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Chapter 2532: test

and the two chatted for a few, Sophia got up and retire.

Dave outside the door took a few guards to escort the princess back to the bedroom.

On the way, Dave peeked at Sophia, his eyes full of admiration.

It’s a pity that Sophia obviously didn’t notice his love and didn’t even take him seriously. Probably in Sophia’s mind, Dave was just an ordinary subordinate of her father.

Dave was slightly lost.

He escorted Sophia to the entrance of the palace courtyard and asked to retire.

Sophia waved her hand: “Okay, all of you get back.”

After speaking, Sophia and the two waitresses went in.

Dave stood on the spot, looking at Sophia’s beautiful shadow, and vaguely heard her Royal Highness Sophia talking to the two maids: “Hehe, I don’t know if the Chinese governor is very powerful…”

Dave Hearing this, his face changed slightly.

He reacted, and the princess must have been to the courtyard where the Chinese governor was staying.

He even met with the governor of China.

And it seems that Her Royal Highness still has a good impression of the Chinese governor, and is quite looking forward to it.

In an instant, Dave couldn’t help being jealous, and at the same time he became even more hostile to the Chinese governor.

He squeezed his fist, and thought to himself: If I have the opportunity, I must make this Chinese governor look good.

The next day!


Yash Nics was neatly dressed and followed the palace chief to see Emperor Goldman again.

Emperor Goldman has ordered the chef to prepare breakfast, and he invites Yash Nics to have a meal.

Yash Nics readily agreed.

For this breakfast, in addition to Goldman, there are several important family members of Goldman.

Among them was a very pretty and lovely Raksha girl, which made Yash Nics a bit familiar.

This girl is the youngest daughter of Emperor Goldman, the famous little princess of the Raksha Kingdom, Sophia.

While eating breakfast, Yash Nics was astonished: “Couldn’t it be this little princess who peeped at me last night?”

Emperor Goldman was eating breakfast at this time and said faintly: “Your Excellency, you Yesterday’s proposal, I discussed with the veterans and generals last night.”

“Some people agree, some people object.”

Yash Nics took the milk on the table, took a sip, and said calmly: “I don’t know Mr. Goldman. What do

you think about it?” Godman said : “I really want to cooperate with you Huaxia, I want to send troops to conduct exercises with you.”

“But there are some subordinates who are reluctant, they are skeptical of your power. I don’t know if the general governor can help me dispel their worries?”

Yash Nics

said: ” What does Mr. Goldman want me to do?” Goldman smiled: “I think if the general governor is willing to show off his skills, he will not open his eyes to me. Your subordinates show your strength.”

“They will definitely agree to be your ally after seeing how powerful you are.”

“I don’t know if the governor is willing to enlighten me?”

Everyone on the scene looked at Yash Nics.

Dian Chu, who stood behind Yash Nics, also muttered in his heart: This Rakshasa, still does not trust the strength of the young master, he wants to test the young master!

Ning faint: “I do not know how to prove themselves, to let Mr. Goldman’s men are convinced?”

Goldman hearty laugh: “! Simple,”

“I summoned civil and military subordinates, so they told the viceroy you Contest.”

“The two sides made two games, one war game, and one arena fighting.”

“If the general governor crushes my subordinates, I promise to send an army to hold a joint military exercise with China against the United States, how about it? ”

Yash Nics laughed: “Listen to the respect!”

Gao Man laughed: “Okay, refreshing enough.”

“Come on, immediately summon all the veterans, summon all the top generals in the army, and let them come and discuss with the chief governor. “

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