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Chapter 2496: The next

Max finished, turned to look at his men, as well as a bunch of allies, loudly shouted: “Who has the confidence to play, for me beheaded This stupid big guy?” The

stupid big guy is naturally talking about breaking the army.

A group of military masters from the United States, as well as masters from the other eight countries, all whispered to each other in a whisper.

There were many people who wanted to stand up to challenge the broken army, but in the Shura Nation camp, two people stood up at the same time.

“Under the Asura of the Kingdom of Shura, General Sumo on the left.”

“Under the Asura of the Kingdom of Shura, General Kali on the right.”

“We two, challenge your Excellency together.”

Sumo and Jiali are brothers in the same discipline . When they were young, they practiced together, and later joined the army together. When working under the tent of Asura, the two of them acted together every time they fought.

Therefore, the two have developed the habit of fighting side by side at all times, and the two have a tacit understanding, and the two of them work together to double their strength.

The State of Shura claims to be the descendant of elephants, while China is the descendant of dragons.

The State of Shura has always been dissatisfied with China, and there is a complex of dragon and elephant disputes throughout the country, especially the soldiers of the State of Shura, all of them are vainly wishing to one day represent the State of Shura and defeat China.

This kind of idea that prevailed in the Shura army is also known as the dragon and elephant controversy complex.

It is precisely because of this that when other masters are still hesitating whether to stand up and challenge the broken army, Sumo and Jiali have already jumped out impatiently.

The soldiers behind Yash Nics were angry when they saw Sumo and Jiali jumping out to challenge the broken army at the same time.

“Shameless San, I actually want to bully the less with more.”

Greedy Wolf also said: “If we bully, don’t we have brothers?”

The seven kills directly dealt with Pojun Dao: “Pojun, I will help you and teach these two Asans.” Pojun

fights in the Northern Army all year round, facing the Shura Country Mountain Army.

He had long heard that the militants in the Shura Kingdom showed signs of raising their heads recently, and the representative figures were the Asura King group.

He had long wanted to teach these militants of the Shura Kingdom who did not live or die, but now seeing Sumo and Jiali jump out to challenge him, this is nothing short of sleepy giving pillows!

He directly rejected the suggestion that Greed Wolf and Seven Killers wanted to help, and said with a chuckle: “The governor just spoke, and one will take over the representatives of the Nine Nations.”

“Now it’s just the challenge of two little Asan, no brothers. Help, I can take it up by myself.” The

reporters on the scene, as well as those from the Nine Nations Alliance, were in an uproar.

It seems that not only the Chinese capital governor mad, but even the subordinates of the Chinese capital governor are more than one mad.

King Asura couldn’t stand it at this time, and coldly opened his mouth and told his two subordinates: “Don’t let me down, you two, if you can’t kill him, you two will commit suicide, so as not to be embarrassed.”

Sumo told him. After hearing the words, the two Jiali looked solemn, and said solemnly: “Yes, King Ashura!”

After speaking, the two turned around, one left and the other right, like two evil wolves, cautiously surrounding the broken army.



The two suddenly accelerated at the same time and shot towards the broken army.

Sumo swept towards Pojun’s head.

Jiali punched Pojun’s chest with a punch.

Pojun’s head tilted back slightly, avoiding Somo’s feet, and then raised his hand to support Jiali’s fist, easily dissolving the enemy’s first offensive.

Immediately, the two sides launched a fierce confrontation.

Suma and Kali are both quick-acting and full of offensive power. Their fighting style not only inherits the military, but also incorporates some yoga jiu-jitsu.

The fighting style of breaking the army is entirely the style of the army, with a wide range of actions, the simplest and the most fierce, without any fancy, often crushing opponents with power and speed to win.

After fighting less than a few strokes, he broke the army and seized the opportunity to hit Jiali’s face with a heavy punch.


A cloud of blood exploded, and Jiali died suddenly on the spot.


Su Mo took the opportunity and swept towards Pojun.

Breaking the army raised his hand and grabbed Somo’s ankle, and smashed his right fist fiercely, breaking Sumo’s foot with a click, and then took a step forward, hitting Somo’s heart with an elbow.


With a muffled sound, Somo’s chest bones were completely intact, but the internal organs in his chest cavity were shattered. ,


He spouted a mouthful of blood mixed with internal organ fragments, and fell to the ground to die.

Po Jun said coldly: “Next.”

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