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Chapter 2525: Miss Song came

within meters embassy.

Jessica was furious when she heard the news of Zhong Jinlong’s accident.

Ding Qian waited for her subordinates, bowed her head and listened to the training, and did not dare to speak.

Jessica said bitterly: “Yash Nics and his wife, they are so arrogant.”

“Since they insist on going their own way, there is no need to hesitate, directly confirming that Ningda will become the first Chinese company to be sanctioned by the US.”

Ding Qian said: “Yes,

Lord Minister.” Jessica said again: “Tomorrow, I will formally meet with Luo Zhiquan, the representative of Huaxia, in Tianhai City to negotiate.”

“I am negotiating with Luo Zhiquan, and you should not be idle.

” you will this time we want to sanction the company representative, all to meet about it. ” ”

sure to win them. ”

Dingqian said:”! is ”

Dingqian work, vigorous and resolute, she notified the same day more than a dozen in China Well-known large international companies have asked the owners of these companies to meet at the Pearl Hotel at 8 o’clock tonight.

As night fell, the lights came on.

Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maybach and other luxury business cars have appeared at the door of the Pearl Hotel.

The men and women who get on and off these luxury cars are all well-dressed and have extraordinary temperaments. Everyone has the style of the top boss of the big group.

These bosses are all world-renowned big entrepreneurs from all walks of life in China.

They are here for a common reason, that is, they have received internal information that they are about to be sanctioned by the US and their overseas business will be severely affected.

If they want to exempt the sanctions from the United States, they have to come here tonight and meet with Ding Qian, the representative of the United States.

Only by meeting the conditions set by the U.S. can they be exempted from sanctions.

For a while, these big men, who usually dominate the international business community, all have a solemn and worried face tonight.

“Mr. Fu is here!”

echoed with the voices of the big guys on the scene.

I saw a Rolls-Royce, and a middle-aged man with white temples came down. This man was the tycoon of China’s information and communication technology, Fu Changzheng.

Fu Changzheng is highly respected, and the business leaders on the scene all stepped forward to greet him when they saw him.

Fu Changzheng’s expression is also a bit solemn today. He slightly nodded and greeted fellow business colleagues, while looking around, asking, “Where is the boss of Ningda Group, Miss Song, hasn’t she arrived yet?”

This time, a bunch of big companies, Faced with the sanctions imposed by the United States, many bosses are planning to see what Mr. Fu means.

If President Fu intends to take the lead in resisting the sanctions imposed by the United States, then they will unite and follow in the footsteps of President Fu.

But if Mr. Fu bowed his head and compromised, then they would have to bow their heads.

But what they didn’t know was that Fu Changzheng had no bottom in his heart.

Fu Changzheng’s enterprise is a private enterprise on the surface, but in fact it has inextricable connections with the military behind it. His enterprise is actually a semi-military enterprise.

Therefore, he knows more inside stories.

He is still one of the few people who know Yash Nics’s identity.

So he also secretly made up his mind this time, everyone acted on his face, and he acted on Song Pingting’s face.

If Song Pingting dared to fight, then Fu Changzheng would fight with him.

If Song Pingting had bowed his head to admit counsel, then Fu Changzheng had nothing to say, and he also bowed his head to the United States to admit counsel.

Everyone at the scene was stunned when they heard Fu Changzheng’s words, and then discovered that Song Pingting of the Ningda Group had not arrived yet.

Fu Changzheng frowned and said, “Miss Song hasn’t arrived yet, forget it, let’s go in and wait.”

Following Fu Changzheng’s footsteps, everyone walked into the hotel and came to the venue.

Everyone discussed carefully in the venue, whispering to each other, and exchanging opinions on how to deal with it.

Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps.

Then I saw Ding Qian showing up with a group of entourage.

Fu Changzheng and others hurriedly stood up and said hello.

Ding Qian said with a faint smile: “Hello, Mr. Fu, good bosses, my name is Ding Qian, as the representative of Mi Fang, I am responsible for meeting and negotiating with you this time.” As

she said, she looked around the scene and asked faintly. “Everyone is here, right?”

A blond, blue-eyed white man’s subordinates respectfully said: “Basically, they are all here, but the people from the Ningxia Group are not here.”

Ding Qian snorted coldly: ” Song Pingting offended our Mi Fang, probably because she was afraid, she wouldn’t dare to come, we don’t have to wait for her. ”


Miss Song dare not come!

Fu Changzheng’s face became particularly ugly. He also expected Song Pingting to lead everyone to resist the Mi Fang, but he didn’t expect Song Pingting to come.

This is too disappointing!

At this moment, a cold woman’s voice suddenly came from the direction of the door: “Who said I didn’t dare to come.”

Everyone on the scene was shocked.

Ding Qian was also taken aback.

Everyone unanimously looked in the direction of the door, and then saw Song Pingting walk in casually with Dianchu, Qin Que, and Lin Wei.

When Fu Changzheng and others saw Song Pingting, they all showed surprise expressions and cheered: “Miss Song is here!”

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