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Chapter 2502: wolf country to the country’s main

knife light did not flash.

There was a bang, followed by a crisp sound.

Aoki sword’s blunt katana was directly cut off.

Yash Nics’s sword light, after cutting off the blunt katana of Aomu Sword, its power remained undiminished and landed on Aomu Sword’s blunt chest.

A long wound instantly appeared on Qingmujian’s blunt chest.

Unfortunately, Yash Nics did not intend to kill, otherwise, this knife could blunt the Qingmu sword into two halves.

But even so, this knife also left indelible scars on Qingmu Jian’s blunt body.


Yash Nics only made a single knife, then backed up and returned to his original position, returning the sword to its sheath.

Standing with his hand, he faintly said: “You have lost.”

Qingmu Jian bluntly looked at the half of the samurai sword in his hand, lowered his head and looked at the bloody long wound on his chest, his eyes were very complicated.

He knew that China’s chief governor drew his sword, and he gave him full respect.

He also knew that the chief governor of China was merciful, otherwise he would definitely die with the cut just now.

For a moment, this Dongying genius seemed to be much older in an instant, and suddenly became a little frustrated.

He said hoarsely: “I lost.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Several Dongying men quickly stepped up to help him.

But he was pushed away by him, and he whispered: “We withdraw!”

“Yes!” The

Dongying delegation quickly left with Qingmu Jian blunt.

Max and others tried to persuade them but couldn’t persuade them.

Now, the atmosphere became more embarrassing.

The Nine Nations Alliance, King Asura, the representative of the Kingdom of Shura, has turned pale.

Li Longjia, the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom, not only failed miserably, but also became a hostage.

Now even the Dongying Warlord’s Green Wood Sword was blunt, and was beaten by the Chinese God of War so that he lost his temper, and left with his subordinates dingy.

Max knew that the representatives of the other countries certainly did not have the courage to fight this Chinese governor.

To deal with the Chinese governor, only he can go out in person.

He is very confident in his fighting ability.

But this time, his confidence was shaken for the first time, and for a while, some did not dare to stand up and challenge the Chinese governor.

Yash Nics looked around at the group of heroes at this time, and said coldly: “The Shura Kingdom, the Wolf Kingdom, and Dongying have all lost. Who else is going to stand up to challenge the capital governor?”

Everyone on the scene looks at me and I see you, but no one dares to stand. come out.

Yash Nics coldly snorted: “With this courage, I dare to clamor to deal with our China all day long. I advise you to be honest in the future and stop doing it anymore.”

Representatives of various countries have a fiery face.

However, both were shocked and the terrifying power that the Chinese Governor had just shown, they also dared not say anything, and no one dared to stand up and challenge.

Catherine and others had to turn their eyes to Max.

The United States is their leader, Max is the representative of the United States, and Max’s strength is also recognized internationally.

At this time, everyone can only hope for Max, and hope Max will stand up and break his wrists with the governor of China.

Max also felt that it would be impossible for him not to stand up at this time.

He gritted his teeth and was about to stand up and compete with Yash Nics.

But at this time, a large number of Wolf Nation troops had arrived outside.

Countless soldiers from the Wolf Kingdom surrounded the scene.

Because Yash Nics and the others have Li Longjia, the highest military officer of the Wolf Nation, as hostages, they are not afraid of the arrival of reinforcements from the Wolf Nation.

At this moment, a middle-aged man wearing a black commoner and black-rimmed glasses, with a large number of Wolf State generals, and a large number of civilian subordinates appeared.

At the scene, the soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom saw the middle-aged man and exclaimed: “The Lord!”

It turned out that it was Ruan Wende, the Lord of the Wolf Kingdom, who came in person.

Nguyen Van Tak is the main and peaceful faction, and he has long made an appointment with Yash Nics to negotiate a peaceful settlement of the dispute.

However, the meeting between the two has been disturbed by Li Longjia, and it has not been realized.

Unexpectedly, the two actually met in this way now.

Yash Nics felt more relieved when he saw Ruan Wende appearing.

Nguyen Van Tak is a rational sect, a master and a sect.

If Ruan Wende appeared, then the two sides would definitely not be able to fight. If he wanted to take Zhao Ruolong, and bring back the prisoners of the Western Border Army and the bones of his lost brothers, the wolf country would definitely agree.

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