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Chapter 2520: Warlords


Ding Qian and his party left dingy.

Song Pingting whispered to Yash Nics, “Husband, why are you here?”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Dian Chu told me that Mi Fang sent someone to negotiate with Ningda Company today, and I came over to take a look. I didn’t expect these robbers. It’s even more arrogant than I thought.”

Song Pingting said with a wry smile: “Fortunately, you appeared this time, and you rescued Ning Da and gave me a sigh of anger.”

“It’s just that the fundamental problem of this matter is still not there. . it can be solved ”

.” and I’m afraid Dingqian after the public disgrace, definitely go back to playing with her boss exaggeration report, looking back, I am afraid meters square will be more severe reprisal us, ”

Ning laughed:” soldiers to the breakwater to soil cover, The enemy makes a move, and we see it.”

Song Pingting was infected by Yash Nics’s optimistic spirit, and her heavy mood became a lot more relaxed. She took Yash Nics’s hand and said with a smile: “Yes. ! ” ”

No matter what, even if we Ningtai Hai foreign business channels were cut off, even if our market capitalization has plummeted, even if we lose more money, this nation with dignity, moral integrity, must not throw. ” ”

square meters out of inequality We must never sign a treaty.”

“Never bend for three buckets of rice.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Yes, with this kind of ideological awareness, the rice side can’t help us.”

“But, we can’t just wait and die. Throw away all the overseas business without resistance. It is best to keep the dignity and the overseas business.”

Song Pingting smiled and said, “It depends on you.”

Ding Qian and his party came to Jiangnan griefly. The provincial capital, Tianhai City.

They came to the U.S. Embassy in China, where they met her top boss, the famous U.S. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jessica.

Jessica personally led the team, brought a large number of talents from the Ministry of Commerce, as well as many military masters, formed the US negotiating delegation, came to China, and planned to meet China on behalf of Luo Zhiquan, discussing the upcoming sanctions against a group of well-known companies in China.

Jessica, in her fifties, is a hawk who died of Mifang, with a very strong and militant character.

Before she came this time, Ding Qian and others had already been dispatched to meet and negotiate with Ningda and other companies.

If Ning Da and other companies are willing to compromise and accept Mi Fang’s terms, then she will be much more relaxed when facing Luo Zhiquan.

After all, the cheapness is here. When the time comes, she will sell her personal love to Luo Zhiquan, saying that it is the company that suspends sanctions against China.

But what she never thought was that the pioneer officer she sent, Ding Qian, was unfavorable and had a big deal in Ningda Company.

Not only did Ning Da stubbornly reject the conditions of the U.S. side, he even humiliated Ding Qian and wounded all the members of the U.S. military in the Mediterranean.

In her fifties, Jessica, who was wearing a black female suit with meticulously combed hair and a zombie-like indifferent face, looked coldly at Ding Qian, who was shivering in front of her at this time.

“I don’t know how to describe my current mood. I’m probably very angry. I can touch it in front of

me .” “Ding Qian, you really disappoint me!”

Ding Qian trembled: “Minister, you can’t blame me for this. Yash Nics and Mrs. Yash Nics, it’s like a stone in the pit, smelly and hard.”

“They don’t even put us in the eyes of the United States, and they said that no matter who it is or what power it is, they must bow their heads in front of him… ”


Jessica slapped an angry palm on the desktop, shaking the teacup.

She said with a sullen expression: “The elder of the Huaxia cabinet, Luo Zhiquan, who represented China to meet and negotiate with me this time, must be polite when he speaks to me on the phone.”

“These Yash Nics and Song Pingting, what are they, they dare not put me in their eyes and the US?”

At this moment, the Mediterranean with his right arm in plaster, couldn’t help but whispered. Said: “Ms. Jessica, I am not defending my incompetence, but is that Yash Nics is too crazy. I can testify for Ding Qian on this point. ”

Jessica snorted coldly: “I will meet with Luo Zhiquan soon to discuss sanctions against China. ”

If you can’t handle even a small Ningda company, then I’m afraid Luo Zhiquan will despise me.” ”

” Zhong Jinlong! ”

As Jessica shouted, an Eastern man walked out from the crowd and said respectfully: “Subordinates are here. ”

Jessica said faintly: “Zhong Jinlong, I remember that before you joined the United States, you used to be of Chinese nationality, right?” ”

Zhong Jinlong frowned slightly and emphasized: “Minister, I am from the United States now, not from China.” ”

Jessica smiled: “I know, you don’t need to emphasize it with me.” ”

Zhong Jinlong was silent.

Jessica said: “Do you think that you have a good skill, and you also got the US green card, but you still don’t get the attention, the reuse, and you often feel unwilling?” ”

Zhong Jinlong said hastily: “My Lord Minister, I…”

Jessica interrupted: “Don’t deny it in a hurry, this is the truth!” ”

If you want to truly integrate into us, you have to show your true ability and do something that impresses me. In Huaxia’s words, you have to hand in a name certificate so that I can truly trust you and really reuse it. you. ”

Now I give you a chance to trade the certificate. You give me to deal with Yash Nics, take off Yash Nics’s head to meet me, beat Ningda Company, and also shock and deter other companies that are trying not to cooperate. ”

Are you confident?” ”

Zhong Jinlong’s eyes lit up, and he said in a deep voice: “The subordinates had heard about the power of Yash Nics, the god of war in the north, and wanted to learn from him a long time ago. Since the Minister gave me a chance, I certainly have confidence. ”

Jessica nodded: “Okay, I’ll give you three days, take off Yash Nics’s head and come to see me.”

“If you need help, the military masters I’m accompanying, pick it up with you.”

Zhong Jinlong said loudly. Said: “Yes, Lord Minister.”

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