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Chapter 2478: beheading

Zhaoruo Long said that, looking at the cold Dong Tempo: “? You say you want to Xijing not meritorious, to prove that they do”

“nothing of storms sea, how to capture the shark fish? ” ”

I have given you a chance, to fight an adventure with me, beheaded Li Long a, a power and prestige? ” ”

Take your dismissal letter or get out, go back to your playing Small report?”

“You choose yourself!”

Dong Tianbao was embarrassed. It was the first time he encountered such a difficult thing to choose.

Two different thoughts were arguing in his mind.

One thought: Zhao Ruolong was wrong to do this. He would rather be expelled from the military and report the matter to the marshal.

Another thought was that General Zhao was only carrying out a small-scale beheading operation, not the large-scale war of last night. And the beheading of Li Longjia is indeed good for the peace talks between the chief governor and the lord of the wolf kingdom. Why not support it? Can no longer betray the Western Border Army, can no longer betray General Zhao.

In the end, it was the second thought that slowly gained the upper hand.

Dong Tianbao gritted his teeth and said: “Well, in order to prove that Dong Tianbao is not a report villain, to prove myself, and to kill Li Longjia, a fanatic who has repeatedly provoked us in China, I am willing to give up my life to accompany General Zhao. ”

Zhao Ruolong smiled with satisfaction.

He walked over, raised his hand and patted Dong Tianbao’s shoulder twice, and said with a smile, “That’s right!”

“Since you join my Western Border Army, you should first consider it for the Western Border Army and Zhao Ruolong for me.”

“Our West Territory Army has always dared to fight. There is never a scam, and it is definitely not worse than the Northern Army


“This time it’s our Western Army’s turn to show off.”

“Go and tell the teams I just mentioned, get ready, in the afternoon I will drink a bowl of pre-war wine with everyone, and act with everyone in the evening to sneak into the wolf country. , Behead the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom.”

That afternoon!

Zhao Ruolong secretly summoned a hundred of his personal soldiers, as well as ten tigers in the West, and eighteen generals of the Wind and Clouds. There were already a group of elites in the army, totaling more than 300 people.

Zhao Ruolong told these capable men about the action tonight, and finally looked around at everyone: “If you don’t want to participate, you can raise it now.”

No one at the scene asked to withdraw. Instead, many people said that Li Longjia was beheaded, General Zhao There is no need to do it personally, they just go.

Zhaoruo Long laughed: “I am pleased that none of you quit, it seems I am not mistaken you, you are good Kenjiro.”

“But I have to go.”

“Lee Long a country is a wolf god of war, fighting is good.”

“If I If you don’t go, even if you succeed in sneaking close, it will be difficult to kill him.”

“So I have to go.”

Zhao Ruolong said with a smile, “Come on, everyone!”

“Respect General!”

Dong Tianbao Waiting for everyone to lift up the wine bowl together, said loudly.

Zhao Ruolong drank it with everyone, then broke the bowl with a snap, and laughed heartily: “After tonight, our Western Army will stun the world. After all, the wolf kingdom is shivering in front of us, and he dare not dare anymore. It’s half provocative.”

Dong Tianbao and others said together: “The general is mighty.”

At this time!

On the border of the wolf country, the Shenwu Army camp.

In the coach’s office, Li Longjia, the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom, is holding a magnifying glass and carefully looking at the military map.

Next to him, stood a row of Wolf State generals with straight waists. These generals took turns to read the recent military news to Li Longjia.

While listening, Li Longjia stared at the military map, showing a thoughtful appearance.

When he heard that the Western Territory Army had gathered in the middle of the night several times recently, he frowned slightly, and slowly said: “There is nothing but the real, the real and the empty. I’m afraid that Zhao Ruolong will suddenly come on a real attack. He ordered the whole army to cancel the holiday. , Be careful.”


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