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Chapter 2512: I told you on the bar

he looked at Ning, cold and said: “I remember you said you served in the Army before the Northern Territory, it should now be a general Veterans bar ? ” ”

you’re here, is not waste, not the Miss Gao Pansong up? ” ”

I’m not worth for Miss Song, let her divorce you, What is wrong with this? ” ”

brother, if I were you, I absolutely You don’t want to lick your face and refuse to go. It’s because you know

yourself !” Yash Nics said indifferently, “I’m not a waste, it’s up to you to define it.”

“I’m lucky to be with my wife. You won’t get divorced, and you’re an outsider who is not qualified to speak.”

“Finally, don’t call me brother, because my brothers are all heroes in the army. What are you worthy of

calling me a brother?” Qin Zhen was furious. Said: “You really eat the softest meal and speak the most crazy words.”

“My dignified head of the peacekeeping force, where are the heads of state not to treat each other with courtesy?”

“You dare to say that I am unworthy, why should I? You are also a regimental commander. When you fucking served as a platoon commander in the Northern Army, didn’t you know if you were a platoon leader?”

Yash Nics said coldly, “I’m disappointed. I was not only a platoon commander. And also served as the commander-in-chief of the military

region !” Qin Zhenhao laughed, “Just you, but also the commander-in-chief of the military region, why don’t you say that you are the commander of the Chinese capital.”

Yash Nics glanced at the other party and said calmly: “I’m sorry, I It’s really the chief governor of China!” The

scene was quiet, to the point where the needle drop could be heard.

Song Pingting’s family didn’t expect that things would turn out to be like this, and they were all stupid for a while.

As for Tong Handong and Ma Baozhi, they were completely dumbfounded.

The two didn’t know Yash Nics’s identity, and at this time they thought Yash Nics was just talking angry.

Tong Handong hurriedly said: “Turn out the flames, you two have to turn off the

flames .” Ma Baozhi also joined in to persuade him: “Yes, Yash Nics, don’t be angry, say that you are the chief governor, and you were accused of pretending to be the chief governor. It’s not good…”

Tong Handong’s persuasion with Ma Baozhi was heard in Qin Zhenhao’s ears, but it was confirmed that Yash Nics was not the chief governor, and Yash Nics was bragging.

He sneered even harder on his face, and said in a bad tone: “Uncle and Auntie, I can give you face and don’t care about him.”

“But he must apologize and apologize!”

“Otherwise, I can be the chief of the UN peacekeeping force .” In the name of the Chinese military, report him to the Chinese military as the governor of China.” At

this point, he smiled and said to Yash Nics: “As far as I know, impersonating the chief is a big crime. Starting in three years, the highest sentence can be death penalty. ? ”

“? boy, you apologize to me now is to choose it, or lay it ready squatting a few years, ”

Yash Nics smiled:” I am telling the truth, my brothers are all-powerful army generals, and I was Army commander in chief, I tell the truth, why do you keep apology “?

Qinzhen Hao eyes wide open:” you really are dead duck fooling, does it cry Yeah! ” ”

well, today I told you on the bar . ” ”

you say you are commander in chief is not it, you have the ability to prove your own identity. ” ”

If you can not prove that, I’ll report you to the military posing heads, so you squatting behind bars up. ”

at that time , I suddenly heard a commotion outside.

It turned out that a large number of military vehicles came at the entrance of the hotel.

There are military jeeps, red flag cars with the chief, and Audi and Passat driven by local leaders.

One by one, the generals and local leaders got out of the car one after another.

For a time, the stars gathered, and there were countless soldiers in charge of guarding around them.

Qin Zhenhao saw this scene at the window, turned his head and grinned to Yash Nics: “Okay, there are a large number of leaders and leaders, and a large number of soldiers.”

“This is just right, didn’t you say that you are the governor of China.” , I want to expose you to them and see what your kid is going to do, hahaha…”

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