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Chapter 2479: uninvited guest


The border of the wolf country, the headquarters of the Shenwu Army.

Several black Cadillac SUVs, escorted by a large number of military vehicles, entered the base headquarters by night.

Li Longjia hurried out to greet him with a large number of capable and powerful generals.

It turned out that it was no one else who came, but the five-star general Max of the United States.

“General Max’s visit, it’s a glorious honor!”

Li Longjia smiled and welcomed Max and his party into the base headquarters, and then ordered a banquet for his men.

At the banquet, Max and Li Longjia sat clearly on both sides of the long table, talking and laughing while eating.

Li Longjia smiled and said: “Why did General Max come suddenly?”

Max smiled: “Recently, I have been visiting various countries in the Far East, and in two days the Alliance of Eight is planning to hold the second summit of this year, which is planned to be held in your wolf country. , So I came to the wolf country ahead of time.”

Li Longjia actually already knows that the second summit of the League of Eight this year will be held in their country, and even he is extremely in favor of it.

Because of the recent tightening of relations between the Wolves and China, the Eight-Nation Alliance summit held in the Wolves can play a role in supporting the Wolves.

Of course, the League of Eight does not unconditionally support the Wolves. The League of Eight wants to win over the Wolves to join and become the Alliance of Nine.

This is also the reason why Max came to Li Longjia today.

Max smiled and said again: “By the way, I have been telling you all the time, your wolf country participated in this summit as a special guest, and even you directly joined our alliance to form the Nine Nations Alliance. How are you thinking about it?”

Li Longjia said: “There are no outsiders here, and I don’t lie to General Max. I personally agree to join the alliance.”

“However, our country’s lord is the master and faction. He may not be willing to join.”

“So I am here. I was putting pressure on him for two days, hoping that he would agree to my suggestion and allow the wolf nation to join the alliance.”

Max knew that the leader of the wolf nation is in charge of the economy, and the war god of the wolf nation is in charge of the army.

In terms of hard power, the Lord of the Wolf Kingdom was really not Li Longjia’s opponent, and Li Longjia was angered. Li Longjia had a coup in minutes and replaced the Lord of the Wolf Kingdom.

Therefore, he is quite confident in Li Longjia.

He laughed and said: “General Li, you are the Optimus Prime of the Wolf Nation. Your words are estimated to be heard by the Lord.”

“Come on, I wish you the Wolf Nation join our alliance, I wish us an ally, cheers .”

Li Longjia smiled and said: “Cheers!”

Both sides raised their glasses one after another, and they wanted to toast.

But at this moment, a warrior of the wolf kingdom came in hurriedly from outside and whispered a few words in Li Longjia’s ear.

Li Longjia’s face changed completely after hearing this.

Seeing something was wrong, Max asked intentionally or unintentionally: “General Li, did something happen?”

Li Longjia smiled: “A group of uninvited guests came here, General Max, you are sitting here drinking, I will entertain these uninvited guests.”

After speaking, Li Longjia led his subordinates and hurried out.

Max and his group of powerful men frowned slightly.

Max stood up, walked to the window, and saw that many helicopters in the base were rushing into the air, and there were also chariots that were constantly driving out.

Max frowned and said: “It seems that something has happened. If I am not mistaken, it should be the action of the Huaxia West Border Army.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was gunfire outside.

I saw that the helicopters that had just launched into the air were all exploded by rockets.

Immediately after many rockets fell into the base, the tanks assembled in the base were also blown up, and the scene was a sea of ​​flames.

The air defense sirens sounded frantically.

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