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Chapter 2537: You don’t know what you are facing?

Soon, everyone moved to the fighting hall.

The fighting hall is wider than the wargaming room, and it also has a high-tech advanced fighting arena.

What makes Yash Nics feel interesting is that the fighting here is a simulated fighting, not a fight with real swords and guns.

Both parties in the fight can wear a set of special high-tech fighting suits, and then engage in virtual fighting.

This kind of virtual combat can’t restore the real combat 100%, but it is not far from the feeling of real combat, and there is another advantage.

That is true fighting, you can’t use all your strength, because you can’t kill the opponent.

But in this virtual fighting arena, wearing virtual fighting clothes that rely on technology, in the virtual fighting system, players can play to their fullest and achieve real life and death fights, see if you die or I die in the end?

Of course, the death here is the death judged in virtual combat, and in reality it will not die because of combat.

Therefore, although this virtual fighting system cannot fully restore the real fighting feeling, it has a great advantage in life-and-death fighting for players to play.

Because in virtual combat, it’s not just a point, but a point of life and death.

After Gorman introduced their virtual combat system to Yash Nics, he ordered his subordinates to bring in a high-tech fighting suit for Yash Nics to wear.

After Yash Nics put it on, she was a little uncomfortable at first, but slowly got used to it.

A virtual scene appeared in his virtual helmet. In the scene, he did a few basic military fighting skills. In the virtual scene, he could keep up, and this kind of fighting felt quite real.

Seeing that Yash Nics had already mastered this virtual fighting system, Emperor Gaoman smiled and asked a group of heroes at the scene: “I wonder if any of you wants to accompany the capital to supervise the two tricks first?”

“Report to the lord, belonging Apply for the next battle.”

A one-star loyal dog general in military uniform immediately applied for the battle loudly.

Emperor Goldman took a closer look and found that it was his protégé Dave.

Dave is a new generation leader in the Rakshas Army. This guy has a record of killing giant bears with his bare hands. He is also a fierce man in the Rakshas Army.

Goldman smiled heartily: “Dave performed mediocre in other areas, but he has always been very brave in combat.”

“Okay, let you, a rising star in the army, make a gesture with the Chinese governor.”

“Remember .” Stay, don’t lose the face of our Raksha country!”

God-like existence in Raksha, he is invincible in the eyes of the people.

Although Raksha Kingdom has a very good relationship with China, although Emperor Gaoman also admired China’s governor very much.

But in the end, people love face, not to mention being a superior figure like Emperor Goldman.

Just now, Yash Nics was playing the game of war, and the commanders of the Raksha Kingdom were completely defeated, and Gaoman was a little bit hot.

Therefore, Goldman also wants to find his place in fighting.

Therefore, before the war, Dave deliberately told Dave not to be embarrassed anymore, he must defeat the Chinese governor and regain a city.

Dave had been determined to teach the Chinese governor, but now he has been instructed by Emperor Goldman.

He was even more aggressive, patted his chest vigorously, and said smugly: “Please rest assured, the lord, please rest assured, the princess, I will defeat the Chinese governor and raise the prestige of our country.”

A group of veterans, generals and the scene The soldiers in the palace cheered on seeing Dave.

Dianchu, Bahuwei and the others looked at each other with a smile.

Dian Chu looked at Dave who was eager to try, with a funny heart: You fool, you don’t know what kind of horrible existence you are facing.

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