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Lu Jin walked towards Yash Nics as soon as he came out of the wargame room, and stretched out his hand towards Yash Nics, and solemnly said: “Your Excellency is really amazing. The most powerful commander, the legendary use of soldiers like gods is not enough, I sincerely admire it.”

Yash Nics and Lu Jin held hands together and smiled: “Your commanding ability is also very strong, I have several times. I almost didn’t stand up to your pressure. I was lucky enough to win.”

Lu Jin smiled, he knew what the Chinese Chief Executive said was kind.

The troops commanded by the Chinese General Governor just now were like a steel fort, without any chance of defeating him.

At the scene, Gaoman and many commanders and generals of the Raksha Kingdom applauded one after another.

At this moment, no one dared to insist on Yash Nics’s commanding ability anymore.

The Great Emperor Goldman also came over and smiled and said to Yash Nics: “Your Excellency is superb with soldiers, I will be amazed!”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “Mr. Goldman’s reputation, I am lucky to win.” As

soon as Yash Nics’s words fell, the scene rang out. A discordant voice.

“Haha, there is actually a big difference between wargaming and real war.”

“Your Excellency in wargaming may not necessarily be great in actual combat.”

“You all have an old saying in China that you can talk about war on paper!”

Yash Nics frowned slightly. , He discovered that the speaker was the one-star loyal dog general, Dave, who was rude to him yesterday and was kicked out of the welcome banquet.

Goldman also shouted displeasedly at this time: “Dave, you are presumptuous again.”

Dave is Goldman’s proud disciple, and he naturally knows that the teacher will not really punish him for this little thing.

He held his head high at this moment, and said loudly and powerfully: “Reporting to the master, his subordinates just want to say that the war game is not enough to prove the strength of the Chinese governor.”

“If the Chinese governor is really capable, then we will enter the second round of competition, which is to play arena fighting with us

warriors .” Gaoman said unhappily: “I just said, war chess deduction, or arena fighting. As long as the Huaxia Governor can win any item, our country promises to conduct joint military exercises with China against the United States.”

“Now the Huaxia Governor has already won the war game, so there is no need to compete in the arena. Now.”

Dave and a group of Titans were not convinced.

But it’s hard to say.

Contrary Ning, see Dave and other Rakshasa Reggie is not satisfied, smiled and said: “Mr. Goldman, estimate your subordinates Titans who were rushed to me curious, and I want friendship learn learn.”

“I As a guest, it’s not suitable to distract the host’s interest.”

“Let’s play with your subordinates, and everyone will have a friendly discussion.”

Gaoman heard the words and couldn’t help saying: “Your Excellency, is this really okay? ? ”

Ning laughed:” Since we are curious about my ability, then learn from each other learn, increase understanding, naturally. ”

field a bunch of Reggie Rakshasa who, one could not help but applaud applause.

As a fighting nation, their belief is to do it if you don’t accept it, and don’t beep when you can solve it.

They admire tough guy heroes most.

The general governor of China accepted their challenge and had a strong demeanor. They had already begun to have a trace of admiration and affection for Yash Nics.

Princess Sophia, with a pair of wonderful eyes at this time, also stared at Yash Nics, her face full of interest.

She was thinking: This Chinese chieftain, young and handsome, with a fascinating art of war, is he even outstanding in fighting and fighting?

That’s really the emperor, perfect.

For a while, she couldn’t help but start to look forward to Yash Nics’s fighting ability.

The Great Emperor Gaoman smiled heartily: “Well, since the Chinese governor is willing to teach my brash subordinates, let’s learn from each other.”

“Go, go to the fighting hall!”

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