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she nodded slightly.

However, instead of walking in the direction of the Chinese governor, she ordered the guards to fetch a set of virtual combat uniforms and let the guards help her wear them.

In a virtual fighting arena.

In front of Yash Nics’s eyes, a pretty Raksha girl suddenly appeared.

He was slightly surprised, and immediately realized that the girl in front of him was the little princess of the Raksha Kingdom, Sophia.

He leaned slightly: “It turned out to be Princess Sophia. I don’t know what’s the order?”

Sophia stared at Yash Nics with great interest. She smiled and said: “Your Excellency, the whole country is shocked by your strength. , I sincerely admire you.”

“Even the God of War of our Raksha Kingdom, General Longgar, is very interested in you.”

“My father sent me to ask for your opinion. Would you like to follow us? Rakshasa and God of War?”

Long Geer!

God of War of Raksha Kingdom!

Twenty years in the army, from a small soldier, relying on a pair of iron fists, step by step to the position of the god of war in the Raksha Kingdom today.

Long Geer’s experience can be said to be similar to Yash Nics’s.

However, it took 20 years for Longger to become a soldier from a soldier to the god of war of the Raksha Kingdom.

However, it only took Yash Nics five years to go from a small soldier to a Chinese God of War.

Yash Nics had heard of Long Geer’s name a long time ago, but he didn’t expect that they would have the opportunity to compete.

Yash Nics hesitated a little, and then agreed: “I have heard the legend of General Longger a long time ago. Since I have the opportunity to learn from the legendary characters, it is my honor. I am willing to compete with General Longger.”

At this time, Emperor Goldman, Rongel, Krov and others saw the conversation between Yash Nics and Sophia through the big screen at the scene.

Seeing that the chief governor of China was willing to fight, he agreed to discuss with Longgel.

Everyone at the scene couldn’t help but burst into excitement and cheered excitedly.

Krov couldn’t help but be overjoyed, and secretly aimed at Rongel.

Longer’s face was still calm, calm, confident, as if he believed that he could defeat all the masters in the world.

For a while, Croft was also in a daze.

Krove was also uncertain, Rongel or the Chinese governor, who would be stronger in the end.

If Longger defeated the Chinese governor, then he used the fierce generals to force Longger to play this time, and he would become the prestigious achievement of Longger.

At this time, Emperor Goldman smiled and said to Longger: “General Longger, the Chinese governor has promised to discuss with you, you can prepare a little.”

Longger has seen the situation and he has no retreat. The road, on the contrary, became calmer.

If there is no reasoning, then you will overcome it.

He raised his hand to a military salute, and said in a deep voice: “Yes.”

Soon, Longer walked into the fighting room.

A few soldiers brought in a set of fitted virtual fighting uniforms and put them on Longer seriously.

In a virtual fighting arena.

The air in front of Yash Nics suddenly rippled, and then a tall and straight figure appeared in front of him.

It was no one else who came here, it was the god of war of the Raksha Kingdom, Longger.

“The God of War of the Rakshasa Kingdom?”

“The Governor of China?” While

Yash Nics was looking at Long Geer with interest, Long Ge was also looking at Yash Nics up and down.

In the virtual fighting world, Rongel’s figure and face are exactly the same as in the real world.

However, Yash Nics still wore a unicorn mask on his face.

In fact, this virtual fighting system can detect Yash Nics’s true face and expose Yash Nics’s true face.

However, the technicians were instructed by Emperor Goldman not to expose the appearance of the Chinese governor without authorization, do not use system data to see the appearance of the Chinese governor, and no one should peek at the appearance of the governor.

Even Goldman asked the technicians to not scan the face and appearance of the general governor from the beginning, but only scan the mask of the general governor.

Therefore, out of the respect of the Raksha Kingdom, no one knows what Yash Nics looks like until now, and Yash Nics is also wearing a unicorn mask in the fighting world.

Long Geer stood proudly at this time, staring at the Chinese governor in front of him, and calmly said: “I have played against countless masters from all over the world, but I have never competed with the masters of China. How high is the ceiling of the book.”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “I also want to test how high is the ceiling of Raksha Kingdom’s military force, and come to fight.”

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