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Chapter 2499: Battle wolf country Ares

Ning without looking seriously injured Asura king, only Max, who looked indifferent, cold and said: “Next, Or you go together, don’t waste my time.”

Max took a deep breath, and was about to personally compete with the Chinese governor in front of him.

But before he could speak, the Dongying Warlord Aoki sword next to him was blunt, and he had already stepped forward.

Aoki sword bluntly pressed the samurai sword around his waist, came out without hurries, and said in a deep voice, “I heard that the Chinese governor is very powerful.”

“When I saw it today, it was really extraordinary.”

“Ben” The warlord had long wanted to ask the chief governor for advice. Now that you have the opportunity, please let the chief governor give you two tips.”

Aoki Jiandun was born into a famous Dongying ninja, his mother is a famous Dongying female ninja, and his father is a famous politician of Dongying.

He has been educated by nobles since he was a child, is proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy, and likes to read Huaxia’s Sun Tzu Art of War, and is outstanding in kendo.

He was already famous in Dongying since he was ten years old.

At the age of sixteen, high hopes have been placed on them. Many people hope that Qingmu Jianbu will change the future of Dongying and recreate the glory of the Dongying nation.

However, Aoki Jiandun has been practicing at home with peace of mind.

By the age of 30, he had not yet been an official, and he was still raising hope at home.

Those people in Dongying who look forward to his coming out of the mountains day and night, looking forward to his career, and expecting him to lead the Dongying nation to create greater glories, are all waiting to despair.

He even sighed that “the sword can’t come out of the mountain when the sword is blunt.

It wasn’t until Aoki Sword Blunt was 31 years old, that is, last year, Aoki Sword Blunt finally came out of the mountain.

Moreover, he was entrusted with an important task as soon as he became an official, and took over the post of Governor of the East.

Dongying Governor, the status is equivalent to the Chinese governor, is the highest military commander in the country.

Aoki Jianbun had just taken over as the warlord, and happened to encounter Dongying and Raksha, because of the Chidori Islands, a territorial war broke out.

Aoki Jian Blunt led the Dongying troops and abruptly won the local war, forcing the powerful Raksha Kingdom to agree to the armistice agreement.

It was also after this battle that Qingmu Jian was blunt in the first battle and became the god of war of the new generation of Dongying.

Naturally, Yash Nics had heard of the blunt deeds of the Green Wood Sword. At this time, he looked at the Blunt Green Sword with great interest, and was about to answer the challenge from Fang.

Unexpectedly, Li Longjia, the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom, also stood up.

Before Li Longjia drew with Zhao Ruolong, he naturally wouldn’t be afraid of the Chinese governor today. He bluntly said to Qingmu Jian, “Guardian Qingmu, I am the master of this place. The Chinese governor is here to do his best. Let me teach him. ”

Qingmu Jian Blunt frowned slightly, he was reluctant to give up the opportunity to challenge the Chinese governor.

Yash Nics said coldly at this time: “You two don’t have to fight, let’s go together, I lose if I can’t take it down.”

Qingmu Jian Duan was slightly displeased.

Li Longjia sneered even more: “Your Excellency is so crazy that you dare to look down on us so much.”

“Well, Warlord Aoki, we will work together to weigh his strength.”

Aoki Jiandu hesitated for a while, and agreed. “Okay, I’ll take the formation for your Excellency.”

Qingmu Jiandu had already thought about it, and agreed first, and said that he was the formation.

In other words, if Li Longjia was able to defeat the Chinese governor alone, he would stand by and watch the show.

If Li Longjia loses to the Chinese governor, then he will really make a move.

Li Longjia was even more confident when he saw Aoki Jian Blunt agree to join him to deal with Yash Nics.

He clicked out the battle knife, pointed at the ground obliquely, looked at Yash Nics coldly, and said slowly: “Your Excellency, draw the sword!”

Yash Nics said indifferently, “It’s still the sentence just now. Only when I meet it is worth it. The opponent of the sword, I will draw the sword, and you are just like King Ashura, unworthy.”

Everyone at the scene had different expressions.

Although everyone had seen the madness of this Chinese chieftain, but at this time still couldn’t help but feel an uproar, especially the soldiers of the wolf kingdom at the scene.

Li Longjia was despised by his opponents in front of so many of his subordinates, and his face was distorted with anger.

He gritted his teeth and said: “I hope you wait until you fall under my knife, and when you are about to die, your mouth can still be as crazy as you are now.”

After speaking, his body abruptly changed, and his body turned into an afterimage towards Chen. Ning Zhuo came.

This battle was even more fierce than when Yash Nics fought King Asura earlier.

Everyone can see that the strength of this wolf kingdom war god Li Longjia is indeed better than that of King Ashura.

I saw Li Longjia use the sword in his hand, and the weather was awe-inspiring, and every sword was galvanized like lightning and lightning, and the power was terrifying.

However, the chief governor of China was calm and unhurried, as if strolling in a leisurely courtyard, he appeared to be able to deal with Li Longjia’s offensive with ease.

I saw the general governor wearing a face mask and a battle robe, his pace was constantly changing, his clothes were fluttering, making everyone feel pleasing to the eye, and Li Longjia’s storm-like blade offensive had all failed.

Li Longjia was shocked and angry, but he didn’t expect that he didn’t even touch the corner of the clothes of the Chinese capital.

Also shocked was his adjutant Li Wenchang.

Li Wenchang saw that the chief was faintly defeated by the Chinese governor, he immediately called a few soldiers around him, whispered a few words, and then said: “Go!”

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