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Long Geer responded, clenching his fists, and suddenly exerting force on his upper body.


The shirt on his upper body was suddenly burst by the explosive force of his muscles.

The clothes on the upper body turned into countless rags.

Longer’s muscles spurted, scars criss-crossed, and his strong upper body like a cast of steel was exposed.

He is tall and tall, and his eyebrows and temples are gray.

But his physique is very strong, and his muscles are as strong as steel.

At this time, naked, wearing a pair of military trousers, and stepping on a pair of black combat boots, he looked particularly domineering. An aura of destruction diffused from his body and swept the audience.

Emperor Goldman, Sophia and others held their breath, staring at the screen tightly.

Each of them was full of energy and blood.

In their minds, Longer was definitely the god on the battlefield, the people of Rakshasa, and the ceiling of combat power in their minds.

On the screen, Longer’s body was filled with a lingering black air.

He raised his hand, hooked his fingers, and said with a sneer at Yash Nics: “Huaxia Captain, come to fight.”


Yash Nics was not polite. He stepped forward and raised his hand with a punch.

Long Geer’s eyes lit up, he didn’t dodge, he also punched forward and confronted Yash Nics head-on.


The two fists collided, like a meteorite hitting the earth, making a loud and earth-shaking noise, and the center of the two fists produced an explosive wave, which exploded and rushed towards the surroundings, causing the surrounding air to become distorted.

The Great Emperor Goldman and the others looked at the distorted picture on the screen, each of them stared wide-eyed and couldn’t close their mouths from ear to ear.

Horror, the fighting power of these two people is really terrifying.

This is simply a humanoid nuclear weapon!

Yash Nics’s first fist contest with Long Geer turned out to be evenly divided.

Longer’s eyes flashed with a cold color, and he was obviously dissatisfied with the result.

He raised his hand and punched again.

This punch is faster and more explosive.

Yash Nics calmly responded with a punch.


There was another loud noise, and the earth moved and the mountains shook.

The second punch between the two is still inseparable.

However, Longger immediately launched a storm-like offensive on Yash Nics after a confrontation.

Yash Nics was not afraid of it. Not only did he withstand Longger’s stormy offensive, but at the moment when he blocked all of Longger’s attacks, he kicked Longger in the chest like lightning.

How exploded with Yash Nics’s kick?

Stronger than Longge, was kicked by Yash Nics and flew more than ten meters away. With a bang, he fell heavily to the ground, and the dust was flying.

Emperor Goldman and the others, looking at the screen, were silent, only hearing the personal heartbeat, pounding.

Dianchu, Bahuwei and the others also looked at the screen very nervously, their fists clenched unconsciously because of excessive tension.

The people who watched the battle looked at the screen with different expressions. Long Geer, who was kicked and fell down, looked at the dusty picture, and they all wondered: Long Geer, God of War, lost?

Just as everyone thought this way, Longer had already stood up unhurriedly.

His chest is intact, except for a clear shoe print.

His eyes grew colder, he raised his hand and brushed the footprints on his chest, and then said to Yash Nics with a murderous aura: “The battle has just begun.”

After that, he squatted down slightly with his knees, and put on a stance of energy. .

Yash Nics was a little surprised, he knew the power of his kick just now.

Even a strong rhino will be kicked by him.

This Long Geer got him a kick, it didn’t hurt or itchy, and his anti-strike ability was really terrifying!


Long Geer, who had accumulated his energy to the extreme, had blue veins appearing on his forehead and neck. He exhaled and his body moved suddenly.


There was a loud noise.

Long Geer rushed towards Yash Nics like a cannonball.

He raised his hand with a punch and blasted down towards Yash Nics.

Yash Nics raised his hand to block Long Geer’s extraordinary punch.


Long Geer punched Yash Nics’s body sinking.

It turned out that after Yash Nics withstood Longger’s punch, both feet were submerged in the solid ground, so he looked shorter.

Longer’s firepower was full, punches and kicks, shoulder hits and elbows, the offensive was like a violent wind sweeping fallen leaves.

Yash Nics kept parrying, but was still beaten back and forth.

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