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private room here, which is used to collect dust from Yash Nics, and also to entertain Tong Ke’s family and Qin Zhenhao.

Along the way, Qin Zhenhao can be said to have opened his eyes.

He discovered that Song Pingting’s car turned out to be a top class red flag sedan of 20 million.

The clothes Song Pingting wears seem to be tailor-made masterpieces by master tailors.

Song Pingting was obviously the host of this reception.

When he was chatting with Tong Ke’s family, he probably gave a side-knack and learned that Song Pingting is the famous chairman of Ningda Group!

For a while, his eyes looked a little different when he saw Song Pingting, and his tone and attitude of speech were also particularly flattering, and even his enthusiasm for Song Pingting surpassed Tong Ke.

However, in the eyes of Tong Handong, Ma Baozhi and others, they didn’t think there was any problem.

Everyone thought that Qin Zhenhao wanted to pursue Tong Ke, so he was so passionate about Tong Ke’s relatives.

Only Yash Nics frowned. The more he looked at this Qin Zhenhao, the more unreliable his style of words and deeds did not fit the image of a UN mission commander.

Halfway through the meal, Dian Chu sent a message to Yash Nics.

Dian Chu told Yash Nics that whether Qin Zhenhao was the head of a certain UN mission remains to be verified.

But what is certain now is that the two accompanying fighters today were not sent by the local military area to welcome Qin Zhenhao, but by Wang Daofang to welcome the return of Yash Nics’s hero.

Yash Nics frowned slightly!

One is that he is not happy for the king to make claims.

The second is to become more suspicious of Qin Zhenhao. Let’s not say that Qin Zhenhao’s identity as a peacekeeper is true or false. Just because this guy lied that the fighter plane was sent to meet him by the local military, it can be seen that this person’s heart is not right. .

At this moment, Qin Zhenhao picked up the wine bottle again, trying to fill his glass, and then toasted Song Pingting again.

But this guy picked up the bottle and found that the bottle was empty.

He was already three-point drunk at this time: “Hey, two bottles of wine are drunk so soon.”

As the host, Song Pingting, in her opinion, Tong Ke’s family and Qin Zhenhao are both guests.

When the host entertains guests, it is natural that there is enough food and wine, and there is absolutely no reason for lack of wine and food.

She immediately said: “Then let the waiter bring two more bottles of wine!”

Unfortunately, at this time the waiter in the room happened to be out, and there was no waiter in the room.

Tong Ke, who was next to Song Pingting, immediately said: “I’ll call the waiter!”

But Qin Zhenhao said carelessly: “Tong Ke, sit down and ask for the little things like wine. Let Yash Nics go to the front desk to get it.”

He said and aimed at Yash Nics, his eyes were three-point drunk and seven-point frivolous.

It turned out that after this partner learned that Song Pingting was worth hundreds of billions, and Yash Nics seemed to be just a veteran, he couldn’t help being jealous.

It’s not that he has never seen a wealthy female president marrying a poor boy.

The eldest princess of the Samsung chaebol of South Korea was married to a little bodyguard, and the little bodyguard finally betrayed the eldest princess of Samsung.

Qin Zhenhao did not expect that Song Pingting, the female chairman of Ningda Group, who was worth hundreds of billions, would marry Yash Nics, a veteran. He felt unbalanced.

Originally, I was both envious and contemptuous of Yash Nics. At this time, after drinking a few more glasses, he naturally showed his contempt for Yash Nics.

He felt that Yash Nics was just a door-to-door son-in-law who ate soft rice, and believed that Yash Nics definitely had no family status in the Song family. Therefore, if there was no wine, he naturally asked Yash Nics to get it.

Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded when Qin Zhenhao ordered Yash Nics to get the wine.

However, Qin Zhenhao didn’t notice anything wrong. Seeing Yash Nics sitting still, he was immediately unhappy, and said displeased: “Hey, your wife asked you to get the wine, why are you still stunned?”

“It’s not

easy to ask you to do things, isn’t it?” He turned his head and said to Song Pingting, “Miss Song, you are the goddess of the business world, and you are all over the country. It’s a pity that a flower is stuck in the cow dung.”

“I think. Ah, your husband is incompetent, and you don’t have any eyesight. He doesn’t even have the ability to serve people. It’s a shame for you. I advise you to give up this kind of husband!”

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli’s expressions changed completely. Is full of anger.

Even Tong Handong and Ma Baozhi felt that what Qin Zhenhao said was a bit too much. As the saying goes, he would rather demolish ten temples instead of one marriage. How can we persuade others to divorce?

Song Pingting’s face was even more frosty, and she was about to scold her.

Yash Nics spoke lightly at this time.

“Your Excellency and I used to have no grudges, and today we have no grudges, and our family welcomes you warmly. Why do you speak to hurt others and instigate our divorce?”

“Are you polite

and qualified ?” Yash Nics’s words are justified and well-founded. , Qin Zhenhao’s face flushed, but this guy didn’t repent, instead he became a little angry.

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