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Chapter 2513: that he

Qinzhen Hao thought, caused so much outside generals with soldiers, Ning even then lengtouqing, this time also scared the crap out of him on his knees to beg for mercy .

But he never expected that at this moment, Yash Nics was sitting on a chair calmly, even picked up the tea on the table, took a light sip, and said calmly: “I was originally a military chief. The Governor, what will happen?”

Qin Zhenhao opened his mouth slightly, his face full of disbelief.

Unreasonable, simply unreasonable.

There are really people in the world who break through the South Wall and never look back!

He didn’t expect that at this moment, Yash Nics would still dare to insist that he was the governor of China. Is this mad or tired of life?

Qin Zhenhao laughed angrily: “Since you want to die, then I can only make you perfect.”

After saying that, he walked over quickly and opened the door of Yajian, ready to file a lawsuit and expose Yash Nics.

However, he had just opened the door of the room, and a large number of majestic generals had already arrived outside, followed by a large number of guards.

Hello Chief, I have something to report to you.” Qin Zhenhao said, striding forward to greet him.

This group of generals are all high-ranking officers of the Jiangnan Military Region, and the commander-in-chief of the Jiangnan Military Region, Liu Zhenping, is at the forefront.

Behind Liu Zhenping, Wang Daofang and others followed.

This time the military has fought an information war with the wolf country, and it has completely abused the wolf country in terms of information warfare.

Moreover, Yash Nics personally led the troops, went deep into the wolf kingdom, rescued Zhao Ruolong, and brought back the bodies of the soldiers and soldiers of the Western Territory who had been sacrificed before, and severely thwarted the arrogance of powerful enemies such as the United States.

Although news of this incident was blocked, China was concerned about the face of the wolf country and did not make any big reports and publicity.

But everyone within the military knows about this.

As Yash Nics’s subordinate, Liu Zhenping also called Yash Nics a brother in private.

Today, when I learned that Yash Nics had returned to Manniy, he naturally led his subordinates to celebrate Yash Nics’s work.

He led his men, and just walked into the private room door, when he saw a strange man approaching and said he wanted to report, he couldn’t help frowning slightly.

The captain of the guard next to him, like a chicken, dragged Qin Zhenhao who was blocking the road aside, and shouted in a deep voice: “Don’t block our chief’s way, don’t delay our chief’s business.

” If you have anything to report, please tell the soldiers outside that they will record it.”

Qin Zhenhao said: “No, no, the matter I reported is very important. Someone is posing as the chief, and the general commander of the military… …”

Liu Zhenping, who was about to walk over to say hello to Yash Nics, couldn’t help but stop. He looked up and down Qin Zhenhao and asked, “You said someone pretended to be the chief governor, who?”

Qin Zhenhao saw Sure enough, it attracted the attention of this chief, and he couldn’t help being excited.

He glanced at Yash Nics proudly, and then respectfully said to Liu Zhenping: “General, some people just said that he is the chief governor.”

“And I persuaded him not to talk nonsense, but he insisted on claiming that he is the chief governor. He also said that he is responsible for his words and deeds.”

Liu Zhenping was stunned, thinking to himself, shouldn’t this guy be Yash Nics?

It seems to be to verify Liu Zhenping’s thinking. Qin Zhenhao pointed at Yash Nics and said loudly: “The general, it is him. Just now he pretended to be the chief governor. You should arrest him soon!”

Liu Zhenping looked at Yash Nics. !

Yash Nics is also looking at him!

Immediately, Liu Zhenping led his men and walked quickly towards Yash Nics.

Qin Zhenhao looked excited, and there was a voice in his heart shouting: Ha, he is over, he is over, he is about to be arrested.

However, in the next scene, his eyes flew out of shock.

Liu Zhenping and his entourage walked quickly in front of Yash Nics, and they all stopped suddenly.

Moreover, a school official, with his head held high, shouted loudly: “Stand at attention, salute!”


Liu Zhenping’s group of generals, as well as the soldiers on the scene, all stood at attention, and their movements were neat and uniform and saluted to Yash Nics.

Then, in the shocking gazes of Qin Zhenhao, Tong Handong, Ma Baozhi and others, they said in unison: “I have seen the governor!”

The governor!

Qin Zhenhao’s body trembled suddenly as if being struck by lightning.

The gloating expression on his face was gone, replaced by a deep shock. Immediately, panic, fear, regret, fear and other negative emotions flooded my heart.

There was a voice in his mind that kept ringing: He turned out to be the Chief Governor, he turned out to be the Chief Governor…

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