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Chapter 2493: comprehensive look down on

Max at the moment, the mood will calm down, the more complex the situation, the more he tends to calm calm.

He looked at Yash Nics and calmly said, “Your Excellency, what do you want to talk about?”

“Do you want to take him away?”

Max said that he was naturally in the middle of the audience at this time, covered in blood but still at the waist. The straight Zhao Ruolong.

Yash Nics glanced at Zhao Ruolong, and said faintly: “He is the general of China’s Zhenjiang, and he naturally wants to leave with me.”

Max squinted his eyes and said, “Listening to your tone, it seems that there are other requirements?”

Yash Nics said indifferently. Said: “My brothers who were sacrificed by the Western Territory Army a few days ago, I will naturally take them back and sleep in the motherland so that they can sleep peacefully.”

Max nodded, “Your requirements are all reasonable. If I were you , In your position, you will also make these requirements.”

“It’s just that if you were us, would you agree to these requirements?”

“Zhao Ruolong broke into the wolf kingdom twice, and this time killed a large number of our alliance. Master.”

“Now you are swaggering like you came to a vegetable market, and you just want to take Zhao Ruolong and the corpse back with

you .” “What do you think of us?”

“If we just promise you, we Where does the face of

Yash Nics survive?” Yash Nics said coldly: “So, you are not willing to agree.”

Max said with a smile but not unconditionally.

“You can promise, but not unconditionally.” “You want to take Zhao Ruolong away .” , If you want to take away the corpses of the dead Huaxia soldiers, you can.”

“But we have to use the strength that convinces us.”

When he said this, he pointed to Zhao Ruolong and said: “When Zhao Ruolong came just now, we could have killed him with random guns, but in the end we chose to solve the problem as a soldier because he was a soldier.”

“Therefore. The two parties agreed not to use heat weapons, and only compete in the fight in the army.”

“Now, your Excellency wants to take away Zhao Ruolong and the dead Chinese soldiers. We can continue to compete according to this rule.”

Yash Nicsshou Slowly said: “Interesting!”

“Well, today I will put the words here.”

“You representatives of the nine countries, I picked it alone, nine of you will go singles with me, or nine together, I I’ve taken it all.”

“If I can’t take it , I’ll lose.”

Yash Nics said this, and all the people in the nine countries were in an uproar.

This Chinese capital governor usually sees the head but not the end, not only the whereabouts, the identity, and the temper become a mystery.

Today, everyone knows that this Chinese governor, who is in full swing, is so mad.

Among the representatives of the nine countries, although there are many world-class powerhouses such as Max, Li Longjia, Aoki Sword Blunt, and King Ashura.

But there are people like Catherine who are ordinary in combat.

Therefore, Max squinted his eyes and said: “Your Excellency is so courageous, you even said that you want to fight one against nine, but our allies represent average combat effectiveness, but the combat effectiveness of the subordinates is very fierce…”

Yash Nics did not wait. When Max finished speaking, he coldly interrupted: “Soldiers against soldiers, against generals, your subordinates, I disdain to take action.”

“But your subordinates can challenge the greedy wolves behind me and the seven kills. , If your subordinates can beat my three subordinates to the ground, you will be considered a winner.”

Yash Nics said, and the scene was in an uproar again.

The Chinese prefectural governor has already put down his words, and will oppose the generals, and the general governor will take over the representatives of the nine countries. Soldiers to the soldiers, the three subordinates of the prefectural governor of China will take up the challenge of all the masters of the nine countries.

This is to look down upon the Nine Nations Alliance in all respects!

Max was so despised for the first time, and he was rarely angry.

He said in a deep voice: “All the people in the Alliance, disarm the hot weapons, the bullets, all the operators of the armored vehicles and tanks, all get off the car, no one can use the hot weapons, today we must teach these self-righteously. Great Huaxia.”

Yash Nics turned his head and ordered Greed Wolf and the others: “Remember, they don’t use heat weapons, and we don’t use it.”

Greed Wolf and others said together: “Yes, the governor.”

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