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Huaxia, Jiangnan Province.

The negotiations between Jessica’s team and Luo Zhiquan’s team have reached the third day.

After the two sides tried to test each other at the beginning, the negotiation became more and more intense.

Because both sides insisted on refusing to step back, the negotiation has been delayed and there is even a sign of the collapse of the negotiation.

Today is the fourth day.

Jessica wore an exquisite female suit, brought a group of men, and swaggered back to the negotiation meeting.

As soon as she appeared, reporters from various countries at the scene immediately surrounded her and snapped photos of her.

“Ms. Jessica, the talks between the U.S. and China have been going on for a week. It’s now the fourth day. Have you made any progress in the negotiation?”

“Ms. Jessica, you seem to be very energetic today. The dignity when you played three days before the change, is there any change in the situation that makes you feel confident?”

“Ms. Jessica, it is said that the U.S. side has sent an aircraft carrier battle group to unite multiple countries, starting today in China Exercises are conducted at the gate of the country. Is this the U.S. side using force to support you?”

“Ms. Jessica, the U.S. side you represent has a tough attitude. Do you say that China will give in? Will you agree to your proposed increase in tariffs? Is there a requirement for sanctions against companies such as Huaxia Ningda?”

The reporters from various countries on the scene asked questions one after another, and the questions were all very acute.

Jessica smiled confidently throughout the whole process, but did not answer any reporter’s questions. The entourages around her protected her as she walked into the venue. While pushing away the reporter, she said in a deep voice: “Sorry, for your questions, nothing You can tell me.” It was

not until Jessica heard the reporter’s last question that she stopped, and looked at the reporter who asked the question with a smile, and said arrogantly: “No one has ever been able to refuse us. The conditions for exit, remember, there is never.”

“This time there will be no exception.”

“I believe that Huaxia will eventually agree to concessions and promise us the terms of the Mifang.” The

reporters exclaimed in a low voice, and the camera in their hands was shooting frantically at Jessica.

In fact, during the negotiations a few days ago, although Jessica was strong, she was not as confident as she is today.

Probably today, the Mi Fang dispatched a fleet to the gate of China for exercises, which made Jessica confident.

Think about it, too, there is a strong force behind it, and it is naturally full of confidence.

Jessica is full of confidence today. What about her negotiating opponent, Luo Zhiquan, who represents China?

Just when this idea emerged from the bottom of the reporters’ hearts.

Suddenly a red flag car came outside, and there were more than a dozen black cars escorted.

It turned out that Luo Zhiquan came.

“Lao Luo is here!”

The reporters at the scene immediately swarmed around.

I thought that today’s aircraft carrier battle group in the U.S. and the large-scale maritime exercises composed of multiple countries would put a lot of pressure on Luo Zhiquan.

But to everyone’s surprise, when Luo Zhiquan got out of the car, he was still smiling and elegant.

Luo Zhiquan even took the initiative to raise his hands and greet everyone with a smile, appearing approachable.

Luo Zhiquan’s closeness and easygoing are the opposite of Jessica’s arrogance.

But thinking about the countries they represent, everyone thinks that there is no problem.

Jessica also looked at Luo Zhiquan in a daze. The U.S. united multiple countries and the aircraft carrier battle group had come to China’s door. How could Luo Zhiquan behave like a okay person?

Are the ignorant and fearless?

Still confident?

Jessica was lost in thought.

What she didn’t know was that after China learned that the Mi Fang’s aircraft carrier battle group had arrived, its nerves were indeed tense.

Luo Zhiquan was even more stressed.

But on the way Luo Zhiquan was just now, he received a call opened by the chief governor Yash Nics.

“I’m back. Don’t worry about the diplomatic strategy of the rice gunboats. I’ll deal with it. You just need to negotiate with Jessica to protect our country’s dignity and corporate interests.”

Yash Nics only said such a sentence.

However, Luo Zhiquan analyzed countless information from Yash Nics’s words.

The Governor’s words clearly meant that there was a way to deal with the pressure on the Mi aircraft carrier battle group and let him just negotiate.

At this moment, he suddenly became complacent.

This is why he has become more refined and calm today.

His confidence comes from the chief governor and Yash Nics.

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