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Several soldiers stepped forward and assisted Clover in taking off the simulated fighting suit.

Krov’s look was extraordinarily ugly, but he couldn’t hide his shock and disappointment.

He slowly said: “I lost, and I have to admit that the battle power of the Huaxia Governor is very terrifying. Probably only the war god Longge of the Raksha Kingdom can compete with the Huaxia Governor.”

Everyone on the scene couldn’t bear it. Live in an uproar.

Krov is not afraid of fear every day, and he is not even convinced against the war god Longgel.

But today he took the initiative to admit that he was inferior to the Chinese governor, and he also admitted in disguise that he was inferior to Longgel.

This surprised Emperor Goldman and others.

However, Ronger, who was standing in an inconspicuous place, didn’t have the slightest joy when he heard Krov’s words, but there was a hint of dissatisfaction.

Rongel knows Krov very well.

This guy Krove has been unconvinced with him. The sentence just now,’Probably only Longgel, can compete with the Chinese governor’, is basically putting him down.

A gambler who loses badly often agrees that another gambler loses even worse.

Longer knew that Krove hoped that he would also lose to the Chinese governor.

If he had also lost to the Chinese governor, then it would not be such a shame for Krov to lose to the Chinese governor.

Rongel saw through Krov’s little thought, so his expression became more and more indifferent at this time.

However, just because of Krov’s words, the eyes of Emperor Goldman and others were unanimously focused on him.

The Great Emperor Gaoman seemed to be a little impatient because of the successive defeats of his subordinates to the governor of China.

When the Great Emperor Gaoman saw Long Geer, he was pleasantly surprised: “When did you come, General Long Geer?”

Rongel just wanted to answer.

However, without waiting for his answer, Emperor Goldman said excitedly: “You came just right, the soldiers of the Raksha Kingdom, whether it is a war game or a fighting game in the army, all have lost to the Chinese governor.

“You are the God of War of our Raksha Nation . You must give us Raksha Nation back a city and win a little bit of face.”

“The next virtual fighting game, you will play against the Chinese governor, how about?”

Long Geer hesitated when

he heard the words: “Lord, this…” Before he could finish his words, Krov had already coldly said: “General Long Geer, are you afraid of the Chinese governor? ”

Even though Rongel knew that Krove was deliberately agitating him, he couldn’t help but a trace of anger rose from the bottom of his heart.

He said indifferently: “I Longgeer has been in the army for twenty years, and I have not lost a thousand battles.”

“Do you think I am a person who is greedy for life and fear of death?”

“What’s more, it’s still a small fighting simulation game? ”

Krove was speechless.

Indeed, Longger has participated in countless battles in the army over the past two decades, relying on a pair of iron fists, from an ordinary soldier, to become the world-famous God of War.

His strength is beyond doubt, who dares to doubt that he is timid?

In the end, Emperor Goldman stood up to round the field.

“Hehe, Longger is the treasure of our nation and the God of War of our country. Naturally, he will not be afraid of death.”

“But today is a matter of the face of the country. , To show the existence of the strongest force in our country.”

Long Geer respected Emperor Gaoman, and respectfully explained: “Lord, I just think that if we fight against the governor of China in turns, even if we win It’s a little bit invincible…”

Emperor Gaoman smiled and said: “You don’t need to worry about this level. I think the Chinese governor is upright and he is definitely not a caretaker.”

“If you don’t believe it, I will send someone to ask for his opinion.”

After that, Gaoman When the emperor turned around, he wanted to order the attendant next to him to solicit Yash Nics’s advice.

However, at this time, he couldn’t help but noticed the youngest daughter Sophia next to him, and temporarily changed his attention.

He opened his mouth and said: “Sophia, you went to ask the Chinese governor, would you like to have a discussion with our Raksha war god Longge?”

Sophia understood that her father asked her to ask the governor, which meant that he was against the governor of China. Respect and courtesy.

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