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Chapter 2529: High EQ

magnificent palace, restaurant.

Of course, Emperor Goldman took the master seat, while Yash Nics took the VIP seat.

The civil servants and generals of Emperor Gaoman sat on the left and right sides of the long table.

Emperor Goldman raised the wine glass and smiled and said, “Welcome the visit of the Chinese governor again.”

Yash Nics picked up the wine glass. The unicorn mask on his face seemed to have been touched by a certain mechanism. The lower half of the mask was missing, and only the upper half of the mask was left. , But even so, others still can’t see Yash Nics’s true face.

“Respect Mr. Gaoman, and everyone.”

Yash Nics raised his glass and toasted Gaoman and a group of dignitaries from the Raksha country on the spot.

Everyone at the scene toasted.

But there are also slightly unhappy faces.

Because some people think that since the Governor of China has come here for a friendly visit, it is really insincere to face them and the head of their country when they are dining.

At the moment, a general with high cheekbones and sharp eyes said coldly: “Your Excellency the Governor of China, I know that your status in China is noble.”

“But your status is noble, and you can’t compare with our country’s lord.” ? ” ”

we are now facing the main country of toast, you still wearing a mask, is not it a bit too treat us as friends? ”

Ning heard a slight frown.

The speaking general Rakshasa in front of him had a star on his shoulder, and he was obviously a general of the level of a one-star loyal dog.

The generals of Raksha are divided into five ranks, the lowest rank is the one-star loyal dog, then the two-star war wolf, then the three-star cheetah, the four-star tiger on top, and the five-star lion king on the top.

The one-star loyal dog general in front of him is the lowest rank among the generals of the Rakshasa country, but this person is Dave, the proud disciple of Emperor Goldman.

Dave is a student of the emperor, and his fighting power is extremely fierce, so although he is a general of the level of a loyal dog, he is also qualified to sit at this long table today.

What Dave said was what many generals of the Rakshasa nation wanted to say.

At this moment, everyone looked at Yash Nics together, obviously wanting to listen to Yash Nics’s explanation.

Yash Nics said indifferently: “My identity is not disclosed in China. It is considered a military secret.”

“Many people at the scene are soldiers like me.”

“Everyone should understand that military secrets should not be leaked, especially It’s for us soldiers, and it’s better to die than to divulge.” At

this point, Yash Nics looked at Dave and said calmly: “So it’s not that I have no sincerity to Mr. Goldman and everyone, but the rules and ethics of the soldiers. I am not allowed to show the public in my true colors, please understand.”

Yash Nics’s remarks are well-founded.

And they have all risen to the quality of military personnel, and military integrity has come up.

If everyone forced Yash Nics to take off his mask, it would appear that the generals of the Rakshasa nation did not respect military rules, military secrets, and had no military demeanor.

Goldman said loudly at this time: “Dave, when is it your turn to speak here?”

“The Governor of China is our distinguished guest. You are so rude, what would others think of our hospitality?”

Dave stood up, lowered his head, and said loudly: “Report to the lord, the subordinates are wrong.”

Gaoman said coldly: “Get out!”

Dave saluted the military salute and said loudly: ” Yes!”

After speaking, he turned and left the table, but when he passed by Yash Nics, he gave Yash Nics a fierce look.

Obviously, he still insisted on his previous views in his heart. Yash Nics was wearing a mask, and he didn’t face them with his true colors. He just didn’t have the sincerity. What kind of friends?

After Dave stepped back.

Gaoman smiled again, and apologized to Yash Nics, “Your Excellency, my subordinates are all reckless writers. Please forgive me for being rude.”

Yash Nics said, “I can understand. After all, when I drink with my friends, I don’t really like my friends wearing a mask.”

Gaoman laughed and said, “Don’t you all wear a mask when you live in the world?”

“It’s just that your mask is on your face. Other people’s masks are in their hearts, and their faces will show what they want to show them in their hearts.”

“In comparison, I prefer the Metropolitan Governor who wears a real mask.” I

have to say, Emperor Goldman . EQ is indeed very high.

In a few words, the embarrassing atmosphere was easily resolved.

Yash Nics picked up the wine glass and said with a smile: “Mr. Goldman’s unique insights are admirable. I respect Mr. Goldman and everyone.”

Goldman held the cup: “Cheers!”

The dignitaries and generals of the Rakshasa at the scene are also together. He picked up the wine glass together: “Cheers.” The

people of Raksha love wine like their lives. After everyone had a drink, the atmosphere became much more relaxed and cheerful.

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