has suddenly gathered in the middle of the night.”

“The above statement is yes. Actual combat drills.”

“But I heard privately that Commander Zhao is ready to go to war with the Shenwu Army on the border of the Wolf Kingdom. Not only will he defeat the Shenwu Army of the War God of the Wolf Kingdom, Li Longjia, but he will also personally cut off Li Longjia’s head.”

Yash Nics heard the expression. Seriously: “Is this news serious?”

Dong Tianbao said: “Our captain said it personally last night, but after my captain said it, I regretted it and ordered us not to mention it to anyone.”

Yash Nics solemnly said, “I know. Does Zhao Ruolong want the exact time of the use of force?”

Dong Tianbao said: “I don’t know, but my captain said that the next emergency assembly drill in the middle of the night will be tomorrow night, so I don’t rule out that tomorrow night, Commander Zhao will turn the drill into actual combat… …”

Yash Nics said: “Okay, I see, you stare at me and report to me at any time.”

Dong Tianbao said: “Yes!”

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