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Chapter 2539: Siberian tiger

a few soldiers rushed to rush to Dave took off their virtual combat clothing.

Dave lay on the ground, gasping for breath.

He also felt pain on his face.

There is no way, in order to restore the real degree of virtual fighting, it will restore the sense of blow to a certain extent.

Dave was killed by Yash Nics in a virtual fight just now.

Although he did not die in the real world, the simulated blow of virtual combat still made his face hurt.

He is now pale and sweating profusely.

Like the rest of his life.

He was fortunate. Fortunately, this was a virtual fight. If it were on the battlefield, he would meet this Chinese governor, he would probably be beaten to death by the Chinese governor!

The Great Emperor Goldman came over with a group of his men and looked at Dave, who was embarrassed, and said, “What did you do, Dave, why is it so bad?”

“Don’t you usually leave with arrogance? ? ” ”

how critical moment to die? ”

Dave embarrassed to stand up, mouth want to explain, but in the end I do not know how to explain it better.

I can’t say that this Chinese governor is too powerful. I am not at the same level. I am really not an opponent, right?

Dave finally bowed his head, saying nothing, looking like a defeated general who was afraid to speak up.

A group of Rakshasa warriors at the scene were unhappy to see Emperor Gaoman, and all showed solemn expressions.

It seemed that he had to take it seriously, and he couldn’t let the juniors in the army go up to compete with the Huaxia Metropolitan Commander. The top military masters had to be sent.

A group of warlords from the Raksha Kingdom at the scene, who are considering who will play in the Chinese governor?

Emperor Goldman has personally ordered the general.

“Crove, you come to compete with the Huaxia Governor.”

“Let everyone see, is our Raksha strong or the Huaxia Governor?”

The voice of Emperor Gaoman fell.

A burly, strong general with a height of more than two meters and an extraordinarily large body, stepped on black boots, stepped out slowly, and replied in a deep voice: “Yes, the lord of the country.”

This tall and mighty general, Among all the generals of the Raksha Kingdom, General Krov, who ranks in the top three in combat effectiveness.

With four stars on his shoulders, Krov is one of the only four-star Tiger generals in the Raksha Kingdom.

He is in the Raksha Nation and has the title of Siberian Tiger.

Fighting power, second only to the God of War of the Raksha Kingdom, that is, the only five-star mad lion general in the Raksha Kingdom, Longger.

The emperor Goldman dispatched Krov to the battle, which can be said to be very respectful of Yash Nics’s combat effectiveness and to give absolute affirmation to Yash Nics’s strength.

Soon, with the assistance of several soldiers, Krov had put on a virtual fighting suit.

His huge figure also appeared in the virtual fighting world, before Yash Nics’s eyes.

Croft looked at the tall and tall Chinese governor, and slowly said: “Your Excellency, the Chinese governor, I am the Rakshas four-star tiger general, Crove, your majesty hand-picked, let me make a gesture with you.”

Yash Nics smiled and said: “It turned out to be the famous Siberian Tiger. I have a good name for Your Excellency. I just have a good time to learn from each other today. Please enlighten the army.”

Krov is strong, but he is not proud. He said in a deep voice: “I can’t talk about enlightenment, it can only be said to be exchanges and discussions, most of them supervise and invite.”

Yash Nics also said: “Okay, come to fight!”

Yash Nics’s feet are slightly apart, shoulder-to-shoulder. This is the most basic stance in the army, but he stands in this stance, which is particularly domineering.

Krov hasn’t met an opponent for a long time.

Facing Yash Nics this time also aroused his fighting spirit.

He moved his neck, opened his arms, bending one by one.


There was an explosion of bones and joints.

The terrifying power in his huge body is ready to come out.

Emperor Goldman looked at Krov on the screen and couldn’t help showing a satisfied expression.

It is not the first time that he has seen Krov’s fighting state, but every time he sees it, he will be shocked and surprised.

This Krove is simply unparalleled admiral!

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