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Chapter 2518: I want you to personally pick up

all this have to sit still.

The Mi side wants to take half of the Ningda Group’s overseas business income, and the Ningda Group has found it difficult to accept.

Now the Mi side actually requires the unconditional use of the Ningda Group’s patents. This is simply the foundation of the Ningda Group’s survival.

All of Ningda Group’s ability to become bigger and stronger depends on the advanced medical research results of cancer vaccines and cancer drugs.

If all these patents are given to Mi Fang.

Then Mifang will soon be able to make a variety of new cancer vaccines and cancer drugs. By then, the Ningda Group will even have a problem with its foothold.

Song Pingting’s pretty face was full of anger, and she flatly refused: “Sorry, you deceived so much. You are simply a bunch of robbers. We will never promise you such barbarous and rude terms.”

Ding Qian sneered. “No one can refuse the terms we offer. You Ningda Company cannot, neither can the other Chinese giant companies.”

“I remember China’s saying that those who follow me will prosper against me and die!”

“If you prefer If you do not agree to our terms and choose to resist, I guarantee that after your company is sanctioned, the stock price will plummet, and the company will eventually go bankrupt.”

Song Pingting looked ugly.

The faces of the senior executives of the Ningda Group are also ugly.

If the Ningda Group is sanctioned, the stock price will definitely plummet, and it is estimated that all overseas channels will be cut off.

If only relying on the domestic market, Ningda University may not go bankrupt, but it will certainly lose its previous glory.

It is estimated that the world pharmaceutical giant company will become an ordinary small company.

At that time, Song Pingting’s net worth of hundreds of billions is estimated to have shrunk ten times.

Ding Qian took out a document, like a charity, threw the document at Song Pingting’s feet, and said proudly: “I don’t want to be sanctioned or perished, so I obediently cooperated, picked it up, and signed it.”

Song Pingting Gritting his teeth, just about to refuse.

At this time, the door of the meeting room was opened.

Yash Nics walked in with Dian Chu from outside.

“Hehe, it really is a robber country established by a group of robbers, you all want to grab anything you see, and you don’t even talk about the rules or even face.”

“It’s a pity that your robbery method doesn’t work with us! ”

Ding Qian Ning looked at this uninvited guest, she Youjingyounu:” Who are you, where have you speak of envy “?

faint Ning:” I am Ning, is Painting husband. ”

” I will reply directly to you now, and will not accept your rude request.”

“Now you can pick up the trash on the ground and get out.”

Ding Qian’s face was blue and white, she did not expect Ningda Company to be so stiff.

She said bitterly: “Okay, you have a seed, just wait and see!”

After finishing speaking, she took the Mediterranean and the others, ready to leave.

One of her female assistants walked up to Song Pingting and bent down to pick up the document agreement on the ground.

But it was stopped by Yash Nics.

Yash Nics said coldly: “I just said, let Ding Qian personally pick up the rubbish she threw at my wife’s feet, and then you can get out.” The

female assistant was dumbfounded.

Ding Qian, Mediterranean and others were shocked when they heard Yash Nics’s words.

Ding Qian looked at Yash Nics, Song Pingting, and the document on the ground under Song Pingting’s feet.

Yes, she threw it just now.

But for her to pick it up, wouldn’t she have to bow her head to Song Pingting?

Where does she put her face?

Her eyes colder: “If I do not pick it?”

Ning faint:. “I am afraid you will be temporarily unable to walk out of the door of the”

Dingqian already flashed a touch of murderous, raised his voice: “Mediterranean!”

Behind her The Mediterranean, with a grinning face, came out with a bad look. He stared at Yash Nics with viper-like eyes: “Boy, you dare to be rude to us, you are looking for death!”

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