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Chapter 2504: I’ll tell you what am I

Ruanwen De Wolf announced that the country will not join the alliance after, immediately any connection with the Ning talk about how to handle the spot recent series of disputes.

Yash Nics proposed to take Zhao Ruolong away, to release the prisoners from the wolf kingdom, and to take away all the bones of the soldiers in the western region who had been sacrificed before.

Ruan Wende agreed: “Well, in order to show the sincerity of our wolf country, I promise your terms.”

After saying that, Ruan Wende looked at Li Wenchang and ordered: “Immediately release the people, and return all the bodies of the Chinese soldiers. Give it to them.”

Li Wenchang is Li Longjia’s adjutant, and he also holds a position in the army.

He followed Li Longjia to fight against Nguyen Van Tak on weekdays. Deep down, he didn’t take Nguyen Van Tak seriously. In private, he often referred to Nguyen Van Tak as the lord of the soft egg.

At this time, I heard Ruan Wende asked him to release the prisoners and exchange all the bodies with the Chinese.

He widened his eyes and pointed at Yash Nics unhappily: “Lord, what are you talking about, you want to compromise with him?”

“What kind of thing is he?”

“We were able to beat Zhao Ruolong a few days ago, today China will be able to destroy the viceroy and his party. ” ”

Lord country, I will not let the people, the body will not be handed over to them. ” ”

I’m going to head the Chinese deceased are cut down and piled up together, made Beijing View, shocking China, this is the end of the enemy against our wolf country.”

If you say this, Ruan Wende will be angry.

Yash Nics is also angry!


After the end of the ancient war, the victorious side cut off the heads of the deceased, piled them on the side of the road, covered them with lime powder, and piled them into skeleton hills to show off martial arts and frighten the enemy.

This is Jingguan!

Yash Nics heard that Li Wenchang said that he wanted to make the brothers of the Western Border Army who died in the battle into Jingguan, and no longer endured on the spot.

His eyes suddenly turned cold, and he glared at Li Wenchang.

Li Wenchang seemed to feel the brutal murderous aura on Yash Nics’s body. Suddenly his hands and feet were cold, his spine was slightly tipped, and a chill rose, and there was an ominous premonition in his heart.

Yash Nics said indifferently: “What am I?”

“I’ll tell you, what am I!”

“I am the governor of China, as long as there is someone who is disrespectful to China, no matter where you are, no matter which country you are in. In the face of the monarch, whether or not there are thousands of troops to protect you, I will punish you!”

Li Wenchang was shocked when he heard this.

He just opened his mouth to speak, and the figure flashed in front of him, and the Chinese governor had already appeared in front of him, raising his hand and hitting it with a palm.

“The general governor wait a

minute !” Ruan Wende hurriedly said, trying to make the general governor be merciful.

But when Yash Nics made an angry shot, how could he stay half-hearted?


Yash Nics shot Li Wenchang’s Tianling Gai with a palm.

Li Wenchang was shocked as if by five thunders, and all his bones were shattered.

Kneeling on the ground with a plop, the body was limp, bleeding to death from seven holes.

All the delegations looked at each other.

This Chinese governor is really too strong.

In front of the lord of the wolf kingdom, in front of a large number of troops in the wolf kingdom, he directly killed Li Wenchang.

The face of the Lord of the Wolf Kingdom was also blue and white. Although his face was a bit unbearable, he didn’t choose to attack in the end.

Ruan Wende gritted his teeth and said loudly: “Come here, according to what I just said, exchange all the prisoners of the West Army and the corpses of the soldiers of the West Army to China, and send them out of the country.”

“Yes, the Lord!”

In the eyes of Ruan Wende, this Chinese governor was simply a killer.

He had only one thought at this time: hurry up and send the plague god away, don’t let anyone die again.

Soon, the captured soldiers and soldiers of the Western Territory, as well as nearly three hundred corpses, were all sent over.

Yash Nics said to Ruan Vande: “I have seen Mr. Ruan’s sincerity. We will pick a time someday. I will sit down with our Chinese Lord and Mr. Ruan to formally sign a peace agreement.”

Ruan Vande said: ” Good!”

Yash Nics looked at Li Longjia, the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom, who was being held hostage by the greedy wolves, and said lightly: “In order to ensure that my subordinates and I can smoothly remove the wolf country, I had to ask General Li to send us to the border, Ruan Sir, don’t you have any opinion?”

Ruan Wende glanced at the kidnapped Li Longjia, thinking that you just clicked him, and I have no objection.

However, this is naturally not something to say. Ruan Wende said in a solemn tone: “Please ensure the safety of General Li.”

Yash Nics said: “If he doesn’t mess around, he won’t be in danger of life.”

After speaking, Yash Nics ordered Greed Wolf and others: “Withdraw!”

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