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Soon, Yash Nics and Lu Fu, each with their own team, came out.

The scene was quiet.

In the end, Goldman spoke first, admiringly said: “China’s general governor, worthy of the Huaxia army god, excellent warfare, even Marshal Rufu is not your opponent.”

After finishing , he personally applauded.

Emperor Goldman applauded, and the rest of the audience applauded one after another, and the applause was very warm.

It’s just that Ruf is a little embarrassed.

When he was in the face of his own people, he was defeated by the Chinese governor. It was so shameless.

He wasn’t convinced in his heart, but he was embarrassed to say that he would have another game. In that case, it seemed that he couldn’t afford to lose.

Rufu is embarrassed to say another game, but the other marshals can.

At the moment, Lu Jin, another famous Raksha commander, stood up and said loudly: “The Chinese governor is like a god, and I also want to have a discussion with the Chinese governor.”

Gaoman also felt that it was a small encounter. , And when the two sides were playing the game just now, the system only gave the strength of one division, which was not enough to fully see Yash Nics’s true strength.

He also wanted to see Yash Nics’s military level again, so he looked at Yash Nics to see if Chen would rather agree to Lu Jin’s challenge?

Ning smile and said:. “Lukin turned out to be the famous commander”

“Since Lukin commander to enlighten me, I would like to witness.”

Scene people see far to raise the warp and woof, winning a thousand miles Lukin commander, keep viceroy test of China After one event, and the Chinese governor happily agreed, everyone couldn’t help but cheered.

Yash Nics and Lu Jin, each with their own subordinates, entered the red and blue command room.

Yash Nics still chose the red camp, and Commander Lu Jin chose the blue camp.

The war game this time is a local war. The forces controlled by Yash Nics and Lu Jin are all three group armies, and their equipment and arms are different from each other.

Commanding three group armies is not at the same level as commanding a division just now.

Lu Jin skillfully lined up troops.

Yash Nics unexpectedly remained as calm and unhurried as before, constantly issuing orders one after another according to the battlefield situation, and they were all valid orders.

If the contest between Yash Nics and Rufu just now was a small test.

Then this contest with Commander Lu Jin is a real game.

I saw the troops of the various arms of both sides on the battlefield continue to move.

The forces of each other constantly interspersed, exchanged fire, and even broke out in multi-line combat.

This is a very test of the commander-in-chief’s strength. With a little carelessness, the battlefield situation may collapse across the board due to a small detail.

In this war game, the situation was stalemate. Both sides showed their magical powers. After more than two hours of fighting, the war game was gradually divided into winners and losers.

The three army groups commanded by Yash Nics sacrificed one-fifth of their troops and finally annihilated the three army groups commanded by Lu Jin.

The scene was quiet.

This time even Goldman the Great was shocked.

Commander Lu Jin is the most powerful commander in their country.

Lu Jin has commanded many famous wars and has won many battles, making him famous all over the world.

Unexpectedly, today’s wargame deduction would have been beaten so badly by the Chinese governor.

This Chinese governor, can really be said to be like a god.

at this time!

Both Lu Jin and Yash Nics walked out of their command rooms with their subordinates.

Lu Jin’s face was pale, and his expression was in a trance, as if he had truly experienced a big defeat.

In his eyes, this wargame is not a game, but a real war.

He usually commands the troops on the battlefield at the command post, but in fact it is almost the same as when he commanded in the wargame command room just now.

He is thankful now that it was just a war game.

Otherwise, in the war just now, he sacrificed three armies, a full 300,000 people!

If it were in reality, he experienced such a pale, he could apologize for death.

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