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Chapter 2501: blunt sword Aoki

Lee A dragon has been greedy wolf control, became a hostage, Li Wenchang live with wolves States soldiers, both fear the Chinese viceroy of fighting terror, and then a legislator, a Time dare not act rashly.

Max frowned slightly, and the balance slightly tilted towards Huaxia.

Li Longjia fell into the hands of the Huaxia people, I am afraid that when the reinforcements from the wolf kingdom arrive, it will be impossible for these Huaxia people!

Max felt that the chief governor of China was not only arrogant, but also had arrogant capital.

This is terrible.

This person must be the number one potential enemy of the United States. Now that he has the opportunity to destroy him, he must be killed at any cost. Otherwise, if the Chinese governor returns to China, the tiger will return to the mountains and forests, and the dragon will return to the sea. There will be endless troubles!

Just when he hesitated to go out in person.

Standing on the edge of the battlefield and sweeping the formation, the Eastern Warlord Aoki Sword was blunt and spoke.

Aoki sword bluntly pressed the samurai sword around his waist, and said calmly: “Okay, now it’s my turn to compete with your Excellency.”

“Please draw the sword.”

Yash Nics looked at the zhengzong beside him, and said lightly. “If you have the strength worthy of drawing a sword, I will naturally draw a sword.”

Qingmu Jian frowned slightly, and immediately stretched out again, his tone is still not waved: “Okay!”

After finishing, he squatted slightly, strong. With a strong palm, he slowly gripped the hilt of the katana, ready to go.

At this moment, his aura changed, and everyone in the audience felt an inexplicable sense of oppression.

The pressure that this kind of knife is not out of its sheath, it is ready to go, it is too strong.

Qingmu Jian bluntly gathered his momentum, his aura rose higher and higher, and his body suddenly moved at the moment his aura reached its highest point.

There was a loud bang under his feet, and a spider-web-like crack appeared on the ground. His whole body had already flew up like a cannonball and shot towards Yash Nics. The man’s knives were combined, and he slashed towards Yash Nics.

Yash Nics stood still!

When Aoki sword bluntly approached, he shot.

The two passed by!

The blunt katana of Aoki sword slashed towards Yash Nics’s armpit, trying to cut Yash Nics into two pieces.

With this knife, Qingmu Jian Blunt had already used all his skills.

Success and failure, in one fell swoop.

The blade was indeed slashed on Yash Nics, but it could only scratch Yash Nics’s shirt, not the military uniform that Yash Nics was wearing, and it did not hurt Yash Nics’s flesh.

In the end, his blade only cut through the captain’s shirt, and did not really hurt the captain.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but reveal a deep regret in his eyes.

And at the moment he and Yash Nics passed by, Yash Nics had already punched him in the back of his vest.


Qingmu Jian bluntly spouted a mouthful of blood, and rushed forward more than ten meters before stabilizing his figure.

He endured the injury and slowly turned his head back.

Yash Nics also turned around at this time, and once again confronted Qingmu Jian bluntly.

Yash Nics looked at his torn shirt, pulled it off at will, and threw it to Dian Chu in the distance to hold it, and then said in an admiring tone: “Your strength is good. It exceeds my estimation. Let me be young. The little one was amazed.”

Qingmujian’s blunt mouth still has blood stains, and gritted his teeth: “Not amazing enough!”

“As a God of War, he was injured behind his back when fighting against his opponent. This is a shame.”

“Come again!”

Yash Nics frowned: “You have already lost. You are not my opponent. If you fight again, you will die under my hands.”

Qingmu Jian bluntly said: “Death in battle is the highest glory of all fighters. I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid of defeat. You have to be ashamed, come again.”

Yash Nics said: “Okay, come to fight.”

Qingmu Jian bluntly clenched the katana again, this time he lowered his body, but his eyes were sharper.


He roared, his figure shot again.

This time, it was faster and more explosive.

Yash Nics still stood in place, not moving.


Aoki sword bluntly began to draw his sword at the moment he was approaching, and it turned out to be the strongest move of the Dongying samurai, Juhezhan.

Yash Nics admired this person’s character and fighting spirit, so when Aoki Sword bluntly used Iaizhan, he had pulled out the vertical and horizontal war knife, took a step forward, and smashed it with a single knife.

“This cut is a courtesy to you.”

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