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The veterans of the Raksha Kingdom, and a group of warriors, all came, a gathering of heroes.

Everyone thought that Emperor Goldman summoned them to announce whether to strengthen cooperation with China.

However, I heard that they will be asked to discuss with China’s chief governor to test the strength of the chief governor, so as to decide whether to strengthen cooperation with China.

Everyone’s eyes widened, and they all showed joy immediately.

The Raksha Kingdom has always been called a fighting nation. They advocate fighting and worship true heroes.

During the visit of the Huaxia Chief Governor, he kept wearing a mask and did not show his true colors. Many of them were dissatisfied. They thought the Huaxia Chief Governor was too arrogant.

Many people have long thought that if they had the opportunity, they must teach this Chinese governor.

For example, Dave and his like.

Now suddenly they heard that Emperor Goldman said to let them compete with the governor, and they were all excited.

Even if he has no prejudices against the Chinese governor, he is eager to try when he hears the announcement of Emperor Goldman.

Everyone is curious about the strength of the Chinese governor!

This time, I was about to feel the bottom of the China General Governor, to see if the China General Governor was a trustworthy ally, or was it a idiot that could hardly be hoped for?

Of these people in public, Dave was the most excited one. He stared at Yash Nics with high morale and thought: Last night I thought that as long as there is a chance, I will teach you severely. I didn’t expect the opportunity to come today.

Thinking like this, he glanced at Princess Sophia subconsciously.

However, she found that Princess Sophia had a pair of wonderful eyes at this time, staring at the Chinese governor with great interest, and her eyes were full of expectation.

This made Dave a little unhappy, and he became more determined to wait until Yash Nics was cleaned up.

Gorman was very excited when he saw the subordinates, and he laughed and said, “Since everyone agrees with my decision, let’s move to the war

game room now.” “Let’s play war game first.

” Let our elders and commanders discuss tactics with the general governor to see who knows better how to fight with soldiers.” After

Gaoman finished speaking, he smiled and said to Yash Nics: “General governor, please move.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “You have work. Mr. Gaoman led the way.”

Soon, Yash Nics and Gaoman and others came to the war game room.

This war game room is dedicated to war game.

Both sides of the deduction have a simulated command room.

Both sides can simulate the command headquarters in their respective command rooms, and continuously issue instructions to their own troops, engage in confrontation with the enemy, and simulate war.

In addition, on the wall of the hall, there is a huge liquid crystal display, on which the war game of both sides can be broadcast live.

Gao Man looked at his subordinates, squinted his eyes and said, “Who is going to compete with the chief governor first?”

Among a group of veterans, a tall and thin man in his 50s and 60s stood up: “The subordinates want to follow The governor of the capital will have a discussion first!”

The man’s name was Lu Fu, one of the ten veterans of the Raksha Senate, and his status was equivalent to that of the cabinet elder of the Chinese cabinet.

He came from a military background and served as a marshal. He commanded many wars and quelled the internal rebellion of the Raksha Kingdom.

The troops he commanded are flexible and changeable, often by surprise, winning more with less, so he has the title of cunning fox.

Goldman smiled to Yash Nics: “Ruff is one of the famous commanders in our country. He has commanded several wars and has a brilliant record. In today’s first contest, he will compete with you in the general governor.”

Yash Nics laughed. :”it is good!”

Soon, Goldman led his team of staff into the blue command room, and he chose the blue camp.

Yash Nics took Dian Chu and the Eight Tiger Guards into the red command room. Yash Nics chose the red camp.

After the two parties enter the room, the command system is turned on, the map is loaded, and the force is allocated.

From now on, Yash Nics, Rufu and others in the room cannot see the outside lobby.

But everyone in the hall outside can see the situation of Yash Nics, Rufu and others in the room, and they can also watch the battle through the live broadcast on the big screen on the wall of the hall, and watch the battle between the two sides on the battlefield.

At this time, Yash Nics was also adapting to the war game deduction system of the Raksha Kingdom.

In this system, there are global terrain features, and you can choose to conduct wargames at any location.

And in this system, there are also a variety of world-renowned weapons and equipment, as well as well-known arms from various countries, such as China’s Rocket Army, such as the US Navy SEALs, such as Raksha Nation’s Alpha Special Combat Force, and so on.

Even ordinary small countries, such as the Shenwu Army of the Wolf Kingdom, have them.

It can be said that this war game deduction system can load all countries in and conduct war deductions in any environment.

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