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Chapter 2521: Qin bird birthday

Hotel, Zhong Jinlong holding two information.

One is Yash Nics’s, and the other is Song Pingting’s.

Yash Nics’s information is very limited, but Song Pingting’s information is thick.

No way, Yash Nics’s information is too little.

All I know is that Yash Nics once served as the commander-in-chief of the Northern Army, and now he is at home. The data recorded are all well-known battles that Yash Nics participated in in the Northern Army.

Zhong Jinlong squinted his eyes and said faintly: “This guy has a rich resume in the army. It is estimated that when he was in the army, he did not take credit for his subordinates. Otherwise, how can the resume data be so good?”

He disdaind. Throwing away Yash Nics’s information, immediately began to read Song Pingting’s information.

When he opened the information about Song Pingting, he couldn’t help showing a stunning expression when he saw a picture of Song Pingting wearing a business uniform and hip skirt on the information.

This woman is too beautiful!

It’s the color of the country and the city!

Zhong Jinlong finally understood why Song Pingting was hailed as the goddess of the Chinese business world, such a look, this figure, and this kind of temperament, a properly superb beauty.

Song Pingting in the photo has both the innocence of a girl and the unique charm of a young woman.

The corner of Zhong Jinlong’s mouth rose slightly.

He had an idea in his mind, and when he killed Yash Nics, Song Pingting would become a widow.

In the end, Song Pingting would definitely succumb to the Mi side, obediently agree to the Mi side’s terms, and allocate half of the profits of the overseas business to the Mi side, and the overseas business must also be handed over to the Mi side to be in charge.

Zhong Jinlong thought: When the time comes, I will apply with my superiors. I will be responsible for Ning University’s overseas business, and then subjugate Song Pingting. Then there will be a good harvest of business, money, and beauties.

At the thought of killing other people’s husbands and taking other people’s wives as his own, Zhong Jinlong’s mouth showed a perverted smile.

“Connor, Owen!”

As Zhong Jinlong shouted, two tall white men appeared in front of him.

Both of them are masters in the US military and one of Jessica’s bodyguards during this trip.

They were asked by Zhong Jinlong from Jessica to help him kill Yash Nics.

Connor and Owen, with their waists straight, like two robots, said together: “Mr. Zhong has any orders?”

Zhong Jinlong narrowed his eyes and said: “Get the car, bring the elite men, let’s go to the meeting Yash Nics.”

“Yes, Mr. Zhong.”

Alice Bar.

In the lobby deck, Yash Nics and Song Pingting, Dianchu, Qin Que, and Tong Ke were drinking.

It turns out that today is Qin Que’s birthday.

Qin Que didn’t have her birthday, and she didn’t know how long it had been her birthday.

But Song Pingting happened to learn that it was Qin Que’s birthday, so she discussed with Yash Nics, called Shang Dianchu and Tong Ke, and simply celebrated Qin Que’s birthday.

I think that Qin Que has no hobbies, except for fitness and fighting, his only hobby is drinking.

But after Qin Que served as Song Pingting’s bodyguard, he basically stopped drinking.

Therefore, Yash Nics and Song Pingting chose to celebrate their birthday with Qin Que at the bar tonight, which also allows Qin Que to have a drink.

Qin Que did not expect that the governor and his wife would personally celebrate her birthday.

She couldn’t be moved.

Although it was a few people celebrating her birthday, although there was only a small cake, she was still moved and wanted to cry.

After eating the cake, she picked up the wine glass and said to Yash Nics and Song Pingting, “Thank you, Master and Madam. If I am grateful, I will not say, come, I toast everyone, everything is in this wine.

” Good!”

Yash Nics and Song Pingting and the others laughed and raised their wine glasses to toast Tong Ke.

After drinking, everyone was more relaxed.

And Yash Nics said that Qin Que is the birthday star tonight, and he can take a day off and have fun.

It is rare for Qin Que to indulge. After drinking a few glasses of wine with everyone, she took off her coat and walked out of the deck happily and went to dance on the dance floor.

Yash Nics, Song Pingting and others discovered that Qin Que danced well, and the dance was very hot.

Song Pingting whispered to Yash Nics: “I didn’t expect Qin Que to be so serious on weekdays, he would be so good at drinking and dancing.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “People are always a little hobby, otherwise life is all about work, and it’s too boring. . a ” ”

small Qin period of time when your bodyguard, an estimated pressure getting bigger, rarely let her relax. ”

Song Ping Ting smiled and said:” she makes them beautiful, and so attracted to dance, I’m afraid the dance floor The men in here are uneasy and kind to her. ”

Indeed, Qin Que has a slender figure, especially her legs, which are extraordinarily long, a typical beautiful woman with long legs.

From the moment she danced on the dance floor, many men around her cast ambiguous glances.

Yash Nics just wanted to say that Song Pingting’s worries were unnecessary, and just wanted to say that no one would dare to provoke Qin Que.

Unexpectedly, before he could say his words, there was a commotion on the dance floor.

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