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Chapter 2489: Full speed forward

“I will meet him!”

Max and Li Longjia and others have not spoken yet. Toyo represents a subordinate behind Aoki Sword’s blunt body, already pressing the samurai at his waist. Knife, strode out.

This man is the rising star in the Eastern Army, Hideo Tachibana.

Representatives of the nine countries including Max, all holding their own identities, in front of countless reporters, naturally refused to fight easily.

Besides, everyone can see that Zhao Ruolong came with the determination to die this time, and no one wanted to fight a dead man.

Hideo Tachibana is Dongying’s rising star, he has just made his mark, and it is precisely when he needs a remarkable victory to establish his status in the military.

Zhao Ruolong is the commander-in-chief of the West China Army.

Hideo Tachibana was naturally unwilling to miss the opportunity to kill the famous Chinese general, so the newborn calf was not afraid of tigers, and stepped forward resolutely to face Zhao Ruolong.

Zhao Ruolong saw that Max and other representatives of the nine countries did not take action, but an unknown soldier appeared to challenge him.

He didn’t care, and said coldly: “Come to fight.”

Hideo Tachibana squeezed out the katana, and threw the scabbard aside. Holding the sword in both hands, he raised the katana high on the right side, wearing a pair of wooden clogs. The feet, moving quickly, circled Zhao Ruolong.

However, Zhao Ruolong didn’t seem to put him in his eyes at all, standing still.

Even Zhao Ruolong took the initiative to close his eyes.

Damn it, too despised.

Hideo Tachibana was full of anger. When he walked around to Zhao Ruolong’s side, he suddenly approached Zhao Ruolong with a stride, and slashed like lightning.

This knife is as fast as thunder.

Coupled with the famous sharpness of the katana, it might be possible to cut Zhao Ruolong in half diagonally.

The eyes of Max and others all lit up at the scene.

However, they expected that Zhao Ruolong was split in half and did not appear. Instead, Zhao Ruolong drew his spear backhand without looking at it. He just stabbed him with a single shot and was shocked.


Zhao Ruolong’s spear was pierced against Hideo Tachibana’s katana, not only shook the katana, but at the same time the tip of the spear easily pierced Hideo Tachibana’s throat.

If Hideo Tachibana was cast by the fixed body technique, he froze instantly.

Dangdang, the samurai sword fell to the ground.

Zhao Ruolong closed his gun.

Hideo Tachibana’s corpse plopped and fell to the ground, blood flowing all over the floor.

The scene was quiet.

Zhao Ruolong said coldly: “Who else?” The

domineering sentence made everyone on the scene recover from their shock.

Zhao Ruolong immediately angered all the masters of the Nine Kingdoms.

For a time, everyone shouted loudly, vying to challenge Zhao Ruolong.

At this moment, a few kilometers away, a Huaxia team is rushing to it.

The front of the team is a multifunctional armored command vehicle!

Yash Nics is sitting in the car!

Along the way, Yash Nics kept his eyes closed, and didn’t know if he was asleep or closed his eyes and rested.

His body shook with the bumps of the chariot.

Suddenly, Dian Chu whispered: “General Governor?”

Yash Nics opened his eyes and asked calmly, “Where are we?”

Dian Chu said, “I will arrive at the summit site in five kilometers. According to reliable sources, Zhao The general has now appeared at the summit, and he has been fighting with the masters of the nine countries.”

Yash Nics frowned: “I still didn’t catch up with Zhao Ruolong?”

Dian Chu said: “We bypassed the troops in the Wolf Kingdom stronghold along the way, and in so little time, quietly appearing here, it can already be said to be a ghost. ”

I can’t catch up with Zhao Ruolong. There is no way.”

Yash Nics said: “Since you have successfully arrived at the summit area, you can tell Lu Shaocong to officially start the information war. I want the area on the border of the wolf country within the next five hours. , All satellite signals have disappeared.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

Yash Nics said again: “Also instruct the team to move forward at full speed.”

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