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Chapter 2515: revenge

that night, with Yash Nics Liu Zhenping, who drink, until Liu Zhenping, who all get drunk, just tipsy just Ning.

Yash Nics ordered his men to escort Liu Zhenping back to rest.

He went home with his family.

It was past 11 o’clock in the evening when I got home.

Tong Handong and his wife were still immersed in the aftermath of Yash Nics being the chief governor. They said to Song Pingting with envy, “Xiaoting, you are so lucky to marry such an excellent man as Yash Nics.”

Song Pingting said sweetly: “Yes, that was my luck.”

Tong Handong sighed: “My Tong Ke is miserable. I thought that this time she was brought together with Qin Zhenhao, but I didn’t expect Qin Zhenhao to be a big liar.”

Ma Baozhi also Angrily said: “No, fortunately Yash Nics found out in time, otherwise our daughter would be unlucky.”

Tong Ke did not expect the topic to lead to her, she said in embarrassment: “What are you talking about? Qin Zhenhao didn’t mean anything from the beginning to the end. Even if you match up again, I won’t marry him.”

“So whether he is a liar, whether he is exposed or not, I won’t be unlucky.”

Tong Handong glared: “I think you are quite unlucky. After so many years of graduation, you are still single. You can’t wait to get married!”

Tong Ke bit his lip: “You leave me alone , unless it’s the man I like, otherwise I would rather do not marry. ”

Mabao Zhi said:” For you this Xingaoqiao, unless you come across as heroic man your husband, or I guess you want to make a lifetime bachelor. ”

Tong Ke said:” bachelor on the bachelor, I live At my cousin’s house, it’s good to have food and shelter.”

Tong Handong and Ma Baozhi were exasperated.

Song Pingting hurriedly stepped up to round the scene: “Don’t be angry with your aunt and uncle. You are in a hurry to urge the marriage. If Tong Ke accidentally marries the wrong person and marries Qin Zhenhao’s trash, that’s it. “After

hearing the words, the Tong Handong and his wife only calmed down a little bit. It is up to her daughter to decide on her daughter’s life-long events.

Children have their own blessings, and they can’t control that much.

Everyone is preparing to go back to their rooms and rest.

Song Pingting suddenly received a call. After answering the call, her face changed completely.

Yash Nics and others looked at Song Pingting in shock, wondering what happened?

After Song Pingting answered the phone, she picked up the remote control of the TV series, turned on the TV, and switched to the international news channel.

On the TV screen, a male host was earnestly saying: “Recently, the U.S. suddenly decided to impose sanctions on China Xia. The key targets of the sanctions are a number of well-known companies from China Xia.”

“The sanctioned list has not yet been announced.

” But according to the grapevine, among the Huaxia companies sanctioned this time is the Huaxia Ningda Group, which has become famous in recent years…”

Yash Nics frowned when he saw this!

Song Zhongbin and others were also shocked and angry.

Song Pingting fell on the sofa feebly, her face full of bitterness.

Yash Nics comforted: “Don’t worry, the news also said this is gossip, and the specific sanctions list has not been announced.”

“And even if it is targeted by the United States, our country will not stand by and there will definitely be countermeasures.”

Song Pingting With a wry smile: “Although it hasn’t been announced yet, Li Jun, the vice president of our company, has called me just now and said that this is the matter.”

“And Li Jun also said that the U.S. side will send a representative to come privately in two days. Meet me and talk.”

“It is estimated that various requirements will be made to our company at that time. If our company compromises and agrees to the requirements of the United States, it may be exempt from sanctions. Otherwise, it will be a matter of time before the sanctions.”

Song Pingting paused: “The demands they made are definitely excessive demands. I think we may not be able to accept them.”

“But if they don’t accept it, they will be sanctioned by the United States.”

“The most important countries in the world trade in meters, so we are The US sanctions basically don’t want to do business abroad.”

“Our company’s global strategy is expected to suffer a head-on blow, and the stock price will plummet.”

“Hey, I don’t know if Ningda can survive this barrier. ”

Yash Nics put his arms around his wife’s shoulders, and comforted: “Don’t worry too much, the solution will always be more difficult than the difficulty.”

“I will go back to understand this matter personally, and then discuss with the lord to deal with it.”

“Can’t let Ning Da , Ca n’t let other companies be bullied by the United States.”

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