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Chapter 2476: Can I trust you?

After the speech!

Zhao Ruolong let the soldiers disband, and he invited Yash Nics to sit in the office.

However, Yash Nics said: “I will visit the West Border Army tonight. There are still many bases of the West Border Army that have not been there, so don’t rush to the office for tea.”

“Go, accompany me to other bases of the West Border Army for inspection ”

Zhao Ruolong had no choice but to lead a group of subordinates to accompany him.

That night, Yash Nics inspected all military bases in the western region, inspected and sympathized with the 300,000 soldiers of the western army.

At dawn, Yash Nics, Zhao Ruolong and others returned to the headquarters of the Western Border Army.

After the guards offered the fragrant tea, Yash Nics turned to Lu Shaocong, Dianchu and Bahuwei and said, “You all retreat, I have a few words to talk to General Zhao alone.”

Dianchu and others saluted and retired immediately. Down.

Zhao Ruolong looked at him and turned his head to the officers and guards behind him and said: “Aren’t you retiring?”

The soldiers of the Western Border Army on the scene quickly saluted Yash Nics Zhao Ruolong, and then retired together.

Soon, in the huge reception room, only Yash Nics and Zhao Ruolong were left.

Yash Nics raised his hand, took off the unicorn mask woven with gold silk, placed the mask on the table casually, and smiled at Zhao Ruolong: “Huh, now we are the brothers, and finally don’t have to wear this mask.”

“I think. Ah, wearing a mask is really exhausting, especially in front of brothers and friends, you should be more open, Brother Zhao, don’t you think?”

Zhao Ruolong glanced at Yash Nics, he knew that Yash Nics’s subtext was saying: In front of brothers and friends, Don’t cover up, be straightforward, speak straightforwardly, don’t play tricks, or it will deteriorate the friendship.

Zhao Ruolong did not respond positively to Yash Nics’s words, but only said to Yash Nics: “Brother Chen, you have been airborne

by the Western Border Army tonight. It’s really hard work.” Yash Nics looked at Zhao Ruolong with a smile but a smile: “Why, are you angry and uncomfortable? “It

seems that I should be the one who should be unhappy, right?”

“If you really cut first and start a war, then I will clean up the mess for you, and if anything goes wrong, you and I will become National sinners.”

Zhao Ruolong said with a wry smile: “The grandchildren of the wolf kingdom are really deceiving people too much, but you have never allowed me to teach them. We fought the Shura army before, and we simply won, now we teach a wolf. I really don’t understand why I’m afraid of my country,”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “ It’s nothing to teach a little gangster like the wolf country. Adams. ” ”

sooner or later we cut Max’s dog’s head! ” ”

but before that, we really should not be the enemy of many trees. ” ”

I know Lee Huan Long a recently called, but screamed powerful dogs, dogs are generally counseled , Don’t dare

to be true .” “Dogs that bite don’t bark!”

Zhao Ruolong did not speak.

Yash Nics added: “I have recently sent someone to communicate with the leader of the Wolf Nation. I will try to meet with the leader of the Wolf Nation after a while. It will be fine for everyone to speak up and restore peace on the border between the two countries.

” So don’t think about war all day long. Peace and stability are better than anything else.”

Zhao Ruolong knew that the leader of the wolf kingdom is a master and faction, and the war god Li Longjia of the wolf kingdom is a dominant war faction.

But now in the wolf country, the influence of the lord of the country is not as high as that of the god of war Li Long Jia.

Zhao Ruolong felt that the leader of the wolf kingdom agreed to a peaceful negotiation solution, but the military representative Li Longjia might not agree. He felt that even if there were to be peace talks, Li Longjia had to be taught first, and Li Longjia, a militant, could be successfully negotiated.

However, he also knew that Yash Nics would definitely not agree to let him go to war with Li Longjia.

Therefore, he finally did not say these words and listened to Yash Nics’s speech in silence.

Yash Nics saw that Zhao Ruolong did not express his position, so he seriously asked: “Zhao Ruolong, are you someone I can trust?”

Zhao Ruolong nodded: “Of course!”

Yash Nics also nodded: “Okay, you are a military general. I also sympathize with brothers. I make a request to you tonight. I hope you can assure me.”

Zhao Ruolong knew what the request was, but still asked: “What request?”

Yash Nics said, “Don’t take the initiative to start a war against the wolf country. Give me time, I will negotiate with the lord of the wolf country and settle it peacefully.”

Zhao Ruolong said: “Okay, I promise you, this kind of thing will never happen again tonight.”

Yash Nics smiled satisfied: “Okay.” , I trust you.”

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