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Chapter 2505: punishment

Ning led the troops began to retreat.

Nguyen Van Tak ordered the wolf country troops to follow far behind.

Yash Nics and Zhao Ruolong sat in the command vehicle.

The two were silent at each other.

Yash Nics’s body swayed rhythmically as the vehicle swayed.

He looked at Zhao Ruolong, who was all over, and said faintly: “I’m so embarrassed, is there nothing I want to say?” When

Yash Nics was the commander-in-chief of the Northern Territory Army, Zhao Ruolong was unconvinced with Yash Nics.

At that time, the Western Army under his command liked everything to compete with the Northern Army under Yash Nics.

Even, the two even tried to fight in the West Military Region.

Later, Yash Nics received the respect of the old and new country owners, became the governor of China, and became Zhao Ruolong’s boss.

Although Zhao Ruolong called Yash Nics brother and brother, and convinced Yash Nics, deep down he still wanted to fight with Yash Nics, and always wanted to prove that he didn’t need Yash Nics’s chase.

However, recently he has made major mistakes in his strategy and actions to deal with the wolf country.

Cause very serious consequences and impact.

I wanted to go to the scene of the Nine Nations Summit to die and end my life.

Unexpectedly, Yash Nics led a group of military masters, and the gods descended from heaven to rescue him abruptly.

Even Yash Nics defeated the gods of war in the three kingdoms of Shura, Dongying, and the Wolf Kingdom, which eclipsed the crowd at the Nine Kingdoms Summit.

At this time, Zhao Ruolong had realized the gap between him and Yash Nics.

Yash Nics could easily do what he couldn’t do.

At this moment, he had completely convinced Yash Nics, and realized how ridiculous it was that he wanted to beat Yash Nics.

He smiled bitterly: “I made a serious mistake and caused irreparable losses. I planned to go to death and forgive my sins, but I didn’t expect the general governor to come to save me…”

Yash Nics said, “You and I privately think that brothers are worthy of you. , As a brother, I can’t just watch you die.”

“You are the commander-in-chief of the Western Army, and I am the chief commander of the military department. As a colleague, I naturally can’t just watch my men go to death.”

“Gong Yu Yu

Si , I can’t just sit idly by.” Zhao Ruolong was grateful when he heard this.

Before thinking of myself again, I did not listen to Yash Nics’s advice and acted arbitrarily, even more regretful.

He choked up and said: “Subordinates damn…”

Yash Nics said: “It is not easy for the country to cultivate individuals. It is not easy for the country to cultivate the great pillar like you, and it is even more difficult for the pillars of the country.”

“Brother Zhao, we are here .” Being a cultivator, life is no longer just as simple as our own, it is also national.”

“So, we can’t make mistakes and just die selfishly. This is not the work of a manly man!”

Zhao Ruolong said. “Yes, the subordinates have been educated, so they must keep this guilt body, and make good contributions in the future.”

Yash Nics said: “You have guarded the Western Territory for many years. No credit or hard work. This time, although you disobeyed and acted without authorization. Although causing serious damage with the impact, but they can not deny you credit for all these years. ” ”

but you also true disobedience, and adverse effects, do not punish you unconvincing. ” ”

I’ve been with the main countries, the military, the cabinet Many parties have discussed how to deal with you and downgraded your military rank to three consecutive ranks, from general to major general. Do you have any objections?”

Although this downgrade can’t be said to have fallen to the bottom, it can be regarded as falling from the sky to the ground. .

However, Zhao Ruolong willingly said: “Subordinates accept punishment.”

Yash Nics said: “China can’t live without the West, and the West can’t live without you, Zhao Ruolong.”

“As for the position of commander in chief of the West, I decided to keep you temporarily in charge, for a period of three years. ”

After three years, if you perform well and command the Western Border Army to protect the country, then you will be restored to the rank of general and you will officially restore your status as the commander-in-chief of the North Border Army.”

“But if within three years, you still have errors, then You don’t want to restore the rank of general, and don’t want to command the Western Border Army anymore. Let’s stay cool and wherever you are.”

“Do you have any comments?”

Zhao Ruolong looked at Yash Nics incredulously. At the level, the position of the commander-in-chief of the Western Territory Army would definitely not be able to be retained.

Unexpectedly, Yash Nics still let him be in charge of the Western Border Army and gave him a chance.

His eyes turned red all of a sudden, and he trembled: “The governor, the subordinates will only be able to repay the governor’s favor only after he has died.”

Yash Nics said calmly: “I’ll wait and see.”

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