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Chapter 2487: Nine summit

wolf country, the border town.

This small town, less than five kilometers away from the headquarters of the Shenwu Army on the border of the Wolf Kingdom, is particularly lively today.

The eight-nation alliance summit, which the world is paying attention to, chooses to be held here today.

As the host here, the wolf country is also regarded as a special guest country to participate in this summit.

However, Nguyen Van Tak, the lord of the wolf country, did not personally appear, but the war god Li Longjia of the wolf country participated in the summit on behalf of the wolf country.

From this point, it can also be verified from the side. International public opinion said that’Wolf Nation Ruan Van Tak is the main peace faction and is unwilling to join the alliance, and Li Longjia is the main battle faction, and it is true that he will try his best to promote the wolf nation to join the alliance.’

At the summit, countless soldiers from the Wolf Kingdom were performing their guard and protection missions with solemn expressions.

In the venue, Max and Li Longjia were talking and laughing, talking about the victory of the previous two days.

at this time!

Following the cheers of the reporters at the scene, and then under countless shots, I saw representatives of Eagle Country, Dongying Country, Hans Country, Gaul Country, Maple Leaf Country, Boot Country, and Shura Country all arrived, and they entered the arena in an orderly manner. .

The representative of the Eagle Country is the famous Duchess, Catherine.

The representative of Dongying is the warlord of Dongying, the Qingmu sword is blunt.

The representative of Hans State is the iron-blooded prime minister, Martin.

The representative of Gaul is the commander of the Special Operations Department, Henry.

The representative of Maple Leaf Country is the Chief of Staff of Maple Leaf Country, Duncan.

The representative of the country of boots is the general of the country of boots, Mario.

The representative of the State of Shura is the new generation of war gods in their army, King Asura.

As the representative of the United States, Max was also the leader of the summit. Seeing the representatives of various countries came, he immediately greeted Li Longjia and greeted everyone warmly.

The reporters at the scene began to shoot one after another. These are all good photos for tomorrow’s news headlines!

The nine Max, as well as the powerful men around them, allowed the reporters to shoot for twenty minutes.

Then Max smiled and said to the reporters: “Everyone, the process of this alliance summit is absolutely confidential, so we have to enter the meeting room inside, everyone is lost.”


Max and Li Longjia are about to take the lead into the meeting room.

But at this moment, there was a commotion outside.

Amidst the exclamations of the crowd, the crowd stepped aside, and then saw a tall Chinese officer with a long spear in his left hand and a blood-stained head in his right hand, and he walked in unhurriedly.

This scene scared the surrounding reporters to retreat, but they didn’t step back. Some bold, they even moved forward and took the camera.

And the soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom who were in charge of the order on the scene, all carrying submachine guns, surrounded the uninvited guest, and shot and killed the Chinese soldier at any time.

This Huaxia officer is not someone else, but Zhao Ruolong, the commander-in-chief of the Huaxia West Army, who has the reputation of being the dragon in the army.

Thousands of Wolf Warriors on the scene, as well as many plainclothes bodyguards from various countries, are using their eyes or wireless microphones to communicate with their superiors, asking for instructions, whether they want to immediately kill the unwilling person in front of them. Chinese soldier?

In fact, if it weren’t for the presence of countless reporters from various countries on the scene, if it weren’t for the scenes of so many reporters on the scene, the soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom would have killed Zhao Ruolong without hesitation.

However, countless reporters on the scene were broadcasting live. In front of the people of the world, the soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom were still a bit afraid to act rashly. Although they clamored with China all day long, they still feared China in their hearts, and ordinary soldiers did not dare to provoke two publicly. State disputes.

Therefore, the soldiers at the scene, as well as the plainclothes bodyguards, had to ask for instructions before daring to decide what to do.

Max, Li Longjia and others looked at Zhao Ruolong in amazement.

Immediately, Li Longjia sneered: “Hehe, this dog has escaped a catastrophe a few days ago, and now he dares to come and die.”

Max smiled and said, “Probably after he returned to China, he was dismissed because of a mistake. And because I am ashamed of my dead subordinates, I broke the jar and came here to die for justice.”

“Order to go down, don’t kill him, see what he wants.”

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