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At this time, there was applause in the ears.

It turned out that Emperor Goldman clapped and walked over with a smile, and said with a smile: “Thank you two for letting everyone witness a top-level contest between military masters, and refreshing their understanding of military masters. . ” ”

At the same time, the performance of viceroy, Lord, make us feel shocked. ” ”

China has viceroy so strong that, China is a blessing, but also those of us close contacts with the blessing of AIA China. ”

Goldman great finish, It was announced loudly on the spot: “In recent years, the Western powers headed by the United States have held high economic sticks and cooperated with gunboat diplomacy to suppress our Raksha country.”

“Our Raksha country has suffered for a long time!”

“This time, the rice side. We have to repeat the old tricks again in an attempt to suppress our friend China.”

“The so-called lip and teeth are cold, and our Raksha country cannot stand by.”

“Now I officially announce that we will strengthen cooperation with China and the peacekeeping area will be stable.”

“Admiral Krov listened to orders !” The

huge, majestic Krov, strode out, saluted and said loudly: “Subordinates are here!” The

Great Emperor Gaoman said loudly: “I, as the Lord of the Rakshasa, formally order You, immediately convene the Pacific Fleet to launch a one-week maritime joint military exercise in the Pacific with China to deter the enemy Xiaos who are here to make trouble.”

Croft’s eyes lit up and he said loudly: “Yes, Lord, The subordinates will do it right away.”

Yash Nics and Dianchu’s entourage were slightly surprised when they heard this.

The four major fleets of the Raksha Kingdom directly dispatched a fleet to participate in the exercise. This is enough to show the sincerity and importance of the Raksha Kingdom.

The Great Emperor Goldman turned his head at this time and smiled and said to Yash Nics: “The Chief Governor of China, I have ordered the Pacific Fleet to rendezvous with your navy and conduct joint exercises.”

“Is this interesting enough?”

Yash Nics heard the words and made a high Unexpected behavior of Man and others.

Yash Nics slowly took off the unicorn mask he was wearing, revealing his young and handsome face.

During his visit to Raksha Kingdom this time, because one did not show his face, he was criticized by a group of generals in Raksha Kingdom, saying that he was not sincere enough.

This time, after Rakshasa expressed his sincerity, Yash Nics also took off his mask and met frankly.

When Emperor Gaoman and the others saw Yash Nics’s true face, their first thought was: Oh my God, the Governor of China is so young!

Longger even cried out: “It’s you, Yash Nics, God of War of the Northern Territory!” After

hearing the words, everyone realized that now in China, the governor of China, who is in the midst of the sky, is Yash Nics, the God of War of the Northern Territory. Ah!

Long Geer smiled bitterly: “I should have guessed that it was you, the strong man in the army, who only came out with blood on one foot and one foot. How can a mysterious strong man be born!”

“It turns out that I am. . lost you, it seems I lost Debu injustice ”

Goldman Great can not help but said:” So is the Chinese God of War Ning, before you hear from the military to be seen, a stay at home. ” ”

It now appears, They are all fake. China has already entrusted you with a heavy responsibility!”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Mr. Goldman, and generals, it’s not that I didn’t want to show my true colors before, but because my identity is confidential and should not be disclosed. . ” ”

but now the two sides have strengthened cooperation, in order to show good faith, in order to show respect for a friend, I decided to treat each other honestly. ”

Goldman Great laughed:”! Ok. ”

“Actually, I have always been a little worried. The instability of the Chinese governor in the army will affect our cooperation.”

“Now that I know the true identity of the governor, my worries are gone.”

Yash Nics reached out to Gaoman and smiled: “I wish our two countries a happy cooperation.”

The hand of Emperor Goldman, and Yash Nics’s hand, shook hands together: “I wish us success in the exercise and happy cooperation.”

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