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Chapter 2483: I pay for their mistakes

Xijing military headquarters.

There was an atmosphere of sadness.

In the dark office, Zhao Ruolong has been sitting all day.

Tuk tuk!

There were two soft knocks on the door, and then the voice of his subordinate Guance came from outside the door.


Zhao Ruolong slowly raised his head and looked at the door with a hoarse voice: “Let me continue to be quiet, don’t disturb me if I’m fine.”

Guan Ce whispered: “There is news from the military hospital.”

After hearing this, Zhao Ruolong was silent for two seconds before saying: “Come in and report.”

Soon, Guan Ce opened the door and walked to Zhao Ruolong’s desk to stop, and respectfully said: “Report to General, Dong Tianbao has lost blood. Although the situation was extremely dangerous at one time, it was finally rescued.”

“But…he will lose his right arm forever, and I am afraid it will be useless in the future.”

A deep pain flashed through Zhao Ruolong’s eyes , and he was relieved . Slowly said: “This is my responsibility.”

Guan Ce knew that the general not only dared to blame himself for Dong Tianbao, but also deeply blamed himself for the brothers who died tragically.

He has been with Zhao Ruolong for ten years and has never seen a general as decadent as he is today.

He couldn’t help but persuaded: “General, victory or defeat is commonplace in the military. The defeat we have eaten today will definitely come back with a hundredfold victory tomorrow.”

Zhao Ruolong shook his head: “There is no future.”

“This matter is estimated to be known by the military now. Well, I can imagine the anger of the general governor right now.”

“I, the commander-in-chief of the Western Territory, is coming to an end.

Guan Ce’s face changed when he heard this, and he lost his voice: “General!”

Zhao Ruolong waved his hand: “The rewards and punishments in the army are clear. I made a serious mistake this time, and I deserved

it when I was dismissed.” Before dismissal, finish some things.”

“For example, have the brothers’ pensions been reported?

Has the military approved it?” Guan Ce whispered: “The list of sacrifices has been submitted to the military governor’s house. After the general governor signs, the pensions of more than three hundred brothers will be able to come down.”

But— ” Zhao Ruolong said: “but what?”

Guan Ce lowered his head and said, “The general governor was extremely angry about this matter. Now the general governor is holding an urgent meeting to request that the commanders of the major military regions be present tomorrow, and you must also name the generals. You must be on time.”

“I think the general governor is busy dealing with the overall situation and pension matters. It is estimated that it will be overdue. Time will have results.”

Zhao Ruolong was silent for two seconds and slowly said: “Yes, this time it was my fault. I caused the tragic death of more than 300 brothers. The state should not pay for me.”

“Little Guan, more than three hundred brothers, according to the regulations, how much is the total pension?”

Guan Ce honestly said: “The pension is 40 times the salary of the local income, and then double the compensation, so it is based on a salary of 10,000. In monthly calculations, the general soldier’s pension is 800,000.”

“However, for soldiers with a record of meritorious service, the pension will increase according to the previous merits.”

“So the brothers who sacrificed this time, the pension is at least 1 million. , The higher the military rank, the higher.”

Zhao Ruolong said: “Can you give me a rough estimate, what is it?”

Guan Ce said: “There are many soldiers and officers who have sacrificed this time. I estimate that the pension will be around 500 million. ”

Zhao Ruolong nodded: “I don’t have the face to let the country pay for this money. Let me do it.”

“My Zhao family is a wealthy family for generations, and I still have some family background.”

“As the Patriarch of the Zhao family, I am still the right to change the property. Yes. ”


The general wants to sell the family property and carry the pensions of his brothers!

Guan Ce hurriedly said: “General, I know that your family has a lot of assets, but if the Zhao family forcibly spends 500 million yuan, it is estimated that the Zhao family will fall sharply and never recover.”


Zhao Ruolong’s demotion by the general governor is probably a certainty.

The Zhao family lost the power of Zhao Ruolong and broke money again. It can be described as a loss of power and wealth.

Zhao Ruolong said in a deep voice: “This matter will be handled according to what I said. Tomorrow I will let the family become a seller and hand over 500 million funds to you, and you will handle the pension for me personally.”

Guan Ce

Nothing, so I had to

say : “Yes!” Zhao Ruolong said again: “Tomorrow the capital governor’s mansion will hold an emergency meeting of the military department, I will not go.” What?

The chief governor gave a deadly order!

Guan Ce just wanted to say that I could not go.

Zhao Ruolong has already spoken first: “If I go or not, the punishment is the same for me, and I will accept how the chief governor punishes me. There is no need to be embarrassed.

Just wait here for the results.” “But, brothers. All of his corpses are left in the wolf country, but the funeral is still to be held.”

“You will find a set of all the military uniforms worn by the sacrificed brothers and set up a burial mound for them. Tomorrow I will attend the funeral and see them off.”

Guan Ce said: “Yes!”

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