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Chapter 2495: honorable killed

Jess heard rage.

“I’ll make you die miserable if I speak to you.”

After speaking, he stepped and punched, like a cannonball, with one punch to the broken army.

The broken army was not afraid, and faced the battle head-on.

Breaking the army raised his strong left arm, easily held Jace’s fist, and immediately raised his foot, sweeping towards Jace’s head.

Jace didn’t expect the breaking army to be so powerful, he could hold his punch of this power explosion so easily, let alone the speed of breaking the army’s counterattack.

He hurriedly raised his hand to protect his head and resist the foot swept by the broken army.

But Pojun suddenly changed his skills, and the high sweep became the low sweep.

With a bang, he swept over the burly Jess directly.

The scene was in an uproar.

After breaking the army, he didn’t take advantage of the victory, but coldly watched Jace get up in

embarrassment , and then beckoned: “Come on, go on.” Jace was embarrassed and angry, and finally didn’t dare to get any more. Contempt of the heart.

With a low growl, like an angry beast, he once again rushed towards Pojun, launching a storm-like offensive against Pojun.

But despite his offensive like a storm, the breaking army is as stable as Mount Tai.

Breaking the army took over all of Jace’s offensive, and immediately charged with a spear, directly holding Jace’s waist, and forcibly pressing Jace to the ground.

Before everyone had time to exclaim, Po Jun had already seated Jace under him, strangling Jace’s neck with his left hand, and his right fist falling on Jace’s head like raindrops.

Bang, bang, bang…

just like Wu Song smashing a tiger, breaking the army with an iron fist, directly hitting Jace’s head into the mud, blood splattered, shocking.

Jace soon fell out of shape and died too much.

Po Jun stood up slowly, wiped the blood on the back of his hand, looked around indifferently at the nine-nation masters on the scene, and said coldly: “Next!” An

extremely domineering next one, let The faces of everyone at the scene changed slightly.

The reporters didn’t say a word and snapped photos.

Although there is no signal here and no global live broadcast is possible, these are all headline news materials. Take a good photo and post it in the newspaper when you go back. The news can still hit the world.

The faces of the representatives of the nine countries have become ugly.

Today was the summit of the nine countries. I wanted everyone to sit together and discuss how to unite against China.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Ruolong came to die first and defeated many of their men.

Then the Huaxia General Governor led the team and appeared, and now the Chinese General Governor’s men easily defeated General Max’s subordinates, leaving them faceless.

Max’s usual gloomy face seemed even more gloomy at this time. He stared at Yash Nics and slowly said: “Your Excellency, your subordinate, actually killed my subordinate in a despicable manner?”

The eyes of everyone on the scene, They all fell on the mysterious Chinese chieftain who was wearing a battle robe and a mask in front of him.

Yash Nics was sitting on a chair that Dian Chu brought him at this time, looking very calm. He said lightly: “General Max, you are wrong about this.”

“My generals broke the army. It was under the gaze of the crowd, that you were blatantly and dignified to beat your

subordinate Jace to death.” “This battle is very fair, how can I say that my subordinates are despicable and shameless?”

Under the full view of the crowd, the dignified man was killed!

When Max heard Yash Nics’s words, he couldn’t help being dumbfounded.

The expressions of the rest of Li Longjia, Catherine, Aoki Sword Blunt and others were similar.

There was only one thought in these people’s minds at this time: madmen have seen a lot, and it is the first time to see someone as mad as the Chinese governor.

It took a long time for Max to come back to his senses, his face was blue and white with anger at Yash Nics’s words.

“I thought you were Chinese gentleman, only God of War Ning Northern Territory guy is an exception.” “I

never thought you still mad than Ning!”

“If you say so, that today both sides, regardless of winning or losing, than out of a You die, don’t want to end it.”

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