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Chapter 2527: find a helper

Song Painting home and took her to the venue tonight, we believe that the initiative of the country, she also sent a gift to the process Dingqian to Ning said.

After speaking, she grinned and said, “Husband, you didn’t see it at the scene at the time. The expression on Ding Qian holding a gift is like eating a fly, haha, too deflated.”

Yash Nics was also relieved after listening . smile.

Song Pingting is usually outside as a business woman, but in fact at home, her personality is quite cute.

Yash Nics smiled and said: “You companies will stabilize your position and the country will come forward to help you solve this crisis.”

Song Pingting snuggled next to Yash Nics, and said softly: “I started to learn that the U.S. will impose sanctions. When I was in Ningda University, I was quite unacceptable.”

“After all, the business empire that I worked so hard to lay down was suddenly collapsed by others with a sanction order. It was really uncomfortable.”

“But then I figured it out.”

“Business started to make money, just to make money.”

“But when the money is made, and the whole life will never be spent, then the business is no longer a simple business, more of a social responsibility.”

“If we Ning University has survived the difficulties this time, and I will continue to grow bigger and stronger, and contribute to the society and the country.”

“If sanctions are imposed and the overseas channels are lost, I will guard the domestic market. More time to spend with my family, this is a blessing.”

Yash Nics said softly: “Don’t worry, the country will not let our companies suffer, and I will not watch my wife suffer. This will definitely happen. I found the perfect solution.”

“Well, husband, I believe you.”

Song Pingting raised her head and kissed Yash Nics’s cheek.

The next day.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States, Jessica, and the old cabinet of China’s cabinet, Zhiquan Luo, both officially met in Tianhai City, the capital of Jiangnan Province, to discuss the recent sanctions against more than a dozen companies in China.

Both sides came prepared this time. The first day of meeting was not pleasant and ended in a fierce quarrel.

However, the talks between the two sides will continue for a week.

Therefore, the two sides did not expect to be able to negotiate a result on the first day. The first day was more of a trial and confrontation between the two sides.

Everyone is not in a hurry, anyway, there are still six days left to talk about.

On the first day of negotiations, Jessica found that China had a very tough attitude. Luo Zhiquan said that the rice side dared to unreasonably provoke the company that sanctioned China.

After the negotiations that day ended, she immediately reported to her immediate boss.

That night!

The U.S. side immediately announced that it would unite more than a dozen countries to conduct large-scale exercises in the waters surrounding China.

The news soon reached Yash Nics’s ears.

The head of the country, Huang Qian, also personally talked with Yash Nics on the phone, pointing out that this was the Mi Fang deliberately showing off its force, supporting Jessica and exerting pressure on China.

He asked Yash Nics to counterattack if permitted.

Yash Nics urgently summoned the commander-in-chief of the major military regions that night, conducted a video conference, and discussed the countermeasures.

the next day!

Yash Nics took Dianchu and Eight Huwei, secretly left Mannity, and took a special plane to visit abroad.

Dian Chu was still confused at this time.

Jessica and Luo Zhiquan are negotiating, and Song Pingting and other company bosses are also waiting for the outcome of the negotiations.

Moreover, the United States has joined forces with more than a dozen countries to hold large-scale exercises at the gate of China.

Why did Yash Nics leave the country at this time, and how did he visit foreign countries at this time?

On the plane, Yash Nics saw Dian Chu next to him, and he stopped talking several times. He smiled and said, “Dian Chu, what do you seem to want to say?”

Dian Chu couldn’t help it anymore, and said bit the bullet: ” The subordinates just don’t understand that the young lady needs a young master, the military needs a young master, and the country needs a young master. At such a critical moment, why do you have a problem with the young master to visit abroad?”

Yash Nics laughed at the words and said meaningfully: “You also said that. This time, the U.S. wants naval gun diplomacy again, and it has gathered more than a dozen countries to show off at our door.”

“The U.S. has found so many helpers. Let’s find an ally to help. Isn’t it too much?”

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