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Chapter 2509: The style is not very similar!

A flight to Mannity.

On both sides of the passenger plane, there were two fighter jets flying and escorting.

The passengers in the passenger plane couldn’t help but rush to the window, rushing to look at the fighters outside while exclaiming.

Yash Nics frowned slightly while sitting on the seat.

The Eight Tigers were all dressed in ordinary clothes, pretending to be ordinary passengers, sitting around him.

Dian Chu sat in the seat next to Yash Nics, his expression a bit awkward.

Ning went around looking at the window to see the fighter aircraft passengers, wondering said: “This is what out?”

Dian Chu smile: “! Is definitely a masterpiece benevolent side.” “He

probably feel you master the return of the hero, if that did not express too shabby, right. ”

Ning said:” I do not think there is anything shabby, but it was a waste of his military resources, to go back to seriously criticize him. ”

Dian Chu said:”! is ”

at this time , The flight attendants have recovered from the shock.

The flight attendants hurriedly advised the passengers to return to their seats, because the plane was about to land.

Sure enough, at this time, the two accompanying fighter jets also flew away with a roar.

The passengers returned to their seats unexplainedly, but they were still talking about it. Some even directly asked the flight attendants about the escort of two fighter jets outside. What’s the matter?

The flight attendant was also embarrassed and explained: “Actually, I don’t know the specifics, but I heard from the captain just now that it seems that on our flight, a hero from the military returned, and the local military area sent fighter jets to escort to show respect. ”

Everyone was stunned after hearing this.

Immediately, everyone’s eyes began to look around, wanting to see who is the legendary military hero?

Soon, everyone’s eyes fell on Yash Nics’s position not far away, a handsome man with a tall figure, wearing a camouflage uniform, and a small five-star red flag embroidered on his clothes.

This one is probably the legendary hero in the army, right?

This upright man was a bit embarrassed by everyone’s curious eyes.

A little girl curiously asked: “Uncle, are you a soldier?”

The man hesitated for a while, and immediately replied: “Yes, I am a soldier and I am the head of a UN mission. They are the peacekeepers you often say in your daily life. ”

Oh my God!

A soldier of the United Nations peacekeeping force, and also the head of the regiment.

The surrounding passengers cast their worshipful eyes.

Even Yash Nics and Dian Chu couldn’t help but glance at each other, both of them were a little surprised.

After all, there are more than ten missions in the United Nations. If this man is really the head of a certain peacekeeping force mission, then he is really amazing, he is a peace hero that people admire!

The little girl was even more excited when she heard the man say that she was a soldier, and then asked in a crisp voice: “Uncle, you are so amazing, what’s your name?”

“The plane just outside, did you welcome you?” The

man smiled. “My name is Qin Zhenhao. The two fighter jets flying outside just now were sent by the local military area to welcome me.”

“Hey, I have already told the local military area to keep a low profile, but they are still so grand, let me

I’m flattered.” The little girl’s parents laughed and said, “Head Qin, you are a peacekeeping hero. You deserve such a grand welcome.”

The people around them all agreed and applauded Qin Zhenhao together.

Yash Nics was relieved at this time. He also thought that the two fighters just now were sent by the local military area to welcome Qin Zhenhao.

Soon, the plane landed at Mannity Airport.

After getting off the plane, all the stars surrounded Qin Zhenhao, and many people even wanted to take a photo with him.

Qin Zhenhao heard a little panic in his eyes when he heard that he was going to take a group photo.

But immediately he calmed down and refused with a smile: “I’m sorry, I also want to take a photo with everyone.”

“But you know, I am the chief of the peacekeeping force, and my identity is more sensitive. I can’t take a photo with you. It’s against discipline, please don’t make me embarrassed.” When

everyone heard this, they immediately expressed their understanding, and some even deleted all the secret photos of Qin Zhenhao from their mobile phones.

No one wants to embarrass the peacekeepers.

Many women on the scene, looking at Qin Zhenhao’s eyes, were full of admiration.

Several women calmly passed Qin Zhenhao’s contact information, and there were even flight attendants.

Qin Zhenhao calmly put away the notes of several beauties with their contact information, and put them in his pocket.

Several beautiful women handed out contact information, all quietly.

Qin Zhenhao accepted the contact information, but also remained calm.

Few people noticed.

However, Yash Nics saw it inadvertently.

Yash Nics frowned slightly and became suspicious for the first time. Is this guy really a peacekeeper? It seems that there is a problem with his life style, not like a soldier!

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