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Chapter 2477: bent

assured of Zhaoruo Long, Ning did not make more stay in Xijing, Xijing next day to mobilize people to leave.

After Yash Nics left, Zhao Ruolong became angry.

The object of his anger was not Yash Nics. After all, Yash Nics and him are considered brothers, and Yash Nics is now the chief commander of the military and the highest officer in the army. He dare not be angry with Yash Nics.

But the guy who leaked the news and gave Yash Nics a small report, he couldn’t tolerate it.

He ordered his men to find out who gave Yash Nics a small report for half a day.

The West Territory Army is Zhao Ruolong’s territory, and everything here can’t be hidden from him.

Soon, Guan Ce came to report and told him that the person who made the report was Dong Tianbao.

Zhao Ruolong said with a sullen face: “I knew it was him. You immediately tell him to come and see me.”

Guan Ce: “Yes.”

Dong Tianbao, who was training, learned that the commander-in- chief was calling to see him. It must be exposed.

Unable to post, he had to bite the bullet and go to see Zhao Ruolong.

Tuk tuk!

Dong Tianbao came to the door of Zhao Ruolong’s office. Although the door was open, he knocked on the door politely, and then

raised his hand to salute: “Report!” Zhao Ruolong was immersed in correcting the official document. It seemed that he had not heard Dong Tianbao’s report. Don’t lift it.

Dong Tianbao stood still, very embarrassed.

Two minutes later, Zhao Ruolong raised his head and glanced at Dong Tianbao: “Come in.”

Dong Tianbao came in quickly and stood firmly at Zhao Ruolong’s desk, just about to speak.

However, something had snapped and fell on his face.

He subconsciously reached out his hand to catch it, only to find that it was an expulsion letter.

This document clearly stated that Dong Tianbao was expelled from the Western Border Army, and Dong Tianbao’s military status was opened, and Dong Tianbao was ordered to leave the team.

There is also Zhao Ruolong’s autograph on it.


Dong Tianbao knelt directly and said with a trembling: “General, why is this?”

Zhao Ruolong said coldly: “Why, I should ask you this.”

“Why did Yash Nics appear in the Western Border Army last night? You are in the Western Border Army, even in my guard, but do you have the Western Border Army in your heart, do you have my presence?”

“You probably only have Yash Nics in your heart?”

“If it wasn’t for your previous contributions in the military In fact, I just shot you directly, so it’s the turn of you to talk to me now?”

Dong Tianbao knelt on the ground, not daring to refute it. After all, Zhao Ruolong’s secret was leaked, and it is reasonable for Zhao Ruolong to be angry.

But as a soldier, he couldn’t accept his expulsion from the army and his expulsion from the team.

He begged: “General, I’m just thinking about the overall situation. I really don’t have any selfishness.”

“Please don’t expel my military

status . Please give me a chance.” Zhao Ruolong said: “Okay, the chance is you beg me to give it to you.” . the ”

Then he told:” you are all going to convene guard comrades, the other called Xijing ten tigers, as well as the situation eighteen war, so that they all converge, to do pre-war preparations. ”


Dong Tianbao widened his eyes and said silently: “General, do you still want to go to war against the wolf country?”

“I heard the chief governor say that he is going to negotiate with the lord of the wolf country recently for a peaceful settlement.”

“You are not agreeing to the chief governor. , Won’t you fight?”

“Why now…”

Zhao Ruolong said coldly: “I didn’t expect you to know a lot.”

“I promised Yash Nics that there will be no large-scale operations like last night, but small operations. There can always be there, right?”

“I plan to lead the guards, ten tigers in the West, and eighteen generals in the wind and clouds, set off lightly, go deep behind the enemy, and slay Li Longjia, the war god of the wolf kingdom.”

Dong Tianbao said hastily: “These ten thousand ambassadors No, it’s too risky, and the chief governor is about to negotiate with the lord of the wolf kingdom.”

Zhao Ruolong coldly snorted: “The lord of the wolf kingdom is in the wolf kingdom, and the influence is not as good as the war god Li Longjia of the wolf kingdom .” ” Li Longjia

is the lord. The representative of the war faction!”

“If you don’t kill Li Longjia, the leader of the wolf kingdom wants peace talks, it will be difficult to implement.”

“I behead Li Longjia, it is to fight the arrogance of the wolf kingdom leader war faction, and Li Longjia is dead, the wolf Only the country’s lord can control the wolf country and negotiate peace with the chief governor.”

“So I am helping the chief governor now!”

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