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Chapter 2531: undecided

who are wondering just peeping Ning his little girls?

Dian Chu came over at this time and saw Yash Nics’s puzzled eyes. He couldn’t help but ask softly: “General Governor, what’s the matter?”

Yash Nics didn’t say that someone was watching him just now. He just shook his head and said indifferently: “It’s okay!”

At this moment, a pretty Raksha girl in a princess dress was hurriedly fleeing with two maids.


A young man wearing a Rakshasa military uniform appeared in front of her, blocking her way.

The man in uniform is the proud protégé of Emperor Goldman, the up-and-coming generation in the army, Dave.

Dave stopped the girl and respectfully saluted: “His Royal Highness Sophia, I have been looking for you for a long time, why are you here?”

It turned out that this pretty girl in front of me turned out to be the youngest daughter of Emperor Goldman, Sophia, and Rakshasa. The princess of the empire.

Sophia is among the many princesses, the most favored by Emperor Goldman.

She heard that the Chinese governor was visiting today, and she also heard that this Chinese governor was very mysterious, and very few people even knew his true face.

Out of curiosity, Sophia took the two maids and secretly came to the courtyard where the governor of China was temporarily staying for a peek. She didn’t expect that she would actually see the governor of China taking off her mask.

The governor of China was sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette, and the moonlight shone on him, making him mixed.

But even if only half of the face of the Chinese governor was clearly seen, Sophia was already amazed.

She thought that the Chinese governor must be an elderly little old man, but she did not expect the Chinese governor to be so young, he seemed to be only about thirty years old.

And he looks so handsome!

Especially when he smokes, the way he thinks is even more shocking.

Sophia only took a look, and was almost spotted by the other party, and her face was blushing and
ran away with the maid.

At this time, Dave stopped her and asked her why she was here, which made her complexion even more beautiful.

She forcibly calmed her mood, tried her best to pretend to be natural, and said crisply: “I have nothing to do, just walk around.”

“Why, General Dave, are you looking for something to do with me?”

Dave heard the words and hurriedly said. Said: “The governor of the country sees the princess, please come down.”

Sophia heard that her father was going to see her, nodded and said: “Okay, I know.”

After saying that, she took the maid and headed towards Emperor Gaoman. Go to the study at ease.

Not long after, she came to the study of her father’s office.

Goldman had just finished the meeting with the veterans of the Asura Kingdom and a group of important generals from the military department. At this time, he was resting in the study.


“Sophia is here, sit down and talk.”

Sophia sat down nicely.

Goldman smiled and said, “Didn’t you say that you are going to study abroad?”

“I called you over tonight to ask which country you want to study in?”

Sophia smiled and said, “I haven’t thought yet. Okay, I want to go to the United States, which has a highly developed economy, but I also want to go to China with an ancient civilization. It’s hard to decide for a while.”

Gaoman said indulgingly: “Well, when you decide, I will tell my father that my father will do it for you. Arrangement.”

Sophia said sweetly: “Thank you Dad!”

Sophia noticed that her father seemed a little tired, and she couldn’t help asking: “Dad, you seem to be a little tired. Have you encountered any troubles?”

Gaoman casually asked. Said: “Forget it!”

“Today China viceroy not here?”

“The United States recently united more than 10 countries engaged in exercises in China doorstep, clearly aimed at China.”

“China is also ready to conduct exercises viceroy, fired back, and we invite Rakshasa China participates in the exercise.” Sophia listened carefully, and she finally understood the intention of the Chinese governor.

Goldman said with a headache: “Now the veterans are arguing with the generals. Some think that we should strengthen cooperation with Huaxia, exercise together and fight against the rice side.”

“But some people think that our relationship with the rice side is already very strong. Stiff, there is no need to further offend Mi Fang for the sake of Huaxia.”

Sophia asked, “Dad, what do you think?”

Goldman had nothing to hide from his precious daughter, and said indifferently: “I will be in doubt for a while. Idea, so I have a headache!”

“Although I want to strengthen cooperation with Huaxia, I don’t know much about this Chinese governor. I don’t know how strong he is and is he worthy of trust?”

Sophia just saw the young and handsome Huaxia governor. She was also very curious about the strength of the Huaxia Governor?

Is the pride of heaven?

Or is it a mere straw bag?

She rolled her eyes twice, and suddenly said, “Dad, it’s not easy. Tomorrow, I will test this Chinese governor. It’s not enough.”

“I remember an old saying in China . I know it by glancing at it.”

“Meaning . Say, if you observe part of the content, you can infer the whole picture.”

“We only need to test this Chinese governor, and we can pass the test and infer whether he is capable.”

Gaoman was overjoyed when he heard that, and laughed: “Haha, it’s still my daughter.” Smart.”

“Okay, just follow your suggestion. Tomorrow I will convene civil and military forces to try the strength of the Chinese chieftain.”

“If the strength is extraordinary and a hero, then we will cooperate with him.”

“If you try out it is a hero I don’t want to mention the cooperation.”

Sophia also smiled and said: “If the chief governor is very powerful, then I will go to China to study abroad.”

“If he is not good, then I will go to study in the United States.”

“It depends on how he performs tomorrow.”

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