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Chapter 2526: a small gift

Song Painting with a smile of greeting Fu Long, who said: “This square meters unjustified unilateral sanctions proposed to us, which does not comply with the rules , it is difficult to accept. ” ”

I live with you, are the victims. ” ” in

the face of the robber on behalf of meters square tonight, I certainly want to appear, alongside with everyone, all of the robber say no. ”

on Say no to the sanctions on the rice side?

The bosses at the scene were all stunned. They were both shocked by Song Pingting’s pride and wondering whether they could really resist the sanctions imposed by the U.S. side?

The bosses froze in place, but Fu Changzheng was the first to applaud.

The executives at the scene all made up their minds to watch Fu Changzheng’s face and act. At this time, seeing President Fu applauding, they came back to their senses and applauded one after another.

There was enthusiastic applause, which deeply stimulated Ding Qian.

She looked at Song Pingting angrily, and at the Chinese businessmen united together.

She snorted coldly: “Resistance?”

“Song Pingting, what do you use to resist us?”

“If you refuse to agree to cooperate, our sanctions will be officially promulgated. By then, all of your companies’ overseas business will be finished.

Right .” Ding Qian’s words splashed on everyone like a basin of cold water.

Everyone calmed down, and everyone’s expressions couldn’t hide their worries.

Fu Changzheng and others almost unanimously looked at Song Pingting.

Song Pingting said with a generous smile, “Ding Qian, I know that you are behind the United States, but you must not forget that behind us is China.”

“I firmly believe that our motherland will not let you Bully us.”

When Song Pingting said this, she turned around and said to Fu Changzheng and others: “President Fu, and all the bosses.”

“As far as I know, the cabinet has already dispatched cabinet elder Luo Zhiquan, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jessica will officially start tomorrow. Negotiation.”

“I think we should trust the country.”

“Before Luo Ge talked about a result with Jessica, our small companies don’t need to rush to do anything, just wait patiently.”

Song Ping Ting paused, and said in a deep voice: “We believe in the country, and we will do whatever the country asks us to do when the time comes.”

“If the country can help us solve our problems, that’s the best.”

“If the country can’t help us Solving problems requires us to make sacrifices for the overall situation, so we sacrifice ourselves. This is the consciousness that any entrepreneur should have.” The

scene was quiet.

Fu Changzheng slowly took off his glasses, raised his hand and wiped the corners of his eyes, and said in a deep voice, “Miss Song is right.”

“We believe in the country. If we need to sacrifice our business, we should sacrifice. This is an entrepreneur. The spirit it deserves.”

The business executives at the scene were all touched by Song Pingting and Fu Changzheng’s words, and said one after another: “Yes, let’s listen to the country!”

Ding Qian’s eyes widened, her face full of disbelief.

She couldn’t understand that entrepreneurs were willing to sacrifice for the country the enterprises they had laid down so hard?

However, although she could not understand, she knew that the Minister ordered her to take down the mission of these corporate bosses and failed.

She was full of fright. If her eyes could kill someone, she might have killed Song Pingting several times.

Song Pingting, Fu Changzheng and others are ready to leave, and they will just go back and wait for the outcome of the negotiation between Luo Ge and Jessica.

However, before Song Pingting left, she faintly said to Ding Qian: “Miss Ding, sorry, let you down tonight.”

“Our China is a country of etiquette. Generally, when we meet with others, we will

give you a little gift.” “When I came tonight, I also prepared a small gift for you. Please accept it.”

Song Pingting’s words just fell. , Qin Que gave Ding Qian a small gift.

Ding Qian subconsciously took it, opened it, and found that there was a classic American officer watch in the box.

And looking at this style, it is estimated that it is qualified to wear it at the general level.

Ding Qian stunned: “What is this?”

Song Pingting said with a smile: “This is one of the trophies that my husband won on the battlefield when he was the commander-in-chief of the Northern Army. ”

This should be a watch of a senior leader of the Mi Army. I think it’s just right for you.”

Ding Qian’s face instantly became very ugly.

Although this watch is very precious, it was obtained by the general Mi Jun killed by Yash Nics.

Now bring it to her, the meaning is self-evident!

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