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Chapter 2481: tragic

Yan Bi, Li Long A sudden move stature, Feng Chi Zhi towards Zhaoruo Long lasing over.

Zhao Ruolong didn’t avoid too many, facing the battle head-on, with a spear in his hand like a sea dragon.

Li Longjia was not afraid of danger, and slashed.

The blade smashed the tip of the gun, and a thick thunderous explosion erupted, resounding through the audience.

Max, who was in the dining room of the air defense building, heard the faintly special explosion, his face changed slightly, and he said in a deep voice: “It seems that the special forces are not here tonight. Listening to this movement, I doubt it. It’s the dragon of the West, Zhao Ruolong is here.” A group of American

Titans on the scene were surprised and delighted.

What was shocking was that Zhao Ruolong came in person.

I’m glad to have a chance to kill Zhao Ruolong tonight, and kill a general in the Chinese Army.

Max was smug and said in a deep voice: “Go, let me go out, and you will meet the Dragon of the West.”

Max and others came out, and the two sides were fighting outside.

Although Zhao Ruolong brought not many people this time, all of them were at the level of the king of soldiers. In addition to his surprise, he killed the Wolf Kingdom headquarters in a river of blood and corpses all over the floor.

Max frowned. If they don’t help out, it is estimated that Li Longjia’s people will not get any benefits before the troops from other strongholds in the wolf kingdom come to support.

Max immediately ordered the following men: “Enter the combat state, assist the soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom, and defeat the enemy.”


The super warriors behind Max immediately moved.

Among the men he brought, there are many famous soldiers in the army. In addition, his guards are all biochemical warriors and bodyguards for combat effectiveness.

Sure enough, after Max’s team joined the battle, the battle situation immediately changed.

The Western Territory Army, which had been exceptionally smooth, suffered immediately, and suffered heavy casualties in an instant.

Zhao Ruolong was in a fierce battle with Li Longjia, both up and down, but suddenly found that the surroundings had changed.

A group of American powerhouses are uniting with the soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom to slaughter his men.

Max also appeared in front of Zhao Ruolong with several masters.

Max said with a sneer: “Hehe, Zhao Ruolong in the West, among the top ranks in our army’s kill list.”

“I didn’t expect to run into it here tonight,

let’s save my life.” Zhao Ruolong did not expect. The situation was different from the information he had received before, and Max was completely unexpected.

At this moment, he was surprised and angry looking at the falling men around him.

However, Li Longjia’s offensive did not stop in the slightest. Instead, he launched a stormy offensive against Zhao Rulong.

Max itched, and shouted: “I’ll play with you too.”

After saying that, he moved upright and entered the battle like a god, acting like wind and power like thunder. He turned out to be the world’s top combat power.

Although Zhao Ruolong was the dragon of the West, he faced the two world peak-level powerhouses with one enemy and two, and he was struggling immediately.

What’s more terrible is that they are raiding, and time is not on his side.

The soldiers at the headquarters of the Shenwu Army of the Wolf Kingdom have stabilized the situation, and the troops from the surrounding bases are coming. Now the situation between him and his men has become very critical.

“General, the situation is wrong, our queen, you quickly retreat.” The

captain of the guard Fu Hailong loudly ordered everyone to protect General Zhao from retreating.

Immediately, Dong Tianbao and others abandon all the opponents who were at war, and gathered them back to protect Zhao Ruolong from retreating.

But they are few and their enemies are very strong. How easy is it to escort Zhao Rulong away from birth?

Fu Hailong blocked Max, and while resisting, let Zhao Ruolong withdraw quickly.

Max said angrily: “What are you, an ant, dare to block me?”

After speaking, he raised his hand and grabbed Fu Hailong’s neck, and directly slammed Fu Hailong’s head towards the armored car next to him.


Fu Hailong’s head cracked and he was killed on the spot.

Zhao Ruolong personally saw that the captain of his guard was killed, and the list was about to split. With a long spear in his hand, he forced the opponent Li Longjia back, and he was about to rush to fight Max.

But he was hugged by Dong Tianbao, a soldier.

“General, you can’t love fighting anymore. Retreat quickly, otherwise it will be too late.”

Before speaking, Li Longjia had already killed him again and slashed towards Zhao Ruolong.

Dong Tianbao panicked and hurriedly stood up to resist, raising his hand to stop.


Li Longjia neatly cut Dong Tianbao’s left arm, shoulder-to-shoulder.


Dong Tianbao let out a scream.

Zhao Ruolong shot Li Longjia with lightning and pierced Li Longjia’s throat.

Li Longjia retreated sharply, his spear almost pierced his throat, and he let out a cold sweat.

Dong Tianbao endured the severe pain with his only right hand and firmly grasped Zhao Ruolong, who was about to fight again, and said sadly: “General, go, go–“

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